A Christmas Story (Part I)
Micca (Long hair story #2) by Corrie
Micca was so excited! She had just received a letter in the mail from her sister Rachel and her husband Thomas. Before opening the letter, she carefully moved a hair pin back in place. (She was trying a new style by wearing her hair up in a bun…)

"Dear Micca,

Hello! How are you doing - I hope well? Thomas and I are quite happy. Jenny is growing up so quickly, it’s amazing! Her hair is getting really long too!…Perhaps it’s growing more quickly than the rest of her? It is such a pretty color, reddish-brown just like her Pappa’s hair. We are looking forward to seeing you over Christmas! Write back soon to tell me how you are doing, and let me know when the best time for us to come visit is?

Much Love, Rachel

P.S. I have just finished making Jenny’s Christmas dress! It is a pretty green color, and with this letter I included a piece of the material for you to see. Perhaps if you have time, would you make some matching hair ribbons for her to wear with the dress – pretty please?!"

Oh! Micca was so excited! This was the first time in over a year she would be able to see her sister! (They lived a far distance from each other; so when they did get together it was always a special occasion.)

Later that evening Micca gave her husband the good news. "Joseph, guess what?! Thomas, Rachel and little Jenny are coming to visit!" Micca skipped and twirled around the room… Her dark hair tumbled down all about her, causing all of the hair pins to come loose.. "Micca watch out!" Joseph exclaimed as he dodged the flying hair pins…:+)

"We have to go to town tomorrow!" " Why?" Joseph asked. "I need to get some material to make some new hair ribbons for Jenny!" "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, and I just remembered I need some new tools."

"Micca are you ready?" Joseph asked. "Yes, I just have to get my purse and hat. (She liked to wear a hat outside to protect her hair.) Carefully Micca tucked her hair up under the hat. Then she put their list of supplies, the green material and money in her purse and locked the front door. Joseph and Micca were finally on their way and in high spirits! A trip to town was always an event.

Bumpdiy, bump, bumpidy bump! The rode to town was not well paved… "Joseph please slow down! My hair is coming loose." He looked over at his bride… Sure enough, her hair really was tumbling down.. The pretty hat was tipped precariously on her head. One section of the long, dark hair was completely undone and hung loose past her waist; the rest of her hair was held partially in place by the stubborn hair pins.. Joseph grinned at the amusing scene … poor Micca:)

Joseph pulled the t-model over to the side of the road to assist his wife. Gently he began to remove the rest of the pins… He used his finger to help untangle the soft, glossy tresses.. Then he divided her hair into three sections and began to make a braid.

"Thank you Joseph... I didn’t know you could braid!?" Micca exclaimed. "Oh well, at least my hair won’t come undone. My hair just doesn’t like to stay up.." "Perhaps Rachel can recommend some new hair styles when she comes to visit?" he suggested. "Yes, that’s a good idea . Oh! We have to hurry, or we won’t get to town and back before dark." Joseph nodded his head and maneuvered the car back onto the road.

Finally the couple arrived in town! What a sight! Mr. Ghram’s shop was decorated from top to bottom – beautiful red bows and green wreaths hung in every place imaginable.. Inside there were new bolts of cloth, shiny new tools, candy and *beautiful* hair ribbons and combs too! "Joseph look, ooohhhhhhh these are so beautiful!" Micca exclaimed. The display was dazzling… Yards of beautiful ribbons and shiny combs sat perched in clear, glass cases… "So you like them? Mr. Ghram said. "I’m glad! We just received these items from Germany and England. The combs are carved by hand!" Micca glanced wistfully one last time at the combs before beginning her shopping…

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