(First Essay – A ‘Bad Hair Day’) by Corrie
Korishka felt blue, really sad. She had been wearing her hair long for many years and she truly enjoyed it. She loved how it felt.. nice and soft to the touch. When she wore it loose and down this made her feel especially pretty. Korishka was also glad that it (her hair) kept her warm in this state… Not only did her hair shield her from the elements, it also protected her from unkind people. It separated her from their harsh stares and impatient gestures. It also gave her privacy. When she felt sad, she could cry and keep the tears hidden behind her hair. When she felt self-conscious and her cheeks turned pink, she could also keep that to herself.. In church, when she prayed and her hair was down this made all of the other people and distractions go away.. Poof! It was magic! As strange as it sounded, in this state she felt more close to God. It was almost as if just the two of them were talking to each other…?

Sometimes she worried that having long hair made her stand out to much.. Perhaps it made her ‘old-fashioned.’ To make matters worse, her hair (although it was long) seemed completely stuck! It just didn’t want to grow any more and this made her feel discouraged L . Maybe if she cut it she would fit in better and look more ‘in vogue.’ Sometimes she even worried that she was odd.. No one else seemed to understand just how special her hair was to her, and this made her wonder if she was being vain and silly by keeping it long? Sigh, ‘poor hair… what am I to do with it?’ she thought to herself…… 

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