Long Hair & Compliments
(Part One – An Introduction)
by Corrie
Ethan was a kind-hearted fellow. He loved to write poetry (gasp!) and try new cords on his guitar. He enjoyed shooting hoops, participating in ultimate frisbee J or playing a game of softball. Occasionally he would join his buddies for a couple of rounds at the local pub. Once a week, Ethan also faithfully joined the 8 guys in his Bible study. They were all close friends, good solid guys. (Some of them would join him for hoops & barley as well).

Ethan really did enjoy all of these things, and he felt pretty content with his life. Even so, there was one thing in particular that tugged at the back of his mind. It was the girls… At times he just didn’t know what to say to them or how to act around them – especially around the ones with beautiful hair. Sometimes he felt more awkward and even more tongue-tied around girls with long hair. Bless his heart, once he even accidentally ran into a wall after a girl with ankle-length (!) hair walked past him… It totally floored him - he had never seen anything this beautiful before.

Friday night was finally here! Ethan was glad to get off work. He needed a break and he wanted some time to rest and chill out… After he got home, he changed into his favorite pair of jeans and a comfortable navy blue Fisherman’s sweater- it made him look casual and artistic at the same time:+) Then he brushed and flossed his teeth and ran his comb through his curly hair… Reasonably satisfied with the results he got his jacket, wallet and keys and headed down to his favorite pub, Moody Blues.

He hoped he would run into Kordia – she was a petite, soft-spoken girl who worked at this little hole-in- the-wall. They encountered each other every so often.. She would normally wear her hair in one long plait down her back or two braids - one descending on each side of her head. Sometimes Kordia would connect the two braids in back to form a U or V shape down her back. He wondered if he’d get a chance to see her and how she might have her hair fixed? Finally Ethan made it to his destination. He ordered a barley and sat down in his favorite corner. (He was a smart chap - the corner gave him a good view and it kept him out of the lime-light, allowing him to watch people discretely.) This also enabled him to spot long-haired beauties with out making them nervous by *staring* at them…

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