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Chapter 1

"Jack, I expect youíre wondering what weíve brought you here for," the MD asked, shaking Jackís hand as he entered. He was unused to being summoned to head office in London and even less to the Managing Directors office.

"Yes," he replied uncertainly.

"Take a seat. We need you to come with us on a Sales trip to the US." Jack was intrigued but still didnít understand. The MD continued, "Weíre going over there to push our new Touch Screen Technology, and we need you with us in case we have hardware problems. Youíve had more experience at troubleshooting in the field on this kit than anyone, and the people on your patch sing your praises every time I talk to them."

A college near Jack was being used for field trials of their touch screen, and it was true that heíd almost lived there for the first few weeks of installation and did know a lot about the kit. He thought these things went unnoticed, but obviously not. At last he was getting something out of his humdrum job as a Computer Engineer: a free trip to America.

This was the third seminar of their trip. Things had gone pretty well and most people whoíd been invited to see the Touch Screen had been suitably impressed, at least with itís size if nothing else. The biggest one was six feet wide and four feet high and as a computer teaching aid, it was unique. An amusement for Jack was that heíd persuaded the MD that there was still a problem with static from the screen, although in reality this had been cured completely. No-one had received a shock off one for months. Jack had given the MD a sheet of thick rubber and told him that he should cut out some insoles for his shoes to insulate himself from the possibility of a nasty discharge while demonstrating the screen. The MD had greeted the idea with enthusiasm and had complied fully, forcing his feet into his now ill-fitting expensive Italian shoes with their new insoles. But he felt safe in the knowledge that he was insulated from any chance of a static shock. The Sales Manager, who was in on the wheeze, and Jack exchanged knowing smiles every time the MD teetered around uncomfortably with his pinched feet.

The sales manager demonstrated word processing and spreadsheet training on the big screen and Jack could see some of the IT professionals in the audience getting visibly excited at the prospect of owning one, even more so when they were shown some fast action games running on it. It really did make you feel you were part of the game. Jack himself enjoyed sitting in front of it in a darkened room running his Flight Simulator. The level of realism had meant that heíd even fallen sideways out of his chair once while urging his F111 to make a steep banking turn to get onto the tail of a MIG fighter that was out to get him. It also brought a new dimension to surfing the web. Jack particularly liked pictures shown full screen, especially those from his favourite site, PassionFlowerís Hair & Lather Boudoir. Seeing all that hair on a six foot by four foot screen was almost more stimulus than a hair enthusiast like him could cope with. Heavenly. Only problem was he didnít get much chance to surf using the screen. Private moments were rare.

While he was in America he hoped to get the opportunity to meet up with some of the regulars from PassionFlowerís site who he now thought of as bosom buddies. Of course he dreamed of meeting PassionFlower herself so that he could personally thank her for her wonderful efforts that had brought them all together, but she was an enigma and he knew it would be extremely unlikely. But he could dream.

Jack stood around at the rear of the audience while the MD did his selling bit. The audience consisted of the usual selection of Ďsuitsí - Jack was one of them today - and programmers. The programmers often took the rise out of the Ďsuitsí for the way they dressed but were just as guilty of uniformity as them. Just sweatshirts and denims for them instead of a suit. As normal there were many more men than women. Most of the women were PA's for the executives present, a sort of status symbol for the execs. Sadly most of the women had short well groomed hairstyles, not Jackís taste, but happily today there was one exception.

Jack had noticed her as soon as sheíd walked in. She seemed to be on her own. She looked very attractive wearing the classic little black dress, showing off her great figure, but of course it was her hair that Jack noticed most. It was sculpted into a classic French Pleat, like a delicious large ice cream cone of brown hair sweeping up her nape. The crown was teased up and all her hair swept across from right to left, then swirled round in a big wave to join into the pleat with a swirl at the back. A piece at the front was loose, as if it had come unfastened, half obscuring her left eye ending in a big flick out at her chin. God did it look sexy. Jack spent the whole presentation fantasising about what heíd like to do with her and her glorious hair.

The presentation concluded and everyone moved into the next room, where a buffet had been laid on. The programmers formed a huddle and chatted away about the usual boring things that they did. The execs formed another huddle, no doubt bragging to each other about how well their corporations were doing. The PAís stood decoratively around waiting to be summoned to perform some menial task by their boss. Jack wasnít comfortable with any of these groups but noticed that the woman with the hair didnít seem to belong to any group either. Jack headed in her direction.

"Hello. Could I get you a drink?" he asked her.

"Yes please. A glass of red wine would be nice. French preferably," she replied with a smile.

"No problem," Jack told her trying to sound less excited and more self-assured than he felt.

Jack returned with the wine to find one of the suits talking to her. Bummer, thought Jack. She took the glass of wine and told the suit that she needed to talk to Jack.

"Thanks," she said. "Youíve saved me from being bored to death by him."

"No problem." Jack smiled.

"Iím a freelance programmer and he wants me to do some work for him but heís so boring to talk to. He thinks heís so amusing, but heís creepy," she explained.

"Iíll try not to be boring then," Jack told her, impressed that she wasnít just another executiveís popsy.

"Cute accent!" she said and flashed her eyes at him alluringly, causing Jacks heart to race.

"Only one Iíve got," he replied. She flashed her eyes again and smiled.

"I presume youíre part of the presentation team? Are you going to try and sell me one of these screens?" she asked.

"Iím part of the team, but Iím an engineer not a salesman. Iím sure we can find something better to talk about."

"Thatís good. I donít respond to the hard sell," she told him.

She suggested that they check out the buffet and Jack dutifully followed her. They both filled a plate with various titbits from the table and then found an unoccupied table near the corner of the room. Jack fetched a couple more drinks for them.

"This French wine goes well with that lovely French hair-do," Jack told her as he rejoined her. Heíd been dying to say something about it to her.

She grinned at his comment. "Thank you. I thought Iíd go for the demure look today."

"Itís wonderful," Jack murmured.

"I like having my hair done and trying different styles." When she said that, Jack thought his trousers might be in danger of bursting open as he imagined getting his hands on her wonderful hair and giving her any style she wanted.

"Splendid, but donít try any short styles," he found himself urging.

"No plans in that direction," she replied. "Short hair is boring."

"Dead right." Jack was now in a state of extreme arousal. He tried to keep calm, maintain some sort of control and not turn into the jabbering wreck he was in danger of becoming. "There are some great hair sites on the net."

"I know. I surf a lot. Got this Ďdoí off a web site. Youíre interested in hair then?"

"Yes, very," he revealed.

"Canít remember which one it was. I look at so many," she replied matter-of-factly, seemingly oblivious of the effect she was having on Jack.

"Do you ever get into any chat rooms?" he inquired.

"Yes quite often, and on IRC. How about you?" she asked.

"Yes, I go on IRC too. Whatís your nickname?"

"I usually use Jill44," she told him.

Jack thought his heart had stopped. Jill gave him a very puzzled look. He couldnít speak, he just stared at her in total shock.

"Are you OK?" Jill asked with concern in her voice. "You look like youíve seen a ghost."

"Iím Jack44," he replied simply.

Now it was Jillís turn for silence and to stare back in a state of trauma.

Chapter 2

Here were two people who had met in a hair chat room on the Internet, who now found themselves face to face in real life. Neither had ever considered this as a possibility, or even particularly wished for it. Just like plays on the radio, the pictures were so much better on the net. They had shared an interest, formed an association, met each other on the web whenever they could, even though the five hour time difference they had was a huge hurdle. He had done her hair for her cyber style countless times and she had enjoyed and encouraged his attentions, indulging him totally, happily submitting her hair to him. Neither of them could believe that they were now staring at the other separated only by a small table.

Jill slid her hand slowly and uncertainly across the table and gripped Jackís hand. Jack put his other hand over hers and squeezed it.

"Hello," she said tenderly.

"Hi, honey," he replied emotionally.

They sat holding hands for what seemed like an age. Just gazing into each other eyes, oblivious of the world around them. Neither of them sure of what to say. They knew each other so well and yet were strangers at the same time. They had shared thoughts, ideas, and actions in the last couple of months that you would only normally do with someone youíd been close to for years.

"You said youíd be away for a few weeks. Why didnít you tell me you were coming to the States?" Jill asked Jack.

"I didnít want to put you under any pressure. Didnít want to spoil what we had."

"Iím not feeling any pressure right now. Just canít quite believe youíre really here."

"Am I a disappointment now you get to see me?" Jack asked uncertainly.

"Quite the reverse," she replied. "Are you disappointed in me then?"

"Youíre joking. Youíre gorgeous."

She grinned at him. "Thank you kind sir. The Queen will hear of your kindness!" she told him in her best Dick van Dyke style English accent. "Glad I took the trouble to get my hair done now."

"Just a pity that it wasnít me that did it," he told her.

"You werenít here," she said and added sensuously, "but you are now."

Kissing her seemed to be the right thing to do. They were unaware that a section of the people in the room had been watching them for the last few minutes obviously getting amorous, and now broke into spontaneous applause and cheers as they kissed passionately across the table. They remained oblivious to the fact that they were the reason for the uproar until Jackís MD appeared to break the spell and force them back to reality.

"I know I said look after people, but I think youíre treating the idea with a bit too much enthusiasm Jack," he interjected.

"Weíre old friends. Didnít realise weíd be seeing each other here," Jill told him, saving Jack an explanation.

"Oh I see. I was going to get Jack to tell me what chat up line he was using," the MD joked.

"Sorry boss," Jack told him.

"No problem. At least everyone will remember this presentation," he conceded. "If you people havenít seen each other for a while youíd better have the rest of the day off. Youíll have things to talk about."

"Thanks!" Jack and Jill said in unison, and then realising what theyíd done, grinned at each other.

"In fact you might as well take tomorrow off too. Weíve only got one private presentation tomorrow," the MD added. "Have a bit more time together."

"Thanks boss!" Jill said cheekily.

"Just donít tell anybody! Iím supposed to be a tough executive," The MD whispered to them as he left to explain Jackís actions to the throng.

Jill took Jack to her home. It was about an hour's drive from the hotel. Jack was quite impressed, heíd always imagined her living in an apartment but her house was quite big with a garden in a nice suburban area. Being a programmer was obviously quite lucrative, but why not, she was a very intelligent woman.

Jill threw her arms around Jacks neck and they kissed passionately as soon as they got inside the house. He couldnít keep his hands off her hair any longer. His fingers stroked her nape and he gently ran his hand up the Pleat in her hair. It was quite stiff with lacquer but he could feel a hint of the softness below the layer of hair spray. He pulled her close to him and rubbed his face into her hair, delighting in the feel and fragrance of it.

"Is this that Freeze and Shine that you told me about?" he asked.

"Yes. Do you like it?"

"Heavenly..." he murmured. "Iím not going to be able to keep my hands off it."

"I get to feel your fingers running through my hair for real today," Jill oozed.

"Such a shame to spoil your hair-do but you have got your own personal stylist here now to sort it out."

"Youíd better come and mess it up then, so heís got something to do," she suggested as she lead Jack by the hand to her bedroom.

They undressed each other frantically as if their clothes were on fire, but it was other things that were on fire. They fell naked into the bed, both enjoying the soft warmth of the others skin beneath the covers. Jack pulled Jill on top of him as they kissed. His hands gently stroked her still intact hair-do.

"I think itís coming down now," he warned her.

"Itís yours. Do what ever you want with it," she purred.

Jack sat up slowly lifting her with him and twisting her round so that she sat between his legs with her back to him. He stroked her nape at the hairline and she tipped her head forwards submissively. Her nape looked so inviting, he kissed it gently, she smelt and felt wonderful. He gently pulled out the first hairpin right at the bottom of her pleat and then methodically worked his way up sliding each pin out as his fingers found them. The fold of hair loosened slightly but the lacquer still held it in place even though there were no pins holding it. Jack plunged the fingers of his right hand into her hair and pulled it easily apart. Then he used his fingers as combs to push all her hair forwards and untangle it.

"Your fingers feel wonderful," Jill simpered.

"You feel wonderful." he replied.

Jack slid her down into the bed alongside him and spread her hair out covering the pillow. He buried his face in it while his right hand slid smoothly down her warm body, stopping briefly to caress her firm nipples before heading south to his target. She spread her legs eagerly as his fingers slid over her soft pubic hair and disappeared into the warm moist softness of her vagina. Her hand grabbed his and steered his fingers to where she wanted them. She didnít need to, her clitoris was easy to find, standing proud, eager for the stimulation it was about to enjoy. She started to writhe in time with the movement of his fingers as he slid her clitoris between his fingers, groaning in delight as she did. He played her like a musical instrument, slowly bringing her to a crescendo of delight until she climaxed with her back arched, a huge release of breath, and a scream of delight.

"Wow," she murmured after regaining her breath and composure. Jack kissed her on the forehead. "Now let me feel you inside me," she urged.

"Do I need protection?" he asked, showing he wasnít totally out of control.

"No. I want to feel you fill me up."

Jack did as she bid and slid himself on top of her, then thrust himself deeply into her still moist and welcoming vagina. She lifted her legs and closed them around him, clamping herself to him. Under such intense stimulation, Jack climaxed quickly and intensely. Her legs gripped him tightly as he unloaded into her. They lay locked together for what seemed ages saying nothing, feeling wonderful, until Jill unlocked her legs and Jack lay down beside her.

"Think your hair could do with a shampoo now," Jack suggested.

"Yes please," Jill replied eagerly.

Chapter 3

Jack sat her on a stool at the dressing table and brushed her hair thoroughly until his fingers slid easily through it with no tangling. He told her to stay there and then disappeared. She wondered what he was doing but he quickly returned with a plastic jug from her kitchen which was half full of what looked like hot water, a fork and her shampoo. She watched through the mirror as he emptied a more than generous amount of shampoo into the jug and then stirred it vigorously with the fork to form a thick foamy pink cream. Now she understood.

She held her head still as he slowly began to pour the thick cream onto her hair, watching it sit in a large puddle on top of her head, before starting too ooze down the sides and back. She then felt his fingers lifting her hair at the back into the puddle followed by her hair at the sides, and then massaging it deeply into her hair, his fingers stimulating her scalp and giving her a tingly feeling all over. She felt so relaxed and euphoric. She closed her eyes and felt like she was floating as Jack lathered the shampoo up into masses of FOAM.

"I just LUVSUDS," he told her.

"Hmmmm, feels nice," Jill said. "I donít MISS my FRENCH TWIST at all now."

"Iím more of a BUNMAN myself," he told her as he continued to massage her scalp, then pulling her hair up high and twisting it into a sudsy Bun. "Rub a DUB DUB."

"Youíve got such PASSION in your fingers FLOWER," she told him.

He placed his soapy hands on her breasts and massaged them. "I love soapy tits," he whispered in her ear. "So soft." She giggled as he gently squeezed them and they slipped through his fingers.

She stood up and turned to face him. "Stand still for a minute." She told him and then dropped to her knees in front of him. She held his manhood in her hand and told him, "This needs washing too."

Before he had chance to reply she tipped her head forward and rubbed her lathered hair against his shaft, wrapping her hair around it so that it got a generous application of lather, which she then massaged in. He started to become aroused and she looked up and smiled at him.

"If youíre going to get excited like that youíd better take me in the shower," she said knowingly.

"OK," he replied simply.

Jill took the remnants of the creamy shampoo and massaged it into Jacks hair, telling him he needed clean hair too.

Jack had never made love in a shower before. They stood face to face under the stream of hot water as the lather disappeared down the drain. He lifted her up, she put her legs round his waist, her arms around his neck, and then lowered herself onto him. His mind wandered, it was an unreal feeling, the warmth almost womb-like. The sound of the rushing water masking any other noise. Her wet skin felt even softer, the water lubricated them, she slid up and down easily, as he stood motionless while she worked him smoothly to a climax. Bliss...

They were both clean and dry now, apart from her still damp hair. She had given him one of her robes to wear and she had a slinky pale blue silk robe on.

"Are you hungry?" Jill asked.

"Peckish, but not starving," Jack replied.

"I can cook something if you like."

"I have another idea first." He smiled at her.

"Youíve got some stamina." She smiled back.

"Not that," he grinned. "Thought we ought to roller your hair before it dries out. Wet sets are the best. We could eat later."

"Iíll get my rollers then," she agreed readily.

Jack spent the next hour sectioning her hair and winding each one onto a large magnetic roller, taking great care to coil the ends neatly before winding her hair tightly on to each roller. He wanted to be sure of a perfect 'do when the rollers came out. He wanted lots of big flowing curls. She sat patiently while he practised his art. When heíd wound the last roller in, she went to the mirror to see what heíd done.

"Lots of rollers," Jill told him.

"Yes. Lots of curls tomorrow," he replied.

"So Iím sleeping in them am I?"

"Yes, want to let that hair set properly."

"As long as the site of me in rollers doesnít dampen your ardour," she grinned.

"Quite the reverse," he assured her and hugged her gently.

When they woke they made love again. It was the second time heíd made love to her while wearing rollers. No one had ever done that to her before let alone twice, she wasnít complaining. They had breakfast before going back to the bedroom to set her curls free. Jack was elated when he took the first roller carefully out and was rewarded with a wonderfully springy coil of hair. He removed the others eagerly. The promised mass of curls materialised steadily. Jill watched excitedly via the mirror, feeling the fullness of her hair as the rollers came out. When they were all out Jack couldnít resist running his fingers through the soft curls. Jill ran her fingers through her hair too.

"Tip your head right forwards, Iíll brush it from underneath," Jack told her.

She swung round to face him and bent right forward for him. He pulled the brush steadily through her hair. He would have been happy to brush it more but didnít want to brush the curl out, so stopped himself.

"Throw your head back," he commanded.

She lifted her head quickly and Jack enjoyed the vision of her mass of curls flying high. He brushed the top a little so that it was off her face and she could see where she was going. She turned to the mirror.

"Wow! Look at these curls," she enthused, and then stood up and kissed him passionately. "Thank you."

"My pleasure," he told her truthfully. "Itís better than Cyber."

"I want to talk to you about that," Jill said, a serious note in her voice.

"What about it?" Jack asked.

"I donít want us to do Cyber anymore."

Jack was confused. "What? Why? I thought we were good together."

"We were," Jill said. "But weíre so much better in real life."

"True, but we donít have to stop Cyber surely," he pleaded, not understanding her reasoning.

"We wonít need cyber if weíre together." She smiled. "I want you to stay here with me, and if you canít, Iím coming back to England with you. Iím not letting you go now Iíve found you."

Jacks emotions were on a roller coaster ride. He kissed her tenderly.

"And Iím not letting you slip through my fingers. Iíll tell my boss Iím staying here. Donít know what Iíll do for employment though."

"Wonderful. I can help you get a job. Iíve lots of contacts. If youíre half as good an engineer as you are a lover it wonít be a problem."

The following day Jack went to see his MD. He felt bad about what he was doing but the opportunity of life with Jill demanded it. Jill went with him. The MD greeted them both and asked how they were. Jack said they were fine. He was never sure if the MD listened when he asked these questions.

"Iím glad youíre here Jack, Iíve got a proposition for you," the MD said, before Jack could say anymore.

"Oh?" Jack replied.

"We got a huge order yesterday and we need someone to stay here and oversee it. How would you feel about doing it? I know it would be big upheaval but weíd make it worth your while," the MD enthused.

Jack and Jill looked at each other and grinned hugely. "Iíd love to do it," Jack said.

"Great. I didnít think youíd go for it," he said with some relief. The MD then turned to Jill. "Perhaps you could help him find somewhere to live round here?"

"Oh yes! I can do that," she purred and smiled at Jack.

"Thatís settled then," the MD said to both of them and as a parting comment said to Jill, "Your hair looks nice again."

And they both lived happily ever after...

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