c2000 Tom Dooley

Five years ago I had just graduated from university, and I could title myself a 'computer-engineer.' I was very eager to start working right away so I spent all of my time searcing for a job that I would find stimulating. My efforts payed off - in three weeks I had found a relatively well-paying job in a small town out in the country. I also found a small apartment to stay and so I was ready to begin my new life.

One evening the phone rang. I answered and talked to a lady who explained that she was looking for someone to help her getting on with her new computer. Her name was Serena and she had a funny accent, revealing that she was probably not from this country. She explained that she needed a computer for her part time studies, but that she found it difficult to handle on her own. It was a mutual friend who had told her that I could probably give her private lessons. I agreed to see her one evening in the following week.

Judging from her voice I imagined that she would be an asian lady, maybe 40 years old. As I had promised I went to see her the following week. I found my way to her small house and rang the bell. Serena opened the door. She was, as I had guessed, an asian woman. She was about 30 years old, small and slim, and had nice black hair past her shoulders, almost to mid back. I introduced myself and she showed me in.

The small room where she had her computer was loaded with books, papers and all sorts of stuff, making it very hard to be more than two people at the same time in the room. We had to sit very close together on a small bench in front of her computer. She explained to me that she had found it difficult to understand the manual without knowing the language that well.

I started showing her all the basic things you need to know about a computer. I wasn't sure she understood everything but I was in no hurry to leave. Serena was fun to work with. She laughed a lot, yet seemed at the same time to be a little shy about expressing her feelings. As she laughed she would tilt her head, hide her face in her hands and letting her shiny hair fall over her face. I found the way her hair slid down her shoulders and arms arousing. I could hear the sound of it. Her hair seemed so soft and silky.

The following six months, we met occasionally and I helped Serena with understanding her new computer. I noticed that her hair seemed to grow very fast. It probably seemed that way because she wasn't that tall. I secretly hoped that she wouldn't cut it. Furthermore, I found myself really looking forward to see her, and to see how long her hair had grown.

By now her hair had grown to mid-back. As she sat beside me she frequently did her usual head-tilting number, letting her hair fall over her face and giggling. As she bowed her head her hair slid forward and covered her face. By an impulse I suddenly reached out and touched her raven black hair. It was as soft as I had thought.

"You have very nice hair, I really like the colour," I said, trying not to reveal how much I was attracted to it.

"Thank you," she said, giving me a shy smile. "But I would prefer to have your colour of hair."

"Well, blonde is also nice," I continued, "but your hair is so shiny and beautiful."

"Thank you," she said giggling. "I like having long hair."

I agreed. "It suits you very well."

The next time we met I saw that she had cut her hair about five inches. Maybe her hair was in need of a trim but I really thought five inches was far too much. I tried not to let my disappoinment show, and we didn't talk about it until it was time for me to leave.

"Did you cut your hair?" I asked, trying not to sound disappointed.

"Yes, a little," she answered, "but I don't want to cut too much."

Finally I had to let her know what I thought. "If you want to change, why don't you let it grow instead, it would look so beautiful on you."

She smiled at me. "Maybe you're right, I've been thinking about that but I'm not sure." I crossed my fingers.

Over the next six months we met only a couple of times, but her hair had grown out a little every time we met. Finally, on one of my visits, she asked me about the internet, and so I tried to give her a brief introduction to how it works, and then she tried it out. Since the last time we met her hair had grown almost to her waist. She was absolutely gorgeous. I was getting aroused again, having that wonderful woman next to me, swinging her hair around as she would laugh and talk to me.

"I really love your hair," I said as I reached out and touched it gently. Serena didn't seem to mind, so I continued. I lifted up her hair and watch it fall down on her back again. It made me all warm inside. "It seems to grow very fast," I said, continuing to play with her hair.

"Yes it does," she said. "It has grown from my shoulders to my waist in less than two years."

Now was the time to say what had been on my mind for months. "Would you like to see something special?" I asked her.

"Of course," she said. "What is it?"

"It's a site where they have lots of long hair pictures. I think it's just what you'd like."

She gave me a shy smile. "Okay."

I showed her my favourite long hair site with lots of pictures of long haired beauties. Serena was amazed at the length of the ladies' hair. "They're beautiful," she exclaimed. "I never knew long hair could be that beautiful."

"Yes, I think so too, and I always have," I confessed. She looked at me and gave me a shy smile.

After seeing her that time my work took me abroad for almost a year, so I didn't see Serena in all that time, though I sent her a postcard and an occasional e-mail. Before we parted we I gave her some good exercises to work with, and we agreed that I would call her when I came home. During my time abroad I had been thinking about Serena a lot. I wondered if she had let her hair grow. I really hoped she had.

As I came home I gave her a call and we agreed to meet the nexy day. I went to her place and Serena opened the door. She gave me a smile and invited me in for coffee. I noticed that she had her hair pinned on top of her head, so I couldn't see how long it was. I told her about what I had been doing abroad and she told me about her studies, and about her computer. Serena told me things were getting better for her now and that she would probably not need my help again. She had completed her education only two weeks ago. I congratulated her on graduating, but I was sorry at the same time. Maybe we wouldn't meet that often from now on. My dissapointment must have shown, because she laughed and tilted her head forward the way she used to. As she did a strand of hair came loose and fell down over her face.

"Oh," she exclaimed, "I can never make my hair stay up when I want it to. It's getting so long that I have to wear it up most of the time." By this time I was boiling inside.

"How long is it now?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"Would you like to see?"

"Yes...very much," I said.

She turned her back to me and said, "Would you please undo it then?"

I was stunned. After what seemed to be an hour I stood up to get a good look at the bun of hair on top of her head. Her hair seemed to be gathered in a loose bun with only a single pin holding it up. I carefully removed the pin. Her shiny black hair slowly unraveled and fell down her neck, to mid back, to her waist and finally ending just below her butt. I gasped. It was gorgeous, though the ends seemed a bit uneven.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Yes, it's wonderful," I said. "It's so soft and shiny. How long do you plan to grow it?"

"I'm not sure yet," she said, "probably not much longer. It's getting hard to handle by myself, and the ends are in need of a trim again." I was thinking of her last 'trim' when she had cut almost five inches. I hoped she wouldn't cut that much again.

"Who trims your hair?" I asked.

"A friend did it the last time," she answered, "but I don't cut it very often."

"I could trim it for you if you like," I said, bravely hoping she would agree. If she would let me do it I would make sure that it was only a trim and not another five inches.

"Would you?"

"Yes, sure, it would be a pleasure."

She fetched a pair of scissors and then sat down in front of me on a chair. I could see her entire mass of black hair falling all the way down to her butt. I brushed her soft hair with long gentle strokes for five minutes until her hair was absolutely shining. Serina was closing her eyes and breathing slowly. "That feels so good," she said in a whisper. "Your hands are so gentle."

I continued to brush her hair a little longer, then I took the pair of scissors. I started to trim the split ends of her lovely hair, while Serena was sitting very still, her eyes still closed. I cut less than an inch but afterwards it did make her hair look more even. "There," I said "I'm all done now."

Serena took a section of her hair and looked at it. "It looks much healthier now. Thank you!" she said, smiling at me.

"My pleasure," I said, trying not to show how much I would like to continue playing with her hair. She must have read my thoughts.

"It felt so good when you brushed my hair," Serina continued. "Would you like to do it again?"

I hesitated just a little. "Yes, if you like," I said picking up her brush again. She seemed to enjoy every stroke immensely. Her hair was now so shiny that I could almost see my own reflection in it. I put the brush down and began to fondle her hair. It was so soft.

"I'd really like to have hair past my knees," she said. "It would make me feel special. Would you like that?"

I swallowed. "Yes, that would make you gorgeous - " I hesitated... "and sexy."

She turned around to look at me then. Her shyness seemed to be gone. She reached out and touched my hard-on that was clearly visible through my pants. "I missed you while you were away," she said in a whisper. "Would you like to make love to me?"

Well, friends, that's the end of my story. Me and Serena are now living together. Every day I take care of her hair for her, I brush it and play with it, and it has now grown almost to her knees. Serena wants to grow it even longer, and I will do anything to aid her in her wish. It is truly a luxury to live with such a lovely woman...

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