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Greetings, and welcome to Long Hair Stories. If you're new to this site and wondering what the deal is, this is a site which collects stories about long hair and long-haired women. Why? Because long hair and long-haired women are damn cool, that's why. Is there really anyone out there who needs this explained? LONG HAIR ROCKS!!!

Anyway, the most recent update of this site includes three new stories, an updated comments page, and of course, a whole new spiel from yours truly. Also, as per one reader's suggestion, I've added a History section with a list of each update of this site. Readers who want to find out what's new but don't want to suffer through my meandering editorials (and there are times where I really can't blame you - Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit and I damn near manage to prove him right every day of my bleedin' life) can instead turn to the History section - it's now in the contents listing on the left-hand side of the page.

* * *

Recently I got a e-mail from a reader in Germany asking about stories in languages other than english. He wanted to contribute, but his english was passable at best. Unfortunately, I can only accept stories in english, as that's the only language I'm fluent in (I can barely speak french, but that doesn't mean I can edit a story for grammar.) This is, of course, a limitation of a site like this - picture sites don't need much in the way of translation. If anyone knows of good foreign-language archives of stories about long hair, I'd appreciate knowing about them - I'll be happy to include links to these sites.

* * *

Even in english, there's not much out there in the way of long hair story archives - thus the need for a site like this. There is a developing archive of long hair stories in the House Of Dave Library section. Last time I checked, there were seven or eight stories there, considerably less than in House Of Dave's Haircutting or Wet'n'Messy sections (Wet'n'Messy? To each his own, I guess), but it's a good start. Dave's site collects a lot of X-rated material, and likewise some of the stories in the Long Hair section there are more blue that what you'll find here. As I've mentioned before, I've been directing authors with material I consider too extreme for this site to House Of Dave, so that's the site to check out if it's the harder stuff you're looking for. But hold on, there's some spicy goodies here too - check out the Boy Meets Girl and Dreams And Fantasies sections and have a gander.

In case it comes up, one of my own stories now appears in the House Of Dave Long Hair archive. This story was originally used without my permission (I submitted a different story directly to House Of Dave for inclusion - so far it hasn't been used), but I discussed the issue with Dave and I decided to leave the story on Dave's site as it is. I'm not against people copying my stories, but I would like to know where they're going and how they're being used. Obviously there's not much I can do to control this, seeing as how the Internet doesn't allow for much in the way of copyright control, but I would appreciate it if people would be courteous enough to request permission to use my material rather than just copying it. As for the other authors on this site, I can only assume that they would prefer that their stories remain her on this site unduplicated, unless they themselves state otherwise. Some of them have included their e-mail addresses in their stories. Dro p them a line.

Some folks out there might consider it hypocritical of me to insist on copyright control for material on this site when there are photos here that obviously were obtained from elsewhere. In my defense, I would like to point out that not a single story on this site was reproduced with the author's permission. Furthermore, I would argue that most photos on the net are often copied and reproduced several times over, and they often are duplicates scanned from magazines or sampled from television broadcasts, so it's harder to make a case that someone possessing a JPEG file has an exclusive right to that photo - with so many copies floating around, who can say where the original came from? I have been contacted in one instance from the original owner of one of the photos on this site, but issue of ownership wasn't even metioned - the attitude of the owner was that the passing around and re-usage of the photo was just the nature of the internet, and not a major issue. My self, I admit that I kind of like the idea of one or more of my own stories living on over the years in cyberspace, but then again I am a tad protective of my own work. Any writer would be.

* * *

So that's all I have to say for now. Ladies please keep growing that beautiful hair. All you women who grow your hair long make the world a nicer place - seriously! All the time and care you put into nurturing your flowing locks is greatly, greatly appreciated by us all. Long hair rules.

Finally, as I always mention, if anyone out there has a new long hair story to share, by all means do so -
stories can be sent in via longhairstories at tlhp.de (please use the regular @ instead of "at")


Keep it growing and flowing...

January 22nd, 2000

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