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Welcome to Long Hair Stories, a site dedicated to all that is glorious about the long-haired women who make our lives worth living. No perms, no layering, no freakin' pixie bangs - just long flowing, swinging, undulating tresses is what we're talking about here. Alright, alright, ladies... we'll allow long bangs in some cases, around eyebrow-level like women wore in the seventies - long, heavy bangs look pretty swell, actually. Heck, grow them out another inch or two and I'll be your love slave, baby. Sorry, did I just say that out loud? (By the way, to the girls wearing pixie bangs: what are you people thinking, anyway? Yeesh!)

To some of you who have been wondering why the site hasn't been updated recently, yeah, I know it's been a while - I used to update this site two or three times a month, so leaving the site alone for over six weeks looks a bit worrisome, I know. Truth is, I've had other stuff to attend to, and I've only received a few stories of late. Actually, I received a few very long stories from one Flip-OverFan which have taken me quite a bit of time to edit (no offense to the writer intended here), and they will be going up as time permits. On the other hand, The Potion, Part One, was added at the last minute, and I haven't seen any second part so far. Rest assured, I'm not trying to string anyone along with these 'part one's and 'to be continued's. In any case, there's a pretty healthy archive here now, so I figure it won't be too much of a crime if I'm not updating the site every time I boot up my computer.

The biggest change to the site is the new "Shampoo Suds" section, which will archive stories dedicated to washing and pampering women's hair. I figured it was appropriate as most of the stories I've received lately have featured shampooing. I was a little apprehensive about adding a section like this, as it does feel a tad fetishistic, but there's plenty of out-there material on this site already, so what the heck? Some men like to cook for their woman, some men like to wash their hair. As the saying goes, it's all good!

Another addition is the "Stories By Author" section, which is an idea I borrowed (all right, stole) from another site. This should make it easier for readers to find stories by particular authors - these stories are not always grouped in the same section, with the obvious exception of the Airweaver's stories. As the number of stories increase here I'll be dividing the stories into more sections so that it'll be easier for readers to find what they want, so having all of the stories listed by author should come in handy for some readers.

One last note here: all authors whose stories are printed here have the option of having their e-mail address included as a hyperlink at the head of their story's page. If you want to exercise the option, just drop me a line.

Finally, in case anyone's wondering about last month's editorial... no, the Oprah show didn't call me back. Of course they didn't. Oh well, at least I said my piece.

If you have a story about women's long hair - growing it, brushing it, washing it, or just plain LOVIN' it -
send it on down this-a-ways via longhairstories at tlhp.de (Please use the regular @ instead of "at")


Keep it growing and flowing...

March 22nd, 2000

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