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Gina and I just celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary, and I got to thinking back... I don't mean to brag or anything, but Gina as got to be among the world's loveliest woman, a statuesque, blue-eyed beauty over whom heads turn and looks are exchanged. We have been blessed to two lovely twin daughters, who are today just a bit over twelve. As you will hear, all three of these women in my life are remarkable in more ways than one.

I was attracted to Gina the day I first met her. Not only was she a ravishing beauty, but her warm, winning smile and exuberant personality won my heart at once. She is probably the most beautiful woman I have ever met with a flawless complexion, an exquisite figure, and soulful, deep-blue eyes.

However, the thing that physically most appealed to me about Gina was her hair: a silken mane of such sleek and creamy perfection that I thought at first it wasn't real. It was the color of ripe corn and hung in two lustrous curtains down either side of her face. I have always loved women with long, shimmering tresses, and while Gina's was not particularly long -- it reached just past her shoulders at the time -- it had the most beautiful texture I had ever seen. It was thick, yet extremely soft, brushing against her cheeks like silken wings whenever she bend forward. It bounced and jostled seductively when she walked and shone with a rich, warm glow whenever the light struck it.

After we'd fallen in love, one day I mentioned how much I loved her hair. Gina seemed rather pleased and said she too thought it was one of her better features, and in fact was thinking of letting it grow again. That's when I first discovered that it had once been much, much longer. As a little girl, she told me, she had worn her hair in two heavy pigtails that reached past her butt, but she had cut it in college to shoulder length and had allowed it to grow only slightly since. "In those days my hair was so long I could sit on it. Actually it grows very fast," she said, "and now that I know you like long hair, I don't see why you can't have it. How long do you want me to grow it?" Just what she had in mind, though, I don't think either of us realized at the time. One day, though, while we were out shopping she pointed out a girl who passed by with a thick, flowing mane of beautifully brushed hair that fell almost to her knees and said how nice she looked. I couldn't help but agree.

From that day to this, Gina has never put scissors to her head again except to trim the ends. This had now been for a period of over 15 years, and since her hair has grown at an exceptional rate (faster than even she realized), and because she has looked after its growth with almost devotional care, Gina's hair has today reached a length and lushness that is almost beyond belief. Our two lovely daughters have likewise been blessed with beautiful and unusually fast-growing hair. It has never been cut since the day of their birth, and today the three women in my life all have hair that is so remarkable in its length that it has become the talk of our community and attracted national attention. My wife has come to love her extraordinary tresses and has seen to it that our daughters take special pride in their own strikingly long hair.

Gina's hair is truly remarkable and the longer it gets, the more beautiful it seems to become. At the time of our marriage it was slightly over 18 inches long and, as it grew, progressively hiding her back and shoulders in heavy folds of liquid perfection, she began to wonder how long it might eventually become if she refrained from cutting it. She began measuring its length, calling me at work when she first found it had reached two feet. By now, it came nearly to her waist, and she was heartened by a hair dresser who was amazed by its symmetry. He couldn’t find a single split end in her hair, a sign of its great vigor.

By the time it reached her waist, Gina's hair had become a thing of extraordinary beauty, hanging like a thick silky tent that swayed from side to side under its own weight in a solid, shimmering mass. I loved to brush it for her and to run my fingers through its soft, luxurious lengths. She had me trim the ends every few weeks for her, but I was careful never to cut more than half an inch, since we both were hoping to increase its length as much as we could. I made her stand absolutely still so I wouldn't slip and would work the scissors slowly and carefully so that the ends would be absolutely straight and even. After it had been trimmed, the ends tended to turn outwards slightly, and they looked absolutely glorious when they caught the light. This shimmering column of hair was a magnificent sight since it was as heavy and full at the tip as it was on the crown of her head, terminating in this thick, razor-sharp line in which I took special pride. After only three years, just before the twins were born, Gina's beautiful golden hair was so long she could sit on it.

Although now remarkably long and lush by most standards, Gina's extraordinary hair showed no signs of stopping growing, but continued its steady growth of over six inches every year. In another few months it came to her hips, as thick and radiant as ever. This was the only time I think she ever seriously thought about cutting it. Now that she was able to sit on it, she kept forgetting her hair had grown so long and it would pull her neck whenever she sat on it and turn her head rapidly. She was extremely proud of her beautiful long hair, however, and kept putting off cutting it, and by the time her tresses had grown another couple of inches, she said it really wasn't so bad once you'd gotten used to it.

When the twins were born, Gina's hair cascaded in rich, shimmering torrents to her hips hiding her entire back to below the waist in this lush curtain of soft creamy silk. When she found the twins were both girls, I think she thought it might be nice to let them have long hair too. At any rate she decided never to cut it, but just see how it might grow on its own.

The twins grew quickly, and we were pleased to see that their hair grew quickly as well. As my wife became more and more interested in her own long hair, she also became increasingly interested in that of her children and was encouraged by the fact that their hair seemed to grow even faster than their mother's. Emily's was the color of bright gold, while Bridget took after her mother with slightly darker tresses the color of dark corn. Both crops were rich and silky and, in seemingly no time at all, both grew into long flowing manes, which by the time they were two, reached several inches below their waists.

By the time the girls celebrated their second birthday, Gina's stunning raiment of hair reached well past her knees. While I have always loved the sight of long hair, I never realized just how beautiful the sight could be, but the sight of this extraordinary mane was breathtaking. Simply to watch my Gina around the house with her rich skeins of lush hair swaying freely against her body in a heavy, silken mass, was a continual thrill.

I continued to trim the ends, since I too took pride in its now impressive length and would trust no one else to trim the ends evenly. In truth, I was afraid someone would cut too much. Before I picked up the scissors, Gina would wash her hair and, while it was still damp, brush it carefully straight back off her forehead. I would then brush it for her so it hung straight and smooth down her back. This damp cape of hair was now so long and heavy that it tended to sway under its own weight, so we devised a clamp into which we would carefully clamp the ends so they would remain still during our trimming sessions. In this way we were able to slice the ends absolutely straight.

Still, Gina's lustrous hair continued to grow, although I began to fear that she might be beginning to lose interest in caring for such a extravagant mane. I loved to watch her brush and wash it; seeing her move around the house with her stunning hair swaying to her walk and shimmering in the light was the sexiest turn-on I could possibly imagine. I would be watching her doing the simplest thing and suddenly this solid flood of hair would fall forward over her shoulders, spilling in a silken torrent across her knees, I would feel the urge to take her to bed - a desire to feel her warm breasts and to fondle the long strands of all this rich, velvety hair. However, it continued growth seemed only to kindle her interest further. She began to wonder how long it might possibly get given the special care and regular trimming it received. It took a long time to dry now that there was so much of it, but it needed washing much less often, and she was careful never to brush it until it was completely dry for fear of breaking off any ends. After she had washed it and it was just dry, her hair would billow and flow around her in a cloud, spreading a magnificent cloak of flowing tresses, hair that by now almost engulfed her in its profusion. When I brushed it for her, it would flow through my fingers like quicksilver, as light and soft as down.

For years Gina wore her hair simply parted on the side and bound with a plain, broad ribbon, which I found particularly fetching. She always wore her tresses loose and hanging free, and when she brushed them, they would glow like polished brass, and bounce and jostle against her body like heavy chain-mail. Every hair of that rich certain seemed to fall into place, shimmering and dancing in the light as if it was a polished sheet of pure silk. It flowed down her back in a thick mantle, the ends swaying against her legs as if they had a life of their own. She said she liked to feel it rubbing against her body, and I know she liked the admiring glances she received when she walked down the street with this two-yard mane of rich, extraordinary hair swinging and dancing against her jeans. She certainly got heads to turn and people would stop to stare at the sight of this heavy weight of magnificent hair falling in shimmering waves over her shapely thighs to almost midcalf. I was continually overhearing comments like "look at that woman over there, her hair is so long!" If people were impressed by that sight, they were even more awed when she would go shopping with the twins. It is quite a sight to see two little girls with rich, knee-length hair billowing and swaying down their backs clasping the hands of a beautiful woman with hair even longer.

By the time her hair reached ankle length, she had become almost obsessed it it, as had I, and as the children's own luxuriant tresses grew ever longer, Gina became even more interested it its care and continuing growth. Every time she washed her hair, she would get me to measure it to see if it had grown any since last time. She had me take a series of photos to mark the occasion when her hair first reached to her knees, and gave little Emily a special set of brushes the first time she was able to sit on her beautiful blond tresses. Bridget, however, proved to be the one whose hair grew fastest. By the time she was five she had hair that already reached to her knees, by which time poor Emily could only boast locks that extended to the middle of her thighs. Each of my three long-haired beauties began to form a contest out of the length of their hair and started washing it with special conditioners and bought special combs in the hope that these would help it grow even longer. They were careful in the way they braided it when they went to bed; they would even pull it in the hopes that that would form it longer still. Gina, however, always took care to brush the girl's extremely long hair very softly and carefully so as not to tear a single strand from their manes and made them wear their hair up so as to protect its great length.

None of these luxuriant manes showed any signs of ceased growth. In another few months Gina's hair had grown so long that it actually touched the floor. It now cascaded in a solid mantle down the entire length of her body surrounding her in thick rippling waves that covered her like a silken tent. When it had just been dried, it would bellow out and almost hide her in its heavy profusion.

It was at this time that she was finally forced to give up wearing it loose as she had always done. She first became aware of this the day the ends of her hair became caught in the straps of her shoes. Not only was it now so long that it touched the ground, but wearing it loose meant that now every time she sat down he had to carefully pull the entire mass over her shoulders where it would fall across her blouse, spilling in a flood over the chair and onto the floor. This meant that it got dirty faster (although she was a good house keeper) and needed to be washed more often, which was not only time-consuming, but (she maintained) was not good for her hair. Wearing such hair unbound was also none too safe, as she discovered the day her hair got caught in the car door (for this reason, she always made the girls wear their hair braided.) She also began to notice that her hair was as long as it was when she began to step on the ends and had to avoid stepping on it when it was down. This became an increasing problem as it became even longer, longer than her own height. She like people to notice her ultra-long hair when she went out (heads were turning now more than ever), but something clearly had to be done. She could either cut it (something she was by now loath to do since it had acquired a truly unique length) or wear it up.

She didn't want to wear it up and for the next several years did the next best thing: she braided her hair into a single long golden plait that hung down her back like a thick bell rope. In some ways this was the sexiest of all. This great mass of heavy hair, drawn back and plaited in that single heavy pigtail, would brush seductively against her legs, and people could only imagine how it might be when unbound. I would look at that plump braid and imagine us alone at night when she would slowly untie that that tightly-wound mass of hair and begin brushing out its velvety lengths, which would flow about her in silken profusion.

Still she did not cut her hair, and in time it grew to be several inches longer than her height; the tip of the tightly coiled confining braid began to be in danger of dragging along the ground. She began to brush her hair higher on her head so her braid would start at the top of her head rather than at the nape of her neck. Even so, the end of her thick plait would swish down her entire body and brush against her ankles, and by the time her hair measured six and a quarter feet, she finally was forced to wear it up all the time. She began to weave it into a series of stout braids and to coil the tresses around her head in graceful spirals. By now she was a professional at braiding hair and was able to develop of striking couffures

Her hair grew longer yet. In another year it was exactly two feet longer than her height: Gina is five feet, six inches tall, and yet her hair by now measured over seven and a half. During the next year it reached, first eight feet, then eight and a half. Cutting it for her now had became out of the question. It was so long that she had to stand on top of the library ladder so I could brush it for her and trim it-as I continued to do.

As for the girls, Gina was certainly not about to cut their hair, even though the extra time needed to wash and brush such tresses was plenty. Bridget has truly remarkable hair which just seemed to keep growing her entire childhood: past her hips by five, past her knees by seven, and flowing in a flood on down her legs. By the time she was nine she could take pride in possessing pigtails that were as long as she was. Of course, when her thick plaits were unbraided, her hair was even longer and in time actually spread itself in heavy skeins several inches across the floor. Emily's hair never grew as long, but in time she too had hair that extended all the way to the floor. It was much fairer hair than Bridget's and the texture of spun gold. While it never obtained the exceptional length she was hoping for its fine texture and golden hue were of exceptional beauty and when Emily's tresses were combed out they tumbled in a cascade, soft as a feather to her ankles like a brilliant cobweb and may have been the most glorious sight of all.

Shampooing night became quite a sight around our house as these three long-haired ladies washed their extravagant locks in the tub and then brushing and braiding this extremely long hair in the family room. They would take turns in the bath room filling the tub with their hair and then sitting by the fire working a brush through their gleaming floor-length manes. They would measure their hair both braided and unbound, and think up new couffures for one another. By the time the twins were ten years old, all three of my girls had hair over their height and Gina had truly marvelous tresses that measured over nine feet.

One day the three of them appeared on national television as the family with 'a hair-raising story.' All morning they brushed and combed their hair to a brilliant gloss and walked on stage with it coiled in thick braids on their heads. In turn, each slowly unwound her hair before the cameras and bright lights and the wonderfully plumb braids descended heavily down their backs to the floor. Gina then proceeded to unbraid each head of ultra-long hair until the three of them stood wading in a pool of her own rich carpet of thick, gleaming tresses. Their glossy manes shined and shimmered in the television lights in all their remarkable profusion. No one had ever seen hair so long or so beautiful. No one could believe that hair could ever get to be so long. Everyone wanted to know about it: how much time it took to brush such incredibly long hair, how they normally wore it, how they managed to keep it so rich and gleaming.

Today the twins are twelve and both have the most incredible heads of hair you will ever see. Their heavy plaits all reach to the floor even when tightly braided and Bridget's glossy pigtails now actually drag along the ground like a pair of shimmering water snakes when she unties the ribbons that hold them safely in place on her head. Of course, when she unbraids it, it trails along the ground in a shining wake several inches long like a bridal train. My long-haired wife, however, puts them to shame with tresses that continue to grow. They now measure a bit more than nine feet (113 inches to be exact - we measured it again just this morning). When unbound, it flows behind her for almost a yard. It is a glorious sight to see her walk through the room dragging that heavy curtain of silken treasure behind her. Even more remarkable is seeing the three of them with their free-flowing carpets of unbound hair, a sight I can never get enough of.

No one has yet shown any sign of wanting to cut her remarkably long hair, and they all still seem intent on wanting to know how long they will be able to keep growing it. However, such exceptionally long hair does present problems. None of them can ever wear her hair down except at times around the house and even then they must be careful not to step on it. Even when it's been carefully braided, it must either be pinned over their heads or else looped in braids across their backs. There is the continual fear that the strands might tangle or become caught on something. The twins would like to go swimming occasionally, but the water forms their hair so heavy it becomes uncomfortable. Such ultra-long hair takes a lot of time to care for. It takes forever to dry and then to brush out. The girls must get up an hour early to fix their hair in time for school. It has reached such a length that they can't take proper care of it alone, but need someone else to brush and braid it. I have to trim the ends from time to time while they stand on a chair to keep their tresses off the floor.

The girls are very proud of their extravagant manes, but I know there is talk at school about them being obsessed with this extraordinarily long hair. People are continually asking them about it, wanting to know how long it is, or even if those thick braids wound around their heads are real. They keep wanting them to let it down to see what such long hair really looks like. One day I know the girls will get tired of all the fuss and cut off literally entire yards of their incredible manes that have been tended for years with loving care.

However, I don't know about Gina. She now loves her uniquely long hair, and so do I. It is now over ten feet long, and we are both waiting to see if it will reach the world record. I love to feel those soft, smooth braids when we're alone in bed at night and love to run my fingers along their silky lengths. My wife loves to unbraid that billowing mass for my enjoyment and to surprise me by walking through the room with it flowing and billowing around her in a thick silken cloud. Just yesterday she discovered some new shampoo that is advertised as being "tangle" proof. Who would have thought when this woman decided to let her hair grow again for my sake what it would lead to. Here is a beautiful woman with hair over ten feet long who still hopes it will grow even longer! This woman now has two lovely daughters each with hair of truly exceptional length and vigor. These are, indeed, my long-haired lovelies!

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