Chapter 1

Dave sat in silence in his car on his way to his new job. Feeling slightly nervous, he turned on the radio as he sped down the freeway, tapping his figures to the music in the summer heat. As he pulled into the car park, he began to feel nauseous, but he gathered his senses, parked his car, and walked confidently to the front door. He met the receptionist, who showed him the way to see his new manager.

"Now Dave," replied Mr Stevens, "You will of course be working in the media office. I'll show you the way."

Dave still felt nervous, although his ten years experience in advertising were not going to hold him back. He confidently sat down at his desk in the communal office next to Mike, his new co-worker. Mike spent the morning showing him the computer system, how to use the photocopier, indeed all the general necessities. By lunchtime, Dave was feeling more and more confident.

"So, how do you think the morning went?" asked Mike.

"Pretty good, I guess," replied Dave, "although I would like to get to know my co-workers a bit better."

"No problem," said Mike, as he sat on his desk eating his sandwich. "See him over there?" he asked, pointing to a young guy standing next to the fax machine; "That's Bill, he tells terrible jokes. See that old guy? That's Brian, he's been here for years. That's Michelle, who works in admin. She has a terrible laugh."

By now, Dave noticed the young lady in the corner, who had her hair in a tight bun. "Who's she?" he enquired?

"Oh, that's Sarah," replied Mike; "She is very quiet. Mind you, everyone in the office has placed bets as to how long her hair is."

At this point, Dave perked his ears. Ever since childhood, he had fanaticised about long hair. As a child, he once watched his neighbour remove her ponytail to reveal a shining glory of waist length hair. She then began to brush it out, before putting it back into a ponytail. This image had stayed for him for nearly 20 years. Although previous girlfriends had long hair, Dave could never let them know about his little secret. He preferred to keep it his secret.

"What sort of bets?" he asked Mike.

"Well, she NEVER wears it down. The only time it has come close is at last years Christmas party, when she had it braided. That was six months ago, and the bottom of her braid touched her pretty little ass!"

"Really?" replied Dave, already feeling a twitch in his underwear, "That's long!"

"Yeah. Some of the guys think it is now down to her knees, but the other girls in the office say she would have had a trim by now. We'll never know."

But Dave was determined to find out.

Chapter 2

As the weeks went on, Dave became more and more confident with his job. He also began to notice Sarah more and more. Although he would make small-talk with her next to the coffee machine, he never mentioned her hair. Sometimes it would be in a tight bun, all slicked back with some sort of gel or mousse. Other times, it would look very loose, as if one little tug on a pin would let it fall. Every morning, he would wake up, hoping she would for once wear it down, or at least in a ponytail so he could see its length. However, he was always disappointed.

By fall, her bun began to get larger as her hair was obviously growing. Then, in late November, a possible breakthrough; talk began of the Christmas party.

Dave knew that she would have to "let her hair down", to coin a phrase, at the party. Surely she could not wear that headmistress do at a celebration? However, it was Dave, not Sarah's hair, which was to be let down.

"No, I can't go to the party this year, " she told Dave at the coffee machine, "I'm visiting my parents out of state over Christmas and New Year's. I'll be sad to miss it."

Dave was heartbroken. Had his chance gone?

Chapter 3

Christmas and New Year's came and went. During February, however, Dave stumbled across a situation which even he could never have worked out.

It was a cold Friday afternoon in mid-February. Dave and the rest of the office were frantically working towards a Monday morning deadline for a big project. By 6pm, however, he still had not finished his particular area, but the rest of the office had left for the weekend. That is, except for Sarah. By 9pm, Dave had finished. He made printouts, and dropped them in the manager's office. Just as he was doing so, he passed Sarah in the corridor, with her coat draped over her shoulders.

"Is that you finished as well then?" She asked.

"Yeah, just!"

"Me too. I'm going home to have a nice relaxing evening."

"OK," replied Dave, "I'll check everything and lock up. Have a nice weekend!"

Dave locked up and went outside. As he was locking the front door, he heard a car revving its engine. It was obvious that the driver was having difficulty starting it in the freezing cold winter air. He walked over to the car, only to see that Sarah was standing with her door open.

"Anything the matter?" he called over.

"Yes," replied Sarah, "I can't seem to start my car."

Dave thought for a minute. "Why don't I drive you home?"

"Uuuhhh... if it wouldn't be any trouble!" replied Sarah.

"No problem at all. My car is parked over here. You can call a car mechanic in the morning."

Dave unlocked his car doors, and Sarah sat in the passenger seat. Dave got in, and stuck his key in the ignition. His car revved for a moment.

"Oh, god!" he said to Sarah, "I hope mine hasn't broken down as well!"

Sarah laughed, and Dave eventually managed to get his car started.

"You know what, it's just as well I managed to start my car, or we would have been in real trouble!"

Sarah guided Dave to her house. During the journey, he made small-talk, always aware that Sarah kept feeling the top of her tight bun. He tried to keep his eyes on the road as much as possible. Sarah smiled at him as she ran her fingers over her bun. "It's the next street on the left," she stated.

Dave pulled onto the sidewalk outside her house. He turned off the engine, and ran to the other side to open her door.

"Why, thank you!" she replied, "A typical gentleman! Thank you for the lift, I'll have to repay you sometime!"

"That's no problem," replied Dave. Of course, he wanted her to repay him by letting her hair down, but he didn't want to tell her that! "You get inside, it's far too cold to be standing here."

"Would you like to come in for a coffee?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure!" replied Dave.

Dave followed Sarah up her drive, noticing that the streetlights glistened on her hair. At this moment in time, however, coffee was all that he had on his mind.

Dave sat down in her sitting room, looking at the photos on the wall. There were none of Sarah; most were of an older couple, possibly her parents, and a dog. Sarah walked into the adjacent kitchen and made a coffee for herself and for Dave. She put both cups down on the table in front of her.

"Thanks," replied Dave.

As David looked at her, she put both hands behind her head. Dave's heart began to pound. Was she finally going to let down her hair?

Chapter 4

Indeed, Sarah WAS letting down her hair. She removed a few pins, and put them on the table. As she did so, she jokingly crunched her face to make it look as if she was having problems with her hair. What happened next, happened in slow motion - her silky long straight brown hair began to fall behind her. She tilted her head back 45 degrees and shook her mane. Dave was dumbstruck; her hair was not quite as long as he imagined, but even so it touched the bottom of her ass; she would have no problems sitting on it. Dave noticed that it was all one length, although because it had been slicked back, he could not tell whether it was side or center parted. As she bent over to pick up the brush on the table, a few strands of hair fell in front of her face - she simply pushed them behind her ear with her hand. She appeared completely oblivious to Dave's excitement!

Sarah tilted her head back and brushed her hair three or four times. Dave was to be disappointed though; she immediately picked up a scrunchie which was sitting on the table and put her hair into a ponytail. At least, however, he had finally seen her hair down, even if it was for only a few fleeting seconds.

Sarah smiled at Dave as she threw her ponytail behind her back. Had she noticed that he was dumbstruck, and extremely turned on? Dave tried to diffuse the situation.

"It's a nice place you have here," he mumbled.

"Yeah, it's a nice area - very peaceful," she replied, handing him his coffee. Dave's hands were sweating and slightly shaking, so much so that he managed to spill half his coffee on his lap.

"Oh no!" he screamed. "I'm really sorry!"

"Don't worry, I'll get you a little towel." Sarah hurried into the kitchen and brought back a towel. She rubbed his groin with the towel. Dave noticed that she didn't appear concerned that there was a massive hard-on nestling just underneath his pants!

"Actually, I'd better go," mumbled Dave. He drank his coffee in one shot, and grabbed his jacket.

"Oh, OK then." She replied. "I'll show you out."

Dave followed Sarah out the door. Her ponytail swung from side to side as she moved - it was incredibly thick, but very straight and very shiny. As he left the house, he thought to himself; had his chance gone? Should he have asked her out?

Dave unlocked his car, and got in. He put his keys in the ignition and started up. Nothing. Several more attempts would not work.

"Shit!", he thought. He was miles from home, and he didn't really want to walk. Still, he had to, so he got out of his car, and began walking. Just then, he heard a call: "Dave!"

It was Sarah.

Chapter 5

"You can't get your car started, no?" she asked.

"No, it must be the cold. I'll just walk home," replied Dave.

"No you won't!" replied Sarah, "You can sleep on my couch!"

"Oh, thanks!" said Dave.

He followed Sarah back in. She invited him into the kitchen, where there was a salad bowl on the table.

"Help yourself!" she told Dave. Dave grabbed a bit of lettuce and a tomato, and sat them on his plate. Luck must have been on his side tonight. By now it was after 10pm. Dave chatted to Sarah for a while about work, and life in general. He was so tempted to mention her hair, but didn't want to - would she think he was some weirdo? At 10:30pm, they both went through to the front room and sat down on her couch. Sarah switched on the television - CNN was on, and there was a broadcast about a plane crash in Milwaukee. For ten minutes, Sarah and Dave discussed what was on the news, before Sarah decided she had had enough.

"I'm going to have a shower, then I'm going to bed. I'll get some blankets for you!" She went through the hallway into her bedroom, and brought back some blankets. She put them down in front of him.

"Well, goodnight then!" she said.

"OK, have a nice sleep!" joked Dave.

The fun wasn't over for Dave though. As she stood up from the couch, she removed the scrunchie from her hair. Once again, she lifted her head back and shook it out. She ran both hands through her hair - was she going to flip it over for extra effect? No, Dave had enough viewing pleasure for one evening. He lay back on the couch and put the blankets over himself. A few minutes later, he heard the sound of the shower - how much he wished to be there, washing her hair!

The next day, Dave awoke at around 9am. He sat up on the couch and adjusted his clothing. Sarah walked into the room.

"Oh, you're up then?" she enquired. Dave looked up at her. Her hair was neatly pulled back into a long braid. She was dressed in a training outfit.

"Ummm, I'm just away to go jogging, and then to pick up my car, so I'm afraid you'll have to go in a minute. Sorry!"

"Oh, that's OK," replied Dave. "I'd better test my car. It feels a little warmer this morning."

Dave pulled on his pants then his shoes. Sarah checked herself in the mirror. Suddenly, Dave felt the urge to ask her out. He knew it was now or never.

"Listen, as a sort of thank-you, um, would you, er, like to go for dinner tonight?" he asked.

Sarah turned round to face him. Her face was straight. Had he done the wrong thing? Was his life at work going to be hell from now on? Would she tell everyone? But no, she smiled. "Sure, why not?" she replied.

"Great!" Dave said, excitedly. "I'll pick you up here, at 7:30pm? I know a nice little Italian restaurant near here."

"Sure! I'll see you then!"

Dave walked to his car, a very happy man. He finally convinced himself that there was a God. But little did he know the adventures awaiting him.

Chapter 6

Dave spent the whole of Saturday dreaming about Sarah. Since he had split from Janice two years earlier, he had found it difficult to get a date. But Sarah was everything; a great looking twentysomething in a high powered job, with beautiful hair. It had to go perfectly.

At 6:50pm, he pulled up outside Sarah's house. He rung her doorbell. Nothing. Had she had second thoughts? He rung the bell again. Just then, he heard the footsteps on the carpet inside. The door opened, and there stood Sarah, with her hair down.

"Come in, I'm nearly ready!" she told him. Dave walked in, and sat down. He could not believe it - she was wearing her hair down. Surely, however, she was going to put it up? But no, she didn't. She came back into the sitting room with her handbag. She was also wearing a very short skirt and a tight top.

She quickly ran a brush through her mane. It was then that Dave noticed how truly wonderful her hair was. Long, brown, straight, shiny hair parted in the centre, just as he liked it. In fact, the parting was very noticeable - it was like a huge split in her head. Another point was that, unlike other long-haired ladies, she never tucked her hair behind her ears; she let it fall over her cheeks. Whenever a strand of hair covered one of her eyes, she simply formed a v-shape with her second and third fingers and ran them down the offending strand, pushing it away very slightly.

When they arrived at the restaurant, a waiter showed them to their seats. Sarah was unable to sit down without sitting on her hair, so she formed a ponytail with her hand and lifted it above the back of the chair. She then let go and sat down. The light above the table shone over her center parting, glossing the top part of her head. Her hair rested partly on her shoulders, slightly in front of her, while the rest fell down to the floor behind her back. Dave was transfixed. Other diners stopped and stared at the sight, but Dave didn't feel jealous - just very lucky!

"So, what will you have?" Dave asked.

"Mmmm.... I think I'll just go for the spaghetti bolognaise, " replied Sarah.

During the evening, the wine began to flow. Dave was no longer nervous beside Sarah. In fact, he found her easy to talk to, and vice versa. At one point in the evening, the spaghetti got caught slightly in Sarah's hair. She laughed as Dave frantically tried to remove it. Eventually, they both managed to get rid of the offending spaghetti. Dave saw this as the icebreaker.

"That's a beautiful head of hair you have!" he said.

"Why, thank you!" said Sarah, "You are actually one of the few people who has said that."


"Yeah. My parents and friends want me to get it cut, but I want to grow it as long as possible."

"Oh," replied Dave, as his cock began to harden, "How, um, long?"

"Well, at LEAST to my knees. Probably longer - I want it to reach the floor. I've been growing it since my teens. I think it makes me look, well, different."

At this point, she turned her head 45 degrees to the right to reveal a mass of thick hair to Dave. She ran her fingers down it.

"It does!" replied Dave, "And you know what? Don't EVER cut it! You look great!"

Sarah sat back in her chair, and screwed her face in slight shock. "Why, thank you! You're the FIRST person to tell me that! Most people want me to cut it short, or to style it. I love it long and straight."

The date had gone VERY well. Dave had not been drinking because he was driving, but Sarah had. She was not drunk, but she was obviously enjoying herself.

"Shall I run you home?" Dave asked her.

"Yeah, why not? And I might even give you more coffee, if you promise not to spill it!"

Chapter 7

Sarah put the key in her lock, and switched on her lights.

"Just go through to the sitting room and make yourself comfortable. I'll make some coffee."

Dave sat down. A few minutes later, Sarah brought through the coffee.

"Make sure you don't spill it this time." She laughed.

She sat down next to him, and they both drank their coffee. "You know," she said, "I really enjoyed myself tonight."

"Me too," replied Dave.

He turned round to face her. She was staring at him. He gave her a kiss, but it began to turn more passionate. They kissed for several minutes, her hair falling over his face. He began to run his figures over her hair behind her back. Sarah stopped and sat back in her chair.

"That was great." She said. "But you know, I think you get turned on by my hair!"

Dave sat dumbstruck. Surely now he had blown his chance. It was all over. "Um, what do you mean?"

"I've seen you at work gazing at my bun, then when I let it down last night you were still gazing at it, we talked about it earlier."

"Um, yeah, I suppose."

"Don't be embarrassed! MOST men are turned on by long hair." Sarah stood up and shook her hair behind her head.

"I'm not THAT turned on," replied Dave, "honestly!"

"Well, I've got a little test to prove it then. Take off your pants and underwear!"

"Um, OK." Replied Dave. He removed his pants to reveal a slightly swelled cock.

"See?" stated Sarah, "You are already turned on! Now. Watch this. Now we'll see what happens."

Sarah walked over to a chair in the corner. She picked it up and sat it in the middle of the room. She sat down on the chair. She lifted her head back 45 degrees and placed her hands on the underside of the chair. Suddenly, she threw her head forward, flipping her hair over. She was bent over the front of the chair with her crowning glory flipped over, sweeping the carpet. She shook her head left and right and lifted it slightly. It was like a waterfall. She then bent further forward before swinging her head back at breakneck speed, allowing her hair to fall behind her. At this point, Dave's cock REALLY began to stiffen!

Sarah sat on the chair, pushing the stray strands away from her face and over her head. She tilted her head slightly forward to allow her hair to settle. As she did so, she noticed Dave's cock. "See, I told you!" she replied.

"That was great! Do that again!" he gasped.

Sarah grabbed the underside of the chair once again and flipped her hair backwards and forwards. She started slowly, before speeding up until at one point she was going at breakneck speed. Sometimes her hair flew over her face completely, other times it just simply fell in front of her face, cocooning her whole body. She kept going for at least three minutes before Dave shouted for her to stop. As she did so, all her hair fell in front of her, even though she was sitting straight up in the chair. Looking like Cousin It, she lifted her arms and made an "oooohhh!"" sound for comedy effect. She then threw her head forward again and flipped it back with such venom that this time it did clear her face.

Dave sat back in his chair, his heart pounding. He noticed that a slight wave had appeared in her hair, and that her center parting had completely disappeared; there was no parting in her hair at all. Sarah ran her fingers through her hair in an attempt to regain some sort of parting.

"That was incredible!" said Dave. His cock had stiffened, but there was no cum as yet.

"I'm not finished!" she replied. "Lie down on the floor."

Dave lay on the floor facing the ceiling. Sarah stood up from the chair, gave her hair a quick shake, then knelt down at his feet. She moved up towards his head, and flipped her hair over again. She ran her hair down his face, then his chest, stomach, before nestling it over his cock.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Whenever!" Dave gasped.

She then began flipping her hair back and forward over his groin again, starting slowly then speeding up. This was too much for Dave, and he felt himself coming. A couple of minutes into Sarah's game, and Dave had come into her hair. At this point she flipped her head back. She pushed her hands over her hair.

"Oooohhhh, what are we going to do now?" she questioned, mockingly, "I know! We'll have to wash it!"

Dave could not believe his luck. Sarah stood up, ran her hands through her now dishevelled hair and went into the bathroom. She picked up a bottle of shampoo/conditioner.

"Follow me!" she demanded, as Dave followed her into the kitchen. She began to fill up the kitchen sink with warm water. When the sink was full, she threw her head forward into the water. Dave was almost shaking with excitement. She lifted her head of the water, and turned to face Dave with her hair still flipped over. Even though she was standing up straight, her wet hair almost reached the floor. She then put her arm underneath her soaking wet hair and threw it back, soaking the surrounding area.

"Come here," she asked, "I want you to wash it."

With that she put her head back in the sink, while Dave massaged her hair with the shampoo. The sink was almost black with hair. She lifted her head out, tossed it back (soaking poor Dave in the process!) and emptied the sink. "We'll have to rinse it now!" she laughed. She filled up the sink once more, and put her head back in. Dave massaged her hair again, allowing the soapy foam to rinse out. Dave found himself coming once again. At this point Sarah lifted her head and turned round, so that she was washing her hair in a backward manner. Now that she was facing him, Dave inserted his penis into her moist vagina. It felt so good washing her hair while making love at the same time. Eventually, though, both decided they had had enough for one evening. Sarah lifted her head out of the sink.

"Thank you!" she said. "No, thank YOU!" replied Dave.

Sarah grabbed the towel next to the sink and wrapped her hair in it. "Once it is dried, you can brush it for me. Just think what that will be like.".

The next day, Dave arrived home, totally shell-shocked. He was now, of course, dating Sarah, and was dreaming of what awaited him during the week. On the Monday morning, Dave arrived at work to find that Sarah was wearing her hair down, in the same straight center parted style as she had done on Saturday night. The women in the office were continually fussing over it, asking why she wouldn't cut it or style it. She replied that she was growing it as long as possible, and that they could piss off if they didn't like it.

"Oh man!" Mike sighed. "I've lost my bet. I said it was a little bit shorter. Still, she must have met one lucky guy who persuaded her to let it down!".

Dave sighed, and laughed. For he was that lucky guy.

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