My Dream Come True
by Leo
Since childhood only i had this passion for long hair, i really admired long hair ladies as thier long, black & thick hair always attracted me. More than young girls of my age I always found elderly and married women with long hair much more attractive as here in Mumbai hardly any girl likes to keep her hair long. Ya but I had seen few elderly ladies with very long hair either in a huge bun or a long thick braid. I was bit unusual as regards considering any girl or lady as beautifull or sexy as i used to see only one feature in them and that was how long their hair is while other features of them hardly mattered to me.
The sight of a huge bun or a long thick braid infront of me would drive me crazy and it would really turn me on but unfortunately I never knew any such women or a girl with long hair. I had a few girlfriends but they all had short hair & i missed everything that i could have done with their long hair.
My passion for long hair grew as days passed by and until one day one new family shifted in our building. It was a small family of 3- husband, wife(Mrs.P) & their small daughter.
So this is my story about Mrs. P who was staying on the next floor above me and who was very attractive indeed even though she would be arround 35 years old. She was very tall and had a perfect body and the most attractive feature for me was her long hair. She always use to tie her hair in either a tight or loose bun thats what kept me & others wondering and guessing about the length of her hair because I never saw her in any other hair-style other than bun but i was very sure of onething that her hair was extra long & very thick thats what made the bun so big and it was literally killing me day by day.
She sometimes used to come down for a walk in the evening and I was getting to see her lovely big bun but from a distance and I always wished that I should get to see her hair from very close and one day. God fullfilled my wish when I was returning home I saw her coming towards my building from the opposite side. We both entered inside the building and I was walking just behind her so that I can see her bun very closely. I wont ever forget that day as I had never seen such a huge bun from so close till now. I followed her from behind very closely when we were climbing the stairs so that I can analyse and study her bun.
Her bun of course was very big and was jet black in colour, it had many twists and was held by a big clip. The sight of her bun made my heart-beat faster & my throat went dry.
Now her bun had become a big mystery for me as I wanted to know the length of her beautiful hair but she never ever use to let it down. Maybe she was a bit hesitant & shy with showing her true beauty.
But one very fine day when I was standing in my balcony talking on phone I got to see her in a braid when she was going out somewhere. I think she was going for some function or wedding may be thats why she was very well dressed up in a nice Saree with all her make up & jewellery and her hair in a long thick braid. Finally the day came when I came to know about the length of her gorgious hair. Her braid was just below her knees and she was looking really beautiful and at the same time very appealing and attractive because of her long and thick braid.I did not get to see enough of her braid as she disapeared very quickly and the sight of that long beautiful hair made me go crazy and from that day onwards I always felt her wanted & she became my top most desire. I really could have done anything in this world to just touch her hair and now I started dreaming of running my fingers in her hair and holding her big bun or her long thick braid in my hands. I started considering her as my perfect dream lady with very long and beautiful hair, the type of woman I always wanted for myself.
I was always thinking of several ways of introducing myself to her until one day. God himself gave me a brilliant opportunity and a courier-boy came to my rescue. God bless that Courier-boy where ever he is.
That day the courier-boy rang my bell, I opened the door and he said "please give this envelope to Mr.P (Mrs.P's husband) as their door is locked and I am coming here for the 3rd time and they are not at home since last few days so you please hand it over to them when they return."
I accepted it very happily and the Courier-boy took my signature & thanked me. Actually I should have thanked him for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Two days later Mrs.P and her family returned home and I decided to go to their house in the late morning so that Mrs.P only opens the door and I get to talk to her only and nobody else as she was a house wife and she used to be at home alone in the morning. I was feeling very nervous earlier of going there & talking to her but somehow I gathered all my courage and went up and ranged her bell. Mrs.P opened the door and my throat went dry & my heart started beating much faster and my body temperature went up high as soon as our eyes met. She first looked at me with a big question mark on her face but I was sure that no doubt she knows who I am as she would have seen me arround in the society. Somehow how I managed to put a smile on my face and she smiled back. I said "Hello" to her & handed over the courier envelope saying "this is yours, the courier-boy gave me this few days back and told me to hand it over to you. I think you were not there at home for few days thats why he gave it to me."
"Oh ya we were not here for last 5 days as we had gone to my mother's place" she replied.
"thats why the courier guy was a bit frustrated, he said Iiam coming here for the third time and always find the door locked" I said and she started laughing.she thanked me and then i smiled back & said "you are always welcome."when i was about to leave from there she said wait and asked me my name.i told her my name & she told me her name and then i took her leave.
This was our first meeting when i talked to her face to face for the first time but ofcourse it was a very short one and i wanted the meeting to carry on a bit further but i was satisfied as now atleast we know each other.
After some days when i was returning home in my Car i saw her walking with some carry bags in her hand.
I thought of making the most of this another opportunity coming by my way and i stoped my car just besides her,she looked at me & recognised me imediately giving me a smile.I asked her if she wants a lift.she was more than happy to get a lift as it was a very warm & sunny day and ofcourse she would prefer going home by car instead of walking with carrying those bags in her hands.I opened the door and she sat besides me.
I asked her"from where r u coming now?"
"I had just gone to the Bank & then to the Market,had to buy few things" she replied.
Our building was 5-10 mins away from there by car and on the way we talked a few things.While talking to her i tried to look into her eyes most of the time instead of her hair which was tied up in a big bun today as usual.Ofcourse i would have just loved to look at her bun from so near but then it wouldnt have looked good i staring at her hair when shes sitting besides me.
We reached our building & by now we she had become very friendly with me and she thanked me for the lift.I parked the Car and then helped her in carrying her bags to her flat.She opened the door of her flat with the key and then welcomed me inside.
"No its ok,i will leave now."I said just as a formality because actually i wanted to stay there wanting to spend some more time with her.
She said"No you cant go like this,you are coming at my place for the first time so please have a sit and tell me what will you like to have Coffee,Tea or some cold drink?"
"Well i will have a Coffee"i replied.
" just sit comfortably i will be right back in just 5 mins."she said.
I was reading the newspaper which was there on the table near thier sofa till then she came with two mugs of hot Coffee.She kept the Coffee in front of me on the table and asked me "So you like reading?"
"Ya very much"i replied back.Then we talked many things about each other while drinking Coffee and i came to know few things about her.Her husband was a Manager in a good Company and her daughter was in 5th Std and Mrs.P used to be at home alone till the aftrenoon.I very much wanted to talk about her gorgious long hair and just wanted to tell her how much do i love them but i didnt had that much courage as she would have minded it.I thanked her for the Coffee and said" I just love Coffee & your Coffee was really too good."
Suddenly she was appearing to be a bit disturbed with her bun as she was checking it again and again by her hands,may be i think because it was getting lose.After some 5-10 mins when we were talking,now she was very much uncomfortable and before her bun gets lose and opens infornt of me she said
"excuse me i will be right back." she came back with her hair nicely tied up in a tight bun.Although i knew for what she went inside i asked her purposely "what happed suddenly?"as i desperatly wanted to talk about her hair.
"Nothing just went to tie my hair"she answered back honestly.
"So what was the need to go inside to tie up your hair,you could have done it hear only"i said with a smile.
"No,its ok.let it be" she replied very shyly.
I decided not to get back now,as i somehow gathered all my courage & asked her "do you always tie your hair up like this only in a bun?"she was very much surprised with my this question i think as she never expected anything like this from me.
"Ya,most of the time"she said."why?it doesnt look good or what?"she asked me.
"No,nothing like looks simply great."I answered.I wanted to carry on telling her how great it looks and what its doing to me from last few days but then somehow i controled myself.
"How long is your hair?" i asked her.
"Its long,very long" she replied.
"Good.Women with long hair really look very beautifull,long hair stands out as an asset for them"I said.
"Ya even i like keeping long hairs since childhood only but its very difficult to maintain them."she replied.
"Whatever it is but you look good in this hairstyle and your bun appears to be so big."I said
"How long is your hair exactly?Can i get to see them?"i asked her politely.Talking about her hair was giving me an errection and i still wonder from where i got all this strength to talk to her so openly about her hair.
she was a bit hesitant and asked me " why do u want to see my hair?"
"just because it will be a real sight to see as iam sure you have very long hair"i somehow managed to give her an answer.
"Ok then."she said after keeping me waiting for sometime.She stood up and removed the pin.The twists in her bun started to roll down slowly and within a moment her hair was lose open reaching almost her calfs.I was thrilled and speach less seeing her so long and sexy hair.
Iam really out of words to describe that moment when i saw her for the first time undoing her big bun in front of me.I wished i had a camera to capture that moment,but really camera was a small thing when she herself was there infront of me standing so near with her hair left open for me.
She turned to me and smiled raising her eyebrows as if asking me hows it?i was still spechless and seriously wondering that all this is happening to me in real or is it only a dream.
"Wow,you really have the most beautifull hair i have ever seen,even its so long and thick.i have never seen such long & thick hair ever before"i said.Now it was seriously very difficult for me to control my errection.
Now i came to know why she always ties her hair up in bun because her hair had so much sex appeal that leaving it open would really make people go crazy for her.
"I wonder why do you always tie your hair up in a bun because you really look great with your long hair let down lose and open,it really suits you very well."I said trying to take things forward.
"Thank you very much for the compliment."she replied back.
I went behind her to get a proper view of her long hair from very near and as soon as i was going to touch her hair she got back and quickly tied up her hair again into a bun and said"i think we talked enough about my hair,i have to get back to my work now."i was a bit disappointed but i knew that its difficult now to get a second opportunity so i asked her "can i comb your hair?"
She was surprised again and she kept quite for a moment.
"Your hair is so long & thick and it appears to be very silky & soft thats why i feel like touching & combing them."I said to somehow defend my part.
"Iam sorry not now,my daughter will be coming from her school now and i have to prepare the lunch also yet."she said.
"Its ok,you need not be sorry for that." I replied.
"It seems you have really liked my hair very much"she asked.
"What do i say about your lovely hair.Your hair is so long,thick & silky and its ofcourse the most beautiful hair i have ever seen."I replied.
"And i have never seen a long hair lover like you"she said.
"Ya i really love long hair a lot,infact i just dream of playing with them or combing them"I said.
"Oh thats great,then you can help me to comb my hair after i wash & dry them because its really very difficult to manage such long hair"She said.
"Ya ofcourse,it will be my pleasure."I said as i couldnt have asked for anything more.
"Ok then why dont you come tommorow because as it is iam going to wash my hair tommorow."she asked me.
"Fine i will be there then tommorow at your service"I replied.
"Ok then see u tommorow morning"She said and i left from there.

I couldnt sleep that night as i was thinking about the things that were going to happen the next morning,and really as i was dreaming it turned out to be the most amazing and unforgetable day of my life.
I reached her house by morning 9:30 as told by her and she welcomed me inside.She had already washed her hair and her hair was raped up in a towel which was strugling to somehow hold such long and thick hair.
"You are looking absolutely wonderfull today"I complemented her.
"Thank You.what will u have?" she asked me.
"No Thanks.i wont have anything"I said as i was in a hurry today and i think even she could hardly wait.
She took off the towel & threw it on the bed and her hair was looking even much sexier today as they were a bit wet.She started to dry her hair with running her fingers in it.
My Penis started to go up by seeing all this and i went behind her directly and touched her hair.I started running my fingers in her hair which was very silky and thick.Even she appeared to be enjoying it and was responding very positively with my every touch.By now i was completly lost in her hair and i asked her "Can i comb your hair now?"
"Ok the comb is over there but comb carefully and a bit slowly because after wash they have become a bit rough with few tangles in between."she replied.
"You dont worry,i will be carefull as iam very good with it"I said and started combing her hair."Actually the thing is that i myself really love it when anybody combs my hair or plays with it."she said.
"Its my pleasure i said,even i really like playing with long hair and i always feel like brushing and combing them and if the hair is as long and thick as yours its double the fun."I said.
She probably didnt knew that i was enjoying it much more than her and i was waiting lifetime for this moment,it was really dream come true.
I just wanted to cherish this moment as i knew i wont get such a life time opporutnity again,i combed her hair right from the top to bottom slowly slowly and played with her long hair for about 15-20 mins.
I then asked her "can i comb your hair forward with your hair on your face?"
she could hardly say no as she was lost in a different world with enjoying each and everything i was doing with her hair.i asked her to bend a bit forward and i took all her hair forward on to her face.It was such a great feeling which i cant describe holding her hair and then combing her hair forward.
I requested her to lift her head up and to throw her hair backwards within a flash,she did it perfectly and with that flash backward her hair made almost a circle with the Radius of the length of her hair which was about 5  1/2 feet long.By now even she was enjoying and again i gathered all her hair infront on her face.Her hair almost touched the ground when put forward,by now my Penis had become sticky and was very hard & errect which even she could make out.
Her face was covered with her long,thick and jet black hair and i was combing it forward.I threw the comb and started to run my fingers in her hair to get the soft feeling.her hair was so silky and soft that i was not willing to take my hands of it.
"Oh you are really very good at it,iam really loving it"she whispered. Again it was a really very erotic sight for me as her entire front body was covered by her long hair now because thats how i combed her hair and now i lost my control and i started kissing her face covered by her hair.Her hair was smelling great and i kissed her hair which was all over her face.i gathered all her hair from bottom by my right hand and pulled her towards me and held her by my left hand,she started responding positively and hugged me tightly.
My Lips were really thirsty to find her lips,and just when i was about to smooch her she stoped me & gave me a strong push and i got back to see the most erotic and most unforgettbale invitation ever.
She again with a flash lifted her head and threw all her hair backwards and with a hunger in her eyes she called me towards hers with a gesture by her hand,i could hardly wait anymore and hugged her tightly and we started kissing and smooching.My both the hands were in her hair and she was sucking my lips passionatly.I was really feeling as if iam in heaven and i couldnt ask for anything more.I then started kissing her all over her face & body.I put my hands on her breast and her boobs were big enough and had become hard now with my touch as i started pressing them.
I started undressing her and directly put my fingers inside her Vagina,i quickly located her G-spot and she was lost in deep pleasure and started moaning after some time.I then started pressing and sucking her boobs now with my one hand in her hair.She was well arroused by now and her hands went inside my trousers searching for my penis while kissing me and sucking my lips.
"You are really too good in these things,it seems you are very well experienced in all this.Anyways now its my turn to give you some pleasure."She started undressing me and  pulled out my juicy and errect Penis.She appeared to be a bit happy after seeing my penis and said"Oh its quite long & thick."
"Its like your hair only,very long and thick"I replied and we both started laughing.She then started stroking my Penis with her hands and i was trying to play with her hair in the mean time.Within a few seconds when i was on verge of ejaculating i stoped her as i didnt wanted the party to get over so soon.
She took me to her bedroom & again hugged me tightly and again we started kissing each other.
I gathered all her hair and tried to make a bun of it but i couldnt make a proper bun so she tought me how to make it in a proper manner.Her hair was doing too much to me and now it was really difficult to handle and i straight away climbed on to her and parked my cark inside her garage.With my Penis parked inside her Vagina i was fondling with her breasts and sucking them again and started to move forward-backward with my hands in her hair.My pennis was already very well lubricated and i could have climaxed anytime but i decided to go for it slowly as i wanted to enjoy each & every moment.We both were enjoying the pleasure and she started moaning heavily when i increased my speed,suddenly her moaning turned into screaming as she started screaming loudly in pleasure and she climaxed hughing me tightly.
I decided to withdraw as i wanted to fuck her in a different position with i being down and she sitting on me and at the same time her long hair infront of me dancing on my chest.
As if she read my mind and she must have come to know that i like to fuck women with long hair and only because of thier long hair and how much it arrouses me.She pushed me down and i fell on to the bed,she came and sat on my thighs and opened her bun and sent her heavy hair mass cascading down on my legs.She started teasing me with her silky hair by running them everywhere on my body which was really a great feeling.I then pulled her towards me with her hair and then started kissing her and sucking her lips passionately.I coudnt wait anymore as she made me fully arroused now by running her long sily hair on my naked body.I put my pennis inside her vagina again and she started to go up & down with her hair coming down on her face again and again which was really making me crazy and i started lifting her up & down even faster now.This was what i always dreamt of and fantasised about Mrs.P that i fucking her with her long hair on her face and dancing on my chest.I grabed her hair and started to pull her towards me,my mouth found her nipples and i started sucking them she suddenly lifted her head jurkily which sent all her hair backwards again.
She started tieing a bun and i told her not to do that as i wanted to fuck her with her hair loose but she said"Dont worry dear iam tying it loose so that it may again come down due to the action"
"Oh you are so good in all this,it will be really sexy indeed" I said.
I held her bun with both my hands and made it much loose because it was really impossible to wait anymore now,our speed increased and i was lost in deep pleasure which i had never experienced earlier.
She started moving up & down again which was making her heavy bun jump up & down too and it started to open now.Slowly slowly all her long hair came down like soft silk and her entire body was covered by a black blanket of her hair.Her hair was too long and thick to stay back and when she bent a bit her hair again came forward on to her face.I was on the verge of expoding and she started moving her head right & left which sent her hair flowing everywhere on my body and the feeling was so errotic that we started moving together faster and she climaxed again with heavy moaning & withing seconds i ejaculated inside her,with my one hand grabing her hair & another pressing her boobs at the same time.Suddenly my heart beat rate was faster,our body temperatue was so high that we were sweating.We lied on the bed after we both climaxed together kissing each other.
It was the best ever orgasm i ever had and the feeling was so great that i cant write it down here in words.She hugged me again saying"You are a real Genius,I love you for this".I was playing with her hair only and said "your this amazing hair which is the most precious deisre of anyone makes me such a genius and i love you too for your hair."
We were just lieing on the bed and talking for about 10-15 mins after i made her get up and took the comb and started combing her hair again.She asked me " what are you doing now?"
"Nothing just combing your hair as i dont feel like keeping my hands of it,they are so wonderful and the feeling after touching them is really so good that cant be described."I said
I then made a braid of her hair which i always dreamt of.i never imagined that my this dream of making such a long braid will come true anyday.
She seemed very happy with the braid and thanked me by kissing me and said "You should have been a hair dresser actually"
We then sat and started talking and decided that i would come to her house again on Monday morning when shes alone at home.I then took her leave and went back home desperately waiting for Monday morning to come.That day was really the most unforgetable day of my life and no doubt it was the best ever day in my whole life as what i always dreamt of happened with me and my dream had come true.

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