The Regular- Part 9
By Tairish

Kim left the salon glowing, her hair now arranged in the larger, swirl of a bun she first caught glimpse of so many months ago. While it was clearly Ďbiggerí than her usual work styles, Kim didnít think it any less appropriate or professional. But how would her boss, co-workers, and clients feel about it?

That fear was instantly vanquished as she was constantly praised by all she came across for this striking new style. Even Dawn openly complimented it over lunch (the two were becoming good friends), and it seemed to bolster her desires to grow her own hair out. Clients too were very complimentary, be they male or female. Kim noted that she was being treated similar to her friends whenever they did something risky with their hair, such as cutting it substantially to achieve a new look that actually turned out to be a real improvement. Only in her case it didnít involve any drastic cutting at all. It just involved asking Gail to do something a bit different.

One thing that did concern her a bit was how this clearly more voluminous style would hold up to a week of wear. It turned out to be an unnecessary concern, as it held up through the week beautifully, even through some very aggressive love-making sessions with Michael. It also came down just as easily as the other styles, though Michael seemed to enjoy this new de-construction challenge a bit more than the others. Since the style was such a hit with everyone, she adopted it as her fourth Ďregularí look for work, and now basically had a different look for each week of the month.

The summer raced by into fall, and once more the couple started planning for Halloween. Some mutual friends were throwing a ĎRedneckí party at their house, and Kim promptly made an appointment that afternoon with Gail. She wasnít sure what she wanted done with her hair, but figured sheíd have it put up in some type of big, garish bouffant suitable for Dolly Parton or such. Gail smiled at the thought and said she wouldnít disappoint her.

But come party day Gail did disappoint her, as she came down fairly ill and had to spend the day in bed, canceling all her appointments. A concerned Kim called her at home, relieved that it was nothing serious, just requiring a couple of days off. After hanging up she started pondering her predicament. The party was in a matter of hours and she had no idea what to do with her hair now. It was too late to get anyone else to do something with it even if she wanted to. Michael came over trying to help or at least comfort her. This was such an anticipated holiday for her that she was very disappointed about not having a great costume. He sat next to her on the sofa, lovingly stroking her silky smooth mane.

"So what were you going to do with your hair?" he asked. (Kim had been keeping her final look a secret for the fun surprise factor.)

"I was going to end up with big Dolly Parton hair," she grinned.

"Wow, you could really do something like that?!"

"Iím starting to think that Gail could do just about anything." Kim got up and went to the kitchen. She opened up the refrigerator and took out a can of Diet Pepsi.

Michael smiled a bit at the thought. He would have liked to have seen that. "I guess thereís no chance that you could do your hair yourself some way similar," he suggested.

She laughed at the very notion. "Not a chance. You know what a klutz I am with my hair. It would turn out looking hideous." She poured the product into a glass, and threw the can into her recycle container. It was nearly full of empty cans. Suddenly she stopped still in her tracks, staring at the container. The she started touching her hair and giggling.

"What so funny?"

"I know what to do for this evening, but Iím going to need your help." She started taking out the cans and placing them in the sink.

"What are you doing?"
"I need to clean these things off. Why donít you run home and get all your costume stuff. This might take a little time."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well, since youíre so good at taking my hair down, this time you get to put it up."

"What?! I canít do that. It will look terrible."

"Thatís what Iím betting on."

He looked at her, completely puzzled. She motioned for him to run home as she started pouring water in the sink.

An hour later the two were in her bathroom with a stack of freshly cleaned Diet Pepsi cans on the counter. She had explained her plan to Michael, which was actually quite simple in principle. She was just going to let him roll her hair up in Ďcurlersí, only in this case use the soda cans as curlers for a true Ďredneckí flavor. They certainly had plenty of hairpins from years of her updos, so that wasnít an issue. Michael admitted he had no idea how to do this and it would probably end up looking very bad, but that was what Kim wanted. Topping off the look with a real tacky bathrobe and a thick layer of cold cream on her face and she would hardly come across as the very Ďelegant and refinedí person she was now known as. It would be great!

While Michael feared what he was about to do, he was also secretly enjoying it. He loved taking down her hair, brushing it, washing it, and now being asked do something further with it was a great joy to him. Not that he wanted to become a professional hairdresser or anything, but he enjoyed the notion of being her hairdresser, if just for an afternoon.

It took quite some time, but soon her entire head of hair was rolled up into the giant cans and pinned in place. A few stray hairs were hanging down that really added to the whole look. Michael actually was quite proud of himself, as the last Ďcurlersí went in almost looking like he knew what he was doing, and Kim was a bit amazed at how comfortable this Ďfinishedí look was.

She eventually got into her costume and did her face. She looked perfectly dreadful and loved it, laughing out loud. Of course Michael was laughing with her.

"Perfect! You look like absolute Ďtrailer park trashí." (It was, after all, the look she was going for.)

She studied her look in the mirror, and bit her lip wondering if she should take a chance and push things further. She looked at the clock on her dresser and saw they still had plenty of time.

"Almost perfect," she said, "but I know how to make it perfect. Come on. Weíre not done yet Mr. Hairdresser." She guided him by the hand back into the bathroom.

"Are you sure about this?" he said. "I mean you havenít ever done this before have you?" As instructed Michael finished taking the majority of the rollers out from the back, leaving the top, sides, and crown still rolled in the huge cans.

"No, but Iíve watched it every week forever now. I think I can do it." Michael watched with interest as Kim nervously picked up a comb, reached behind her head and started teasing a section of hair. She was very slow, and had trouble maneuvering around the cans to get to the roots. She had better luck on the lower sections, and soon had it in a messy, tangled mass. While it didnít look like Gailís thorough job, it had a great disheveled quality to it fitting her desired goal. Michael watched it all with interest, trying to hide the fact he found the process extremely arousing. He was also having to hide from himself his desire to help her in this endeavor. Even though he quite enjoyed taking down her hair from itís weekly Ďdo, he never really considered that it would be fun putting it up, or in this case back-combing it. But he found the rhythmic stroking of the teasing comb very sexual, and the transformation from straight and silky to the chaotic ratted mass was fascinating. He wondered what it would be like if he was the one at the controls.

Eventually Kim put down the teasing comb and studied her image. It looked quite different now and definitely Ďtackyí, which of course was the look she was after. She had to admit this risk really added to her overall look. However she seemed frustrated with it when studying it from the sides and back.

"Whatís wrong? I think it looks perfect."

"Thanks, but it doesnít look full enough at the roots in the back. It needs to stand out a bit more." She tried to do it, but not being able to see what she was doing mixed with huge cola cans worked against her too well. Even when she had Michael hold up a mirror she found herself failing. She was clearly flustered.

"I think thatís the best youíre going to do," Michael said delicately, trying to keep Kim from getting any more frustrated.

"I think youíre right, but Iím not happy with it. You do it."

"You want me to roll it back up in the curlers?"

"No, silly. You try teasing it."

"Youíve got to be kidding?"

She gave him a look that showed him she was entirely serious, despite looking quite comical in the cold cream, outfit and outrageous hair.

"I donít know what to do."

"You were watching me, werenít you. Just do it like I was, only try to get more at the roots so it stands away from my head a bit."

"Well, OK, if you say so." He reluctantly took the comb in hand as he felt his heart pounding hard. He would get his secret wish after all.

At first he was far to gentle, and his hands were clearly shaking, but eventually he started to get the hang of it. He was constantly worried that he was tugging or hurting Kim, but she confided that he wasnít. (In fact, she noted his touch was every bit as delicate as Gailís. That left her more than a little surprised.)

He worked very slowly and constantly showed her what he had done, only to be asked to do more. Eventually it was packed in as she hoped, and even made the lower portion of hair seem unteased in comparison. She took the comb from him and started working on it to make it all match, and noted than she was actually enjoying this whole procedure. She guessed it was the side of her that enjoyed doing Ďbadí things coming out, though she was no longer convinced that teasing her hair was Ďbadí anymore. It certainly hadnít hurt her hair despite the weekly ritual over the past several years. Itís constantly growing length bore witness to that fact. As a result she continued the process much longer than necessary, leaving her hair a sizeable snarled mess.

Satisfied, she picked up her hairspray container, had Michael back up, and unloaded on her hair. She wanted to make sure the rollers stayed in throughout the party, and also felt the tacky feel would be appropriate for the teased length hanging far down her back. She also discovered she could make the teased section even more garbled by lifting it a bit as she sprayed it, but again found herself struggling to see what she was doing. She again turned control over to Michael, who willing gave it his best attempt. He discovered wielding the canister of spray was also quite fun, and soon had her mane looking even more of a voluminous disarray. It was also feeling quite stiff again, which by now was a sensation he was not only used to but even turned on by.

Now Kim was truly satisfied with what they had created, thinking that this Halloween costume was every bit as grand as any of her past favorites. She might be even more proud of this as it hadnít been achieved through great expense but rather through creativity.

The party was an absolute hoot as all had a great time and there truly were some outstanding costumes. Kim noted the men seemed to get into the occasion more than the women, as they went to some extreme measures (including awful haircuts and going for some time without shaving). The women all came across like little Daisy Mays, more concerned with looking good as a priority. None of them took the radical approach that Kim had taken. None even sported Ďbigí hair that one would associate with this party.

So it was no surprise that Kimís teased, sprayed mess of hair was quite the talk of the female crowd. When people stated they thought she was crazy to do something like that to her wonderful mane, they wee informed that her weekly updos required her hair to be Ďbackcombedí first.

Jennifer, the hostess, seemed most fascinated. Her own red hair, which fell several inches below her shoulders in a longish page-boy, had been curled a bit for the evening so she looked quite a bit different. She had even resisted trimming her bangs for the last month or so to produce fuller ones for this party (though she admitted she had an appointment the next morning to trim them back to a more manageable length that she was definitely looking forward to.) She privately shared that her goal was to achieve a ĎPeg Bundyí look, though it really didnít look anything like the television momís giant bouffant.

Kim pulled her aside to chat. "If you just teased it you would be a dead ringer."

Jennifer touched her hair reluctantly. "I know, but I donít know how."

"Do you want me to do it for you?" Kim couldnít believe she was saying this. Who was she to think she was an expert?

"IÖ. donít know. Would you? Could you?" Jennifer was clearly hedging.

"Do you have a comb and some hairspray in your dressing room?"
"Well, yeah."

"Then come here." Suddenly Kim was a woman on a mission, and Jennifer found herself dragged to her bedroom and the door locked. Soon she was seated facing the mirror as Kim found the tools she would need to transform the hostessís hair.

"Iím not so sure about this," she nervously stated as Kim started in.

"Relax, this is no big deal." Kim said it with absolute confidence, because she did in fact believe it.

Try as she may Jennifer couldnít relax, especially when it became apparent the Kim was going to tease all of her hair, and not just a spot here or there. " Wonít this destroy my hair?"

"Not at all. Iíll show you how to untangle it." (She recalled Gail so many years ago explaining this same ritual to her. She couldnít believe how naïve she was about her hair back then.)

And so Jennifer sat as her hair was turned into a massive wad of knots. Kim was enjoying this far more than she anticipated, though noted it had been even more fun doing her own hair since there was so much more of it. Years of watching the ladies of the Bella Donna work made her feel quite certain of what she was doing, and 15 minutes later she applied a thick layer of spray (it wasnít the strong hold spray she was accustomed to using, so she used more to make up for it) to a creation that was very much fitting for Peg Bundy. Jennifer was nervous yet delighted at how complete her costume now was, and when the two returned to the party was thrilled to be the center of attention.

Kim and Michael returned late from the party, too exhausted for a nightcap. Michael took her hair down for her and then left, and she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The next morning she awoke concerned that their teasing job might not come out as easily as Gailís. She was right, as it put up quite a fight, and she realized that it did make a difference how it was teased. Interestingly, she found the parts Michael worked on easier to detangle than the parts she worked on. In fact his sections came out every bit as easily as her stylists.

Jennifer called confirming that she had been able to restore her hair quite easily and thanked Kim for her help. The two started talking even more and started what would become a strong friendship for the rest of their lives. Prior to the party Kim considered Jennifer more of an acquaintance than anything else. Funny how one session as hairdresser could change that.

Over the next several months Kim went back to her regular routine of styles, but started missing all the compliments she got each time she tried something new. While so much of her said to just stick with what worked, other parts of her wanted to explore the possibilities.

For the Christmas party Kim wore her hair down once again, proving once more to all that her hair not only hadnít been cut in the past year but was growing longer. She loved all the attention she got as a result. For New Yearís the couple decided opted to stay at home and just spend a quite evening with wine, a good meal, and a roaring fireplace. It was truly romantic and memorable.

In early January she went to see Jill for her regular trim. By now her hair was reaching half way down her thighs and was truly magnificent. As Kim expected it was still in great shape and needed only the lightest of trims. She no longer wondered if it would grow as long as her knees. Rather, she wondered when it would achieve that magic mark, and once that happened if she would want to grow it even further. It was a quandary she never could have imagined facing not so long ago, and one she was looking forward to now. At the rate it was growing she didnít have long to go.

With the clean bill of health for her hair from Jill, Kim decided it was time to add some variety to her hair routine, but was unsure what to ask for. She told Gail what she was looking for. Something fun and different, yet still appropriate for her job and of course, non-damaging to her hair. She wasnít ready to go to the extremes that Jeannette did with her hair (although truthfully they didnít seem so extreme to her any more. Was Jeannette toning down her looks, or was Kim just used to them by now?), but besides that was pretty much open to anything. Gail smiled a knowing smile, like she knew this attitude was coming and was prepared for it.

When Kim left the shop that day, she was sporting another side-parted French Twist, although this one was clearly different. Her parted hair had been drawn low and tight to her forehead, almost giving the appearance that she had longish bangs swept to one side. She recalled often wondering what she would look like with bangs, though never dare taking the extreme plunge of cutting any. Now she was sporting a style that made her look like she had them. It was amazing what a skilled stylist could do. The last several inches of her hair were allowed to extend from the finished twist and rolled, pinned and shellacked in place to look like a little mound of curls. It took Kim a second to get used to the new reflection. But long before she was headed out the salon door she was already in love with it.

Others loved it too. Compliments came from everywhere, including from her boss. Michael, of course, was crazy about it.

The next few weeks saw her fall back into her regular routine, but then she got the nerve up again for something different. The result, her hair drawn back tightly to a high pony tail on top of her head, but then all arranged and pinned to form a huge bun of curls. She looked very different indeed (especially since this style involved little to no teasing at the roots), but in no way was it a negative. Again, all loved it.

A few more weeks of her predictable styles, and then she ventured our again. This time more of an asymmetrical French Twist was the result, with a side part that dove low towards one eye, and almost completely covered her ear as it was swept back into the Twist. Yet the other ear was completely exposed. At first she was a bit unsure about this somewhat uneven look, but was soon at ease as the compliments rang out, even from people who never said anything in the past.

Excited about all the possibilities, she soon found herself totally turning control over to Gail, enjoying the thrill of the unknown. Sometimes she would ask for a Ďvariationí of a bun or French Twist, but usually just sat down and let Gail take charge. She was never disappointed, and Gail never pushed things so that she felt like she was walking out with a Ďbouffant.í Instead she just felt like a very classy, refined lady, and this was the impression others got too.

That Spring Kim celebrated her 30th birthday. None too thrilled about the idea, she set out to be as stunning as possible for dinner, and had Gail duplicate the huge head of curls she had worn a little over a year ago for New Yearís. Since her hair was a good 6 inches longer now it initially didnít come out quite the same. But then Gail ratted out the sides more extensively so they extended past her shoulders, at the same time hiding the additional length. It was another awe inspiring sight that was quite the topic of conversation for all who saw her.

Her love life was phenomenal now, as the constant variations with her hair brought out the best of both of them. Michael adored her long silky hair, and in spite of the numerous, often radically different styles she wore, knew it would always be his favorite look on her. The fact it was nearing her knees now was a huge turn-on for him, and just touching it was arousing, but he had to admit looks like Kim in the giant head of teased out curls really motivated his sex drive. It seemed to Kim that the more extreme her style, the more extreme their sex. And this wasnít just because of how it affected Michael. Kim loved the feel of the extreme too. This firmly entrenched a fantasy in her mind that she was waiting for the perfect opportunity to exploit. That opportunity would arrive soon.

While Kim was proving very good at her job, Michael was too. In fact he won a prize for Salesperson of the Year, and won a week long vacation for two in Las Vegas that summer. Despite the fact that neither were gamblers, the couple looked forward to the sun, shows, and excitement that were the Nevada city.

Just prior to leaving Kim had seen Jill for her annual trim. All the variations she had been playing with hadnít caused any negative repercussions, and only ¼ inch needed to be trimmed off. Her hair nearly reached her knees now in one long and thick healthy line. It was simply magnificent. She proudly wore it down for the vacation.

Halfway through the week, as the couple was drifting down the canal of the Venetian Hotel after an outstanding dinner and show, Michael proposed. Kim naturally said yes as tears filled her eyes. Over the next few days Kim pondered on what she could do that would be truly special for her Ďfiancéí. That was when she walked by the beauty salon of the hotel and the idea of her hair fantasy came to mind again. It would be the perfect thing for Michael, though she did have some apprehensions of having anyone except Gail do it for her.

She walked into the salon pleased to find some older stylists working there, including one with her hair done in a style which clearly demanded back-combing and spray. She chatted with the stylist (Betty) as to her abilities working with long hair, making it clear she didnít want it cut. Betty confidently verbalized her abilities. Kim also noted that her current customer was having her mid-back length hair done up in an updo, complete with curling and teasing, and that it looked quite nice. It stunned Betty when she learned what Kim wanted done with her hair, and the stylist laughed at the notion, but she said that she could easily do it for her if she wished. Kim booked an appointment for the next afternoon, knowing there was a NBA playoff game that Michael very much wanted to see at the same time. He would be in for some surprise when he returned to the room.

While Michael was at first reluctant to leave his Ďbride-to-beí to watch a game, he eventually did when she made the excuse that she wanted to head out shopping. Given the full green light, he headed down to the sports bar for what would hopefully be an entertaining afternoon. He had secretly put a bit of a wager down on one of the teams: the underdog.

Kim finished brushing her hair and stared at it in the mirror with a bit of a grin. Next time she walked in this room she knew it would look much different. How different was the question. She hoped Betty could get the results she was envisioning. Once Michael was safely off she changed and headed for the shop. She so much wanted to do this for Michael that any fears of having someone else besides Gail work with her hair were behind her now. It was with complete confidence that she strode into the salon.

"Now tell me once more what you want me to do with your hair. I really donít think I heard you right yesterday," Betty said.

"You heard right. I want you to make it absolutely as big as possible."

Betty tried to contain her surprise. She had heard many odd requests in this place before: sports teams coming in and getting Mohawks, lovers getting matching haircuts, plenty of Beehives and gaudy updos on people, and of course countless requests by men and women alike to look like Elvis. However this request was a new one, and with her substantial length most unusual.

"Did you lose a bet or something?"
Kim laughed. "No, this is something I want to do. My boyfrÖ, my ĎFiancéí really likes me with big hair. The bigger the better. So for tonight I thought Iíd give him the ultimate."

"So you donít really want an updo. You just want itÖ."


Betty still couldnít grasp what was being asked of her. "That will take a bit of doing. Iíll try not to use too much hairspray but it will end up feeling pretty sticky."

"Use all you want. We both like really stiff hair. It turns him on." She didnít notice the snicker from some of the other stylists who were eavesdropping on this conversation. Betty held a straight face, wondering if this was some kind of joke.

"You realize Iíll have toÖ. back-comb it?" She figured this news would snap this girl to her senses. Teasing hair her length was a death wish.

"Yeah, I know."

"I mean a lot."

"Of course. I expect as much. Tease away."

"Iím not talking just the roots. Iím talking about teasing all of it."

"I know. Go for it. I literally want it as big as possible. If you can get it to stick straight out then do it."

Betty still was flabbergasted. Did this woman really want her hair destroyed? Maybe she was planning to cut it in the morning and just wanted to go out with a bang. Betty could only sigh. After what she was asking this client was going to have no choice but to cut it.

"Excuse me just a minute," she said to Kim, and went back to chat with one of the other stylists.

"Did you hear what this girl wants me to do?!"

"Yeah. Are you going to do it?" asked Penny.

"I donít know. It will absolutely destroy her hair."

"Did you make that clear to her?"

"Yeah. She still wants me to do it."

"Then go ahead. Youíre just doing what the customer wants."

"But how extreme should I go? What would you do?"

"Iíd go for it. Iíd max it out."

"But youíre evil too!"

The two laughed a bit.

"Scissor happy, yes. I donít know about evil."

"Seriously, what do you think I should do?"

"Seriously?! Have fun! Youíll probably never get an opportunity like this again. Iíll buy you dinner if you can make it larger than those Mirage wigs we did last year."

"Not fair! Those were built around a chicken wire frame with synthetic hair."

"Youíre not going to let a little thing like that stop you from trying are you?"

"And miss the opportunity to see you actually pay for something. Not a chance!"

Betty returned back to Kim.

"So youíre telling me itís OK to backcomb and spray it as much as I want?!"


"And you want it out to here if I can muster it?" (She held her hands out a good six inches from the sides of Kimís head.)

"Oh no! I want it much bigger than that. You can do that, canít you?"

It was a challenge, and Betty didnít back down from challenges. "Are you kidding? I can make it out to here (hands several feet from the side of her head) if you want."

"Then thatís what I want. Or bigger! I literally want it as big as you can possibly make it without cutting or perming or such."

Betty just shook her head for a second. "Well, OK. If you say so. I hope you donít plan on going out in public like this though. Youíll never fit in a car."

"Thatís OK, I just plan on going back to my room."

Betty put an apron around Kim, and then started brushing through the length of her hair, getting a feel for what she was going to work with. It was thick, silky clean, and stick straight.

"Do you want to wash and set it?" queried Kim, not expecting this routine to be much different than her usual appointments with Gail.

"With all your length that would basically be a waste of time. Why do you ask?"

"I get my hair put upÖ quite often. My regular hairdresser always sets it first."

"That wonít be necessary for this. In fact itís too clean. Teasing is much more effective with slightly dirty hair. So Iím going to just put a thin layer of spray in your hair to dirty it up."

Kim decided that sounded kind of logical. She was so looking forward to the evening with Michael that truth be told she wasnít really paying much attention to Betty. If she had warning bells probably would be ringing. "Whatever," is all that came out.

Soon all the length had a layer of spray coating it, and Betty pulled all the length behind Kim. Then she squeezed her fist a couple of times to get the circulation in her arms going and picked up the teasing comb. She walked behind Kim and looked at her in the mirror.

"You really want me to do this as big as I can?"

Kim eagerly nodded her head. Her mind was thinking about what she would wear, and what she was going to do with her makeup.

Betty separated out a section of the front and peeked over at Penny. The other stylist mouthed the words "Go for it." Betty nodded back keeping a devilish grin hidden from her customer, took a big breath, and the teasing comb started in.

By now the sight of seeing her long locks teased was absolutely no big deal for Kim, and in fact she was hardly watching at all, so deep in thought was she about Michael and the proposal and their lives together. Had she been watching she would have noticed that her hair was being teased much harsher than usual, with clearly more aggression behind it. The finished strand was draped in front of Kim, blocking her view of the mirror, just as Gail used to do when Kim was too frightened to watch.

Kim wasnít watching this time either. She was closing her eyes lost in the daydream of the night ahead. She lost all track of time, not at all concerned of what was happening to her hair.

Betty was Ďgoing for it.í She always did enjoy teasing hair, which is why she still wore her own hair in a style that demanded it. She was saddened that todayís styles didnít demand the procedure any more, which was the primary reason she moved to Las Vegas. Here people often asked for outdated styles that demanded teasing. Even if they didnít Betty usually ended up backcombing some parts of even the most mundane styles, disregarding the dirty looks or scolding she got from her clients. The vast majority of her clients were tourists anyway. It didnít really matter if they were unhappy as in all likelihood she wouldnít be seeing them again. So to be given license to kill this womanís fabulous long tresses was quite an exciting challenge. She wondered how big she could truly make it, and welcomed the test of her creative skill. So while completely focused, she also wore a bit of a grin as she set about doing the ultimate teasing job.

It was a good 20 minutes later before all of the length had been teased and thrown forward. Others in the salon watched in a mixture of shock and enjoyment at this truly peculiar request.

"Hold still, Iíve got to go get some hair spray," she told Kim, whose vision was totally blocked by the mass of her hair draped over her eyes.

Betty thoughtfully perused over the product counter when Penny handed her an unopened can of Extra Hold Spray. It was from her private stash that she kept hidden only for special occasions, as this product was no longer made due to the ozone damage it caused. None of the modern products, made environmentally safe, came close to the holding power of this Ďliquid glue,í as she lovingly called it.

"Are you sure? Iím planning to use a whole can."

"Go for it honey. It will be worth it just to see the outcome."

Betty popped open the top and headed back to Kim. This product wasnít exactly hair friendly (actually far from it), but it sure did hold. Obviously this customer wasnít too interested in being kind to her hair, so why not use it?!

Kim heard the spray bottle and grinned a bit. It was strange how she actually liked the feel of layers of product now. It was no big deal. It would just wash out. So why not?

"Are you sure you donít mind if I use a fair amount of hairspray?" Betty asked innocently, knowing she really didnít care what the answer was. She was on a mission.

"Not at all, use as much as you need."

The stylist could hardly contain her enthusiasm as the canister rang out long and hard. Betty turned the chair from the mirror so Kim couldnít see what was happening. It was too late to back down now, and Betty didnít want Kim getting freaked out and calling this off before she could see how Ďbigí her mane would get, and hopefully win that dinner off of Penny. She knew she still had a good ways to go to accomplish that goal.

After the initial layer of spray, the stylist used a wide-toothed comb and did even more teasing, packing it all in even tighter. It made a notable difference as the height and dimensions of the mass continued to grow. Penny then came over and mumbled some suggestions to Betty, to which she nodded and smiled.

The hairspray rang out again, in huge quantities this time. However a blow dryer was used to help freeze the look even higher. It took a substantial amount of time but was working well. Finally the stylist felt satisfied. Betty turned to Penny, displaying her finished product with pride, and handed her a hastily scribbled note. YOU OWE ME DINNER THIS WEEKEND. Penny read the note and nodded her head in agreement.

Kim was turned to face the mirror and her new image. Betty was prepared for screams of fright or tears. This was what she had been requested to do, but still couldnít believe it was truly what this client wanted. She was prepared for the worst, a really ugly scene. Certainly anyone who saw her badly ratted hair would side with the client, saying that this stylist had ruined her hair. But Kim was ecstatically happy. Her hair was far bigger than it had ever been, flying out in all directions. It didnít even look to reach her waist anymore as most of the length had been forced back to produce the volume. She momentarily checked the floor making sure nothing had been cut off as it looked so much shorter now. When she touched it she was delighted to learn it was probably stiffer than she had ever experienced. Michael would go wild!


"Big enough for you?!"

"Why, can it go even bigger?"

"I think this is pretty much it."

Kim was almost disappointed that there couldnít be more, but this was still far bigger than she had ever seen it. She paid the stylist, tipped her well, and then rushed back to her room. She ignored the gawks, screams and laughter of all the others who saw her. She didnít care what they thought. She was in for a fantastic evening. It was quite an adventure getting back to her room though. She was thankful the elevators were so large, and getting through the doorway was a challenge not to snag any of her mass on the knobs and hinges of the door.

She tried on numerous lingerie, etcÖ but finally opted on wearing absolutely nothing. Her makeup went on heavy and erotic. She felt she looked like some kind of goddess, and was giddy with excitement.

Michael returned to the room spent from watching an extremely competitive game, and a bit richer also. He had always felt the surest way for a team to lose a game was for him to bet on the team to win. Today he had proved himself wrong. Still, he was tired and hoped Kim wouldnít mind if he turned in a bit early that evening.

When Michael walked into the room he saw his wife sitting naked on the bed, her face made up to an extreme, but necessary to keep up with her hair. It was a huge ratted mass that extended in every direction, and appeared to be only a fraction of its true length. In reality it looked both comical and hideous. But for some reason it was the fulfillment of a fantasy he didnít even know he had. His arousal was both instant and intense.

Kim and Michael thought they knew the limits that their passion could reach. They were wrong. That evening, which was a long one, established a new standard for their love. Neither understood why transforming Kimís lovely mane to a stiff tangled mess should turn either of them on, but the fact was that it did.

The next morning the fireworks were repeated, and the couple stayed in most of the day. Both were thankful for room service. But eventually Kim knew she would have to restore her hair, as they had an early flight out the next morning and there would be no time to restore it then. Although she looked ridiculous, she was quite enjoying the effect she was having on Michael sporting a ratís nest of hair.

She showered and washed it ever so gently, as usual, and then set about the task of de-tangling. Over the years she had become extremely proficient at this task, and it generally now only took her about 15 minutes to totally free her hair from the teasing.

But today was different. Her hair was so extremely tangled she was struggling to make any headway at all. At first she thought she wasnít concentrating enough, but eventually she realized that her hair had been back-combed differently than before. It had been done with total disregard of being unteased. After 30 minutes on just one small section Kim was becoming nervous, and after an hour she was panicking. She honestly didnít know how to undo it. What was she to do? After spending a good three hours on it she was ready to give up, in tears and totally miserable. She had hardly made a dent on it.

Michael was at a loss of what to do. She was now talking about being forced to cut it very short, etcÖ

"May I help?"

She looked at him, totally helpless. "You can try if you want."

The two spent the next hour, with Kim working on one side of her head and Michael on the other. Kim eventually got so frustrated that she was almost ready to start ripping at her locks. Michael told her to stop and turned on a movie she had been wanting to see. She sat in a chair and watched it as he worked on her mane. It was like undoing the worldís most difficult puzzle. He would not accept her diagnosis that it was a lost cause.

Kim eventually fell asleep in the chair.

Kim awoke in the chair, stiff from the awkward position. She felt Michael gently touching her hair. The room was still dark.

"What time is it?"

"Coming up on 5:30. We need to check out by seven just to be safe."

"What am I going to do about my hair? I donít want to cut it."

"Why would you need to cut it?"

"Because of all the tanglesÖÖ" It was then that Kim touched her hair and discovered it had been restored. Completely restored. There was not a hint of the endless knots of the previous evening.

"How did you do this?"

He yawned a tired but satisfied yawn. "It took a while. I just finished minutes ago."

"Youíve been doing this non-stop for eight hours?"

He nodded. Once it finally started giving in the last part wasnít too tough.

She studied it, expecting to see splits and broken shafts everywhere. She didnít.

All throughout their flight home she spent time studying her hair, each moment becoming more and more relieved that her hair had truly escaped this close call unscathed. That Monday she had Gail inspect it as she shared the tale with her. It was given the clean bill of health. Still rattled a bit, she asked for the basic French Twist that week. Nothing fancy or unexpected. Just watching it get teased again was a bit nerve-racking. But this was Gail, and at weeks end when it all came down beautifully she realized that there truly was a difference in stylists. She realized now how lucky she was to have Gail in her life.

She also realized how lucky she was to have a ĎFiancéí like Michael.

The End of Part 9

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