A Beautiful Transformation

Penned passionately, if not fluently by Rob Dehlinger (Rob The Mane Man)

One day, a pretty tomboyish woman in her mid 30ís was walking upstairs when suddenly she began to cry. She did not know the cause of her tears, but freely they flowed, staining her young, pretty face.

"What could be the matter?" she said to herself, "Am Ill?" "Am I depressed?" she ran to her mirror. She looked at herself to see if she could find some physical cause,
She found none, but still the tears flowed. She was dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans, her chestnut hair short, in a "stylish" cut. She had had long hair once, but cut it many years before when told, "It does not project a Ďprofessionalí image" The day was overcast, so she said to herself with firmness, "Ah, THAT is the problem!" "The lack of sunlight outside has given me a case of the blues!" She then turned to walk away.

Upon turning away, she confronted an image, which stood before her; it was the image of a beautiful woman. She was lovely to behold, a picture of confident femininity,
but she had a face that was strangely familiar. The image was dressed in a dress of blue silk, elegant and long, the folds of the skirt were full and long and fell to the floor.
The imagesí hair was long and abundant and, strangely enough, was of the same chestnut color as the girlís, except the imagesí hair cascaded to the floor.

"You again!" the girl cried, (For she had seen her before, many times) "I have seen you in my dreams, night after night." "I have caught glimpses of you during day," "WHO ARE YOU?" the girl screamed, "Why are you here?" The girlís tears began flowing again.

"I am you," the image said softly, with a voice like gentle rain,
"As you have secretly wished to be." "Yes, as you have always wanted to be, but have suppressed, under the pressure of conforming to what others wished." "I have followed you since you were very young, growing with you and seeking to encourage you."
"To encourage you to become the image that you see before you, rather than the image that you are now."

"I am so sorry for the pain I may have caused you," said the girl, consumed with sadness.
"I knew I was living a lie, suppressing what was inside, but I was convinced that this was the way to survive." "What must I do to give you life?" asked the girl softly, "What must I do to become a vision of loveliness?" "A vision of loveliness like that which I see in you, and want so to become, especially now?"

"You have always been so in your soul," said the image, "You just have to open up."
"Open up and let the true you come to the surface," "Come back to the mirror," said the image. "Come back to the mirror and gaze in wonder at yourself,
and watch God perform a miracle." "Watch him perform a miracle and transform you,
transform you into a vision of beauty."

The girl took the imageís hand, and walked back to the mirror, she was fearful of what she might or might not see. She continued to walk toward the mirror, drawn to it by a force, a force that she would not, or could not, ignore.

"Alas!" cried the girl, as she beheld herself unchanged in the mirror. "There is no dress, no long, flowing chestnut hair!" She turned to confront the image, angry at what she perceived as a deception, but the image had gone.

Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation of warmth, welling up within her breast. It was a wonderful, indescribable feeling. It was a feeling that caused her an inexpressible joy, for she knew that she was changing. As she continued to gaze into the mirror, the wonderful change began to occur, she gazed in wonder and disbelief as she saw what was occurring.
As she stood transfixed, she began to become transformed into the image that,
moments before, had stood before her.

The outfit she was wearing, her flannel shirt and jeans, magically faded away, they faded away and were replaced by a beautiful blue silk dress. A blue silk dress with a skirt that touched the floor in lovely folds of softness, She felt it against her skin, she felt different, she felt ultra feminine. Her face assumed an almost angelic glow, here eyes shown brightly, with a light like that of the stars in the heavens.
Her smile, which was always lovely, became (If it were possible) even more so, a smile light sunlight, a smile which would make all the hurt go away.

"Oh such joy!" she cried, her tears began to freely flow once more, but his time they were tears of joy, rather than sadness. She was being miraculously, wonderfully transformed into a lady, the lady that she knew in her heart that she always longed to be.

As she continued to gaze at her miraculous transformation, her hair magically, grew.
She felt it on her shoulders, soft and warm. She felt it touch her waist, a feeling that she remembered and was glad to feel again. She felt touch the them of her skirt. When she looked again, she could hardly believe what she saw, her hair, which only moments before barely touched her ears, had been transformed into a Niagara of lovely chestnut tresses, a Niagara, tumbling to the floor in waves of almost incredible beauty.

The transformation complete, she danced and sang with unbridled happiness, her skirt and long hair wrapping around her body. Her long hair and skirt wrapping itself around her body, making her feel lovelier than she looked.

"Is this really me?" she sang, she pinched herself, half-fearing it was a dream. She winced at the pain of pinching herself. But then she laughed and sang with even greater joy, realizing it was NOT a dream, but had really happened!

She prayed to God and thanked him, believing that only he could have caused all the things that had happened to her that day. "It must have been him," she said, "As far as I am concerned, only God could have worked such a miracle on me!"

She sat on the edge of her bed and brushed her lovely hair, just for the joy of doing it,
and the pleasure she felt at now having it. She braided it, then she unbraided it, she put it in a ponytail, she separated it into to parts and put it into two lovely and long pigtails.
She sang as she enjoyed caressing each lovely strand, still finding it hard to believe that she had all this hair to enjoy. She spent hours seeing all that she could do with it, laughing like a young schoolgirl. Then she fell fast asleep, exhausted from all the activity.

When she awoke, it was a lovely, sunny morning, she felt so refreshed and so pretty.
Before arising from the bed, she touched her hair, as if to make sure it was still there.
When she stood up, all of her lovely hair cascaded down on her feet, still a floor-length Niagara of indescribable beauty.

"Hey!" she said, "I have to get ready to go to work!" She laughed out loud, anticipating the reception she would receive at work when they saw her "new look." "Nobody better ask me if I am going to cut it," she said, "I would almost feel insulted except that I feel so incredibly happy!"

After putting her hair up to do her morning "duties" she went into the shower.
Showering took just a bit longer now! After brushing her teeth (How mundane!) and putting on her make up, she dressed in her best business suit, this time with a skirt!
Although she might have wished to wear her hair down, she knew THAT was not practical and reluctantly put it into a long ponytail. Even with the doubling up of her hair, it STILL reached her thighs! She headed for the train that would take her to her job.

Although she had taken the same train for years and knew all the regulars, none of recognized her at all. She walked by them, smiling sweetly and saying hello but no one knew who she was. All of them said, "You have such lovely hair and such a pretty face!"

When she got to her office, before she walked in, she DID let her hair down, in order to enjoy the reaction from her co-workers to the fullest extent. The receptionist of course, did not recognize her. The receptionist looked at her, noticing her long hair and said, "My such an attractive lady, and what incredibly lovely hair you have." The she asked, "Are you here for a job interview, or do you have an appointment to see some one?"

She laughed out loud and said, "Sally! Donít you recognize me? Itís Leslie!" The receptionist about fell out of her chair. "Hey everyone!" said Leslie, (Now you know her name!) "What do you think of my Ďmakeover?" "What do you think of the wonderful miracle that God has done for me?"

Everyone crowded around her, amazed at what they saw before standing before them. "How did this happen?" they asked, "We have seen lots of makeovers, but usually the hair gets shorter!" "This is amazing!"

"Well, what do you think?" said Leslie, almost falling over herself with happiness. "Isnít it absolutely wonderful what has happened to me?"

Everyone agreed that it was. Not a soul within the confines of that office would have cut one millimeter off of Leslieís lovely long hair, or changed her back into the Leslie she had been when she had left the office that preceding night. No one wanted Leslie the tomboy back, least of all of course, Leslie herself.

She never saw the image again, for she and that image had become one. May God perform miracles like this a hundred times a day on women everywhere! Maybe even on a few men! (Minus the dress and make up, of course) Yes, even on a few men so that they can learn to be manly, but also allow themselves to be "pretty."


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