Married Intimacy & Long Hair
(Part One)
by Corrie

"Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure.."

(Hebrews 13:4) NT

Micca could hardly believe it – her little niece was growing up so quickly! It seemed like yesterday she was buying green Christmas ribbons for her hair…. Jenny had recently turned Sweet-Sixteen, and she was becoming a charming young lady… For this holiday she was going to visit Aunt Micca and Uncle Joseph in between academic terms. Micca was looking forward to her visit! At the same time, she did have some reservations... Many months had passed since they had seen each other, and she wondered what they might talk about?

The night before Jenny’s arrival, Joseph and Micca laid their clothes out and made sure all was ready. They wanted to arrive at the train station early to welcome their niece. While the couple made their way to the station, Micca re-read the letter she had just received from her sister:

"Dear Micca!

Hello! I hope this letter finds you and Joseph well? Thank you again for letting Jenny come to visit you during her break from school. I think this trip will do her good…She is growing up so quickly! Of course, she is starting to notice the young men, and they are starting to buzz around her like bees near a newly opened flower… Any guidance you can provide in this area would be much appreciated – I have full confidence in you. Indeed we share the same views on this topic, and I feel sure she will listen to you more readily than me. You know, she’s at that age…

Thank you dear sister!

Much Love,


’Oh my goodness,’ Micca thought to herself as they neared the train station. ‘What am I getting myself into.?’ She carefully folded the note and put it back in her purse. "Choo, choo! Choo, Chooo!" The train’s whistle could be heard announcing its arrival in the distance. Finally it pulled into the station. Joseph and Micca looked with excitement through the crowed. "Aunt Micca, Uncle Joseph over here!" A bright, cheerful voice came from the platform. Of course it was Jenny - her long, thick auburn hair was twisted together. The full length of hair fell over her left shoulder and spilled down the front of her blouse, loosely secured with a ribbon… "Oh Jenny!" Micca exclaimed. "We are so happy to see you! What a young lady you have become, and your hair it’s beautiful!" "Thank you Aunt Micca. Your hair is lovely too, and it has grown so much longer! The two embraced while Joseph retrieved Jenny’s bag. He then gave his niece a hug and escorted the women back to the car. Finally they were off and on the way back home.

Later that evening, Jenny and Micca played with each other’s hair. Micca used her fingertips to massage Jenny’s scalp…It felt heavenly! Then she carefully glided the brush down her niece’s (untangled) hair, using gentle strokes…

"Mhhhhh," Jenny murmured, thoroughly relaxed and content..

M: "So Jenny how are things for you? What’s new?"

J: "Oh, I guess things are about the same at home… I’ve been very busy with school. Some of my girlfriends and I have been working hard, trying to get the dance hall ready for our big Valentine’s, Sweet-Heart Ball!"

M: " Yes that’s great! I’m sure it will look beautiful!"

J: "Thanks, and I have also been taking dance lessons."

M: "Uh, hu… Are you enjoying these classes?"

J : "Yes! I love to dance, but it’s funny.."

M: "Yes, go on…" (continuing to brush Jenny’s hair)

J: (Sigh) "Well, it’s kind of hard to explain…" "It feels a bit odd.. I love to dance, and I really like most of the young men in the dance hall - but it’s funny… Sometimes the dancing feels very comfortable and natural. At other times, when I’m dancing with a gentleman (sometimes it might even be the same man!?) ,.. I can’t always think clearly and I get so tongue-tied J … As soon as he has one arm around my waist, and I’m holding his other hand, I get this big, silly grin on my face and I feel so warm…I start to tingle all over…It’s just crazy!!!"

M: "Yes, I understand…. I felt the same way dancing with your Uncle Joseph"

J: "Really?"

M: "Yes, really…" :+)

J: "And well…(starting to blush a bit) I start to wonder…?"

(Micca sensing her niece’s self-consciousness moved some of Jenny’s hair around to the front, allowing it to fall forward. This enabled Jenny to continue the conversation and feel more comfortable, being safely ‘hidden’ behind her curtain of hair.)

M: "Right, You start to wonder what it would feel like if his hand moved past your waist, or what would happen if you came closer together…If there was no space between you…?"

J: "Yes, right. But Aunt Micca what about you? What did you and Uncle Joseph do? How did you handle all of these crazy thoughts and feelings….?"

M: "Good question ….

Well, We felt a strong desire for each other both then and now... At the same time, we also love God. Because of this, we both followed His guidance and waited until our wedding night to make love. We made a commitment to try and avoid any situation that might compromise this principle. We modeled our courtship after those we found in Scripture, because we realized that the couples who were the most in love like Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24:66) and Joseph and Mary (Mathew 1:24-25) also saved physical intimacy for marriage.

We realized if we hurried things, this would bring us heartache and sadness… It is similar to combing out your hair. If you comb your tresses out to quickly you will experience much pain and cause permanent damage to your hair. It is the same way with physical intimacy. If you rush into it you can make hasty and foolish decisions, ones that will bring much grief.

You want your husband to treat your body the same way he would treat your hair, with gentleness and respect... If you and your husband-to-be exercise the patience and strength of character needed to preserve your and his virtue before marriage this is a very good thing, because these very same attributes of patience, gentleness and self-control are needed for a husband to become a good lover."

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