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Long Hair Stories
Boy Meets Girl

EDITOR'S NOTE: I used to have a warning in this space saying that some of the stories here are graphic and/or erotic in nature, and parental discretion is strongly advised and so forth. It recently occurred to me that this statement pretty much applies to all the other sections in this site, and this warning is already in the home page, so why bother repeating it? If you're already this far into the site, that much should be clear already. More significant, however, is that this type of warning just seems to get people's hopes up. Readers might see a warning like this and then expect some sort of donkey-gangrape scenario, when there's not really anything nearly that racy here. A lot of these stories, in fact, are downright romantic. Sorry. My apologies to anyone expecting excerpts from Hustler, but on the other hand don't go printing these stories out for your pre-schooler nephews, either, alright? Cool.

Ekaterina Coopers stories
High School English Teachers with Long Hair: Class of 1966
Igor & Maureen: A Stroy of True First Love
Jennings Saga
Maureen J: Class of 1970
Carol Ann & Gary Ray

riffage's stories
Annick Grows Some Confidence
The Woman Beneath The Hair

Iggy´s stories (re-release!)
The Older Woman
Virtual Reality
X-Mas Story

jmhlhl's stories
Seeing America By Train
Search For Her Wedding Day
007's Last Mission

anonymous contributions
Dave And Sarah
Steve's News Story

Taylors story
Bound for (her) Glory

Taririshs stories
Time Warp
The Illusionist Part I
The Illusionist Part II
The Illusionist Part III
The Illusionist Part IV
The Illusionist Part V
The Illusionist Part VI
The Illusionist Part VII
The Illusionist Part VIII
The Illusionist Part IX

Corries Story

Long Hair & Compliments - Part One
Long Hair & Compliments - Part Two(Ethan)
Norra - Part I
Micca (corrected)
Mini Adventure - Part I Micca & Joseph
Mini Adventure - Part II (Joseph & Micca)
Married Intimacy & Long Hair (Part I)
Micca  (XMAS Story) Part I
Micca (XMAS Story) Part II
Korishka - Bad Hair Day
Korishka - Part II
Korishka - Part III

Desert Rat
Ron and Janice

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