...of plump braids and shimmering tresses...

Long Hair Stories
The Airweaver Stories

Some long hair lovers are probably familiar with the works of Airweaver, whose stories about long hair have floated around the Net in one form or another over the years. This archive contains the complete works of Airweaver, from The Island (1988) up to Nellie Carter (1999).

Adelina: A Cautionary Fairy Tale
All In The Family
American Gothic
Angie's Story
Child's Play
The Gift Of The Maggie
The Island
A Lesson In Tolerance
Lunch With Jenny
Modern Day Rapunzel
Nellie Carter
Peeping Tom
Rapunzel Redux
The Three Sisters
The Wainwright Saga, by Airweaver
Part 1: The Drawing Master
Part 2: The Mercia Rules
Part 3: The Wainwright Letters
Part 4: After Wainwright

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