(Part III)

For Poppie

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.

( Proverbs 16:31) Old Testament

A few months later Korishka and her family prepared to go visit her grandparents. Before the trip Koriska paid extra attention to her hair... When her hair was unbound, it was about an inch or so above her waist. Korishka’s hair had a soft, fine texture to it and it was medium-brown in color. Her hair was naturally straight, but it would become wavy if it had been kept in a braid for a long period of time. Depending on when it had been washed and what light she was in, you could also see flecks of red and gold in the hair. The day preceding their departure, she unbound her hair and washed it carefully with good shampoo. She wanted to look especially nice for her Grandpa because he had recently experienced a couple of bad strokes, and this might be their last Christmas together..:(

Korishka loved to visit her Grandpa … He was one of the kindest, most thoughtful of men in her opinion. (He had a warm laugh, kind, twinkling eyes and gray hair that gave him a distinguished and wise appearance.) When she was little, she would sit next to him on the couch and he would absentmindedly stroke her hair. Although he often wasn’t paying close attention, he rarely pulled her hair:+)… He would tell her the most amazing stories. Some tales were from his boyhood, some would be make-believe - they were all fantastic and magical. Each story was an oral masterpiece and a window into the past…

It took several hours to get to her grandparents home. Before getting out of the car, Korishka rubbed some jojoba oil in her hair and brushed it out thoroughly with her boar bristle brush … After Korishka greeted her extended kin, she went over to take her usual seat next to Grandpa on the couch. "Korishka your hair looks so pretty and shiny!" "Thank you Grandpa," she replied… The compliment meant a lot to her, especially when it came from him. "Look Grandma, Korishka’s hair looks so shiny!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, it’s nice, but it would look much better if she cut six inches off.." her Grandma replied. An Aunt chimed in, "Oh yes, you would look so cute (?) if you cut your hair!" You could donate your hair to Locks of Love (LOL) They only need six inches of hair." "AHHHHHHHHH!" Korishka thought to herself.. ‘You people are driving me crazy! Help! Help!’ Later that afternoon, after the dishes were put up Korishka’s eldest Aunt volunteered to do annual hair trims….

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