The Regular: Part 7
By Tairish
Kim sat down in the chair she recognized she would become very familiar with. She was quickly robed, and Gail started brushing her long tresses.

"The ‘usual’?" the elderly stylist asked.

She gave a confirming nod. The thought of doing anything but her now familiar French Twist, drawn straight back in the front though with just a hint of height on the top so it didn’t come across as harsh, had never even crossed her mind. The only reason she was here was because that French Twist had worked for her, and so it would become her ‘Regular’ style. She was not here to experiment with new looks, and certainly not here for fun. This was all business.

It wasn’t long before she was washed, set, and headed for a dryer. Her nerves were in check thus far, though she was sure they would kick in once the teasing comb came to life. She carried on a conversation with the two elderly ladies (Bea and Rhonda) in the dryer next to her, as people wanted to get to know this newest member of the Monday morning gang. Kim politely engaged in conversation, not volunteering too much, but realizing she should make the best of this all since she might be doing this each Monday morning for quite some time to come. Part of her was sure the inevitable hair damage would happen any day now, which would quickly put and end to this ‘Regular’ stuff.

What totally engrossed Kim was watching Jeannette led from the dryer, and seeing her knee-length locks unrolled and transformed into a tremendous sea of waves. She was not only stunned that this woman had such healthy hair after years of being a ‘Regular,’ but it also strengthened her wish to have such long hair herself someday. Of course she knew it would never happen. Her hair had never been able to grow any longer than it’s present length just shy of her bottom. Obviously coming here each week wouldn’t help her achieve that goal.

Then Kim got to witness Gail tease the entire mass. Only once had she watched more than a few sections of her own hair go through this, and even then really couldn’t see what was happening in the back. This time she got to see it all, which was both mesmerizing and frightening. Sure she had seen many women with relatively short hair get theirs teased, but never someone with what she would call long hair. She would define Jeannette’s fabulous length as extremely long. Thus this ritual was clearly a different story. She had never truly believed that Jeannette put her hair through this each week, but now saw for herself that she did. She started trembling as she watched, knowing it soon would be her turn. Then she got to see the talent of Gail firsthand as all the long, snarled length was transformed into another elaborate, towering updo that was both hideous and wonderful. There was no reason that Jeannette should look good under such a creation, but she did. Layers and layers of dense spray topped it off, and then she was on her way out the door.

Soon it was her turn, and the now familiar metamorphosis from curls to waves to teased mess to updo was rapidly completed. The hairspray locked it in place, and then Kim too was on her way out the door.

It took a bit of explaining that week to friends and co-workers not used to seeing her with her hair up. They better get used to it, she thought, because it was a look she might be sporting for quite some time. Most people figured it was just something she did herself in the morning, though she decided some ladies probably guessed it was done for her. Even then she doubted any of them realized that it required teasing, and that she didn’t take it down all week.

Dawn couldn’t help but smile when she saw Kim in the updo, each day more and more assured that this talented employee had finally made this sacrifice for her job. She was impressed, and it wasn’t long before she rewarded Kim with some of the more important assignments.

If it bothered Michael to see her like this each day he didn’t show it, nor did he seem bothered by having a girlfriend who constantly sported hair that felt like plastic. He was every bit as physical with her, constantly holding hands, snuggling, kissing, etc… Kim did miss the feel of his fingers running through her long locks, and how he would at times play with her hair thinking she didn’t really notice. In the bedroom it didn’t bother him either, and it still seemed that just a gentle touch of the stiff mass fueled his passion even more.

Even the twice daily shellacking of spray was getting easier for her, though the thought of what it was doing to her hair still made her pulse quicken a bit. She couldn’t believe this all wasn’t harmful somehow.

And so the week went. By Friday she was more than ready to take it down. Fully expecting the worst she again discovered absolutely no harm had come to her hair. Over the weekend she absolutely adored her long hair, savoring every moment of it falling against her back, etc… She found herself constantly teasing strangers with it by how she walked, etc… getting more second (and third) looks than usual, and numerous wolf whistles by passing cars. It didn’t offend her in the least. Instead she just enjoyed it, feeling entirely sexy and feminine. In the bedroom she was totally energized, bringing their sex life to heights never before experienced.

The next Monday found her in the salon again. It still didn’t feel comfortable, but she was starting to remember some of the names of the other stylists and regulars. She got to see a repeat production with Jeannette of the ‘do she had the week before, and in no time was out the door sporting her freshly lacquered Twist.

This week again there were hair questions to be answered, as many had doubted she would truly keep to her word and wear it up each day. That week she received her new business cards with her picture on it from her recent photo session. How fitting it was now that her hair had been up during that session. She remembered thinking the card wouldn’t come out looking like herself. While it was odd seeing her picture in the updo, it certainly did look like her now.

As she both feared and expected, the week was again fruitful and she was being received by all with the ‘professionalism’ she had hoped for. The sacrifice with her hair was making the difference. At weeks end she once more feared discovering signs of impending doom to her mane. She found no such signs, meaning her days as a ‘Regular’ would continue.

And so it went, week after week. Each Monday Gail would ask her if she wanted ‘the usual’, (as if she’d ever want to take any more risks with her tresses) and duplicate the style. Kim realized she now wore her hair up more often than down which was something she never would have foreseen even six months ago.

There were slow and subtle changes in her behavior during this time. She eventually was totally used to her reflection, and stopped taking second looks in each mirror, or being jolted by her reflection in the morning. Instead the second looks were happening when her hair was hanging down on the weekends. She became totally comfortable in the updo, unafraid that it might muss up by her restless sleeping, leaning against things, removing articles of clothing, or just the touch of her hand. She still hated the fact that it felt stiff like it did, but no longer recoiled when she touched it. Even the A.M. and P.M. spraying sessions were becoming routine, even though she still had to take a deep breath before she picked up the can.

At first she never left the apartment dressed in anything but nice outfits, even to go grocery shopping or to put gas in her car, as she thought she looked ridiculous when wearing jeans and T-shirts combined with her hair done up so ‘elaborately’. Eventually that behavior changed too, as she just got used to the fact her hair was up five days a week. Occasionally she was stared at by strangers but not in a mocking way at all as she initially feared. Instead they looked at her as a woman with great taste and class.

The weekends, of course, were a time of freedom for herself and her hair, and she enjoyed them to the fullest, becoming much more outgoing and spontaneous. It was fun to be able to flaunt both aspects of her personality each week: the conservative, professional dignity when her hair was up, and the youthful energy, sexiness, and playfulness when her hair was down. Michael noticed the change in his girlfriend yet never mentioned it, although he did enjoy it to the fullest.

Weeks turned into months, and eventually Kim gave up looking for damage when she took her hair down. She simply wasn’t finding any. Clearly Gail was so good to her hair, in spite of what it looked like, that she began to dismiss all her fears of teasing and spray as just myths formulated by people who really didn’t know what they were talking about. It no longer bothered her to watch the backcombing procedure in the salon, nor the application of the layers of spray. Touching the stiff mass didn’t turn her off any more. Instead it just felt strong and stable, giving her confidence that it would stay up through whatever.

Her weekly trips to the Salon became almost enjoyable. She knew the other ‘Regulars’ now, and struck up lively conversations each week with all even though they were at least twice her age. She had never been comfortable conversing with senior citizens before. Now she felt quite at ease around them. She always noticed whatever style Diane was wearing that week. It seemed she never wore the same look more than once. Even when she wore her hair down it still displayed constant variety. Different parts, sections braided or pinned ornately, all different sizes of curls and waves. Of course it was interesting to see whatever style Jeannette would end up with too. They were almost always much more complex in size and substance than anything currently in fashion, yet she somehow pulled them off looking even contemporary in them. Of course she never even considered requesting anything but the same French Twist. The other ladies who came in during this time slot all usually had their hair done exactly the same each week too. Most of them had fairly short hair, not even reaching their shoulders, so it seemed they didn’t have near the variety of possibilities as someone like Jeannette.

She adored her nightly bubble baths, using them to unwind and collect her thoughts. Most nights she talked with Michael as she bathed, teasing him mercilessly with sexy comments and innuendos.

It was the middle of the summer when she visited Jill, her ‘stylist’ before Gail, still the only one she would allow near her hair with a pair of scissors. It was time for her semi-annual trim, and for the first time in weeks she was concerned if any damage would be noticeable. Kim had never told Jill what she had been doing each week with her hair, and since her appointment was on a Saturday entered the shop with her hair flowing free down her back. But she realized this appointment would be key, because if her hair was any worse off Jill would notice it and mention it. Kim had inspected her locks closely that morning and didn’t notice any problems, but wondered if she was blind to something going on that Jill might notice. So it was understandable that Kim was a bit nervous as Jill brushed through her hair, inspecting it to see if it needed the usual three inches trimmed off, or if it needed more.

"My God girl! What have you been doing to your hair?!"

Kim’s defenses went to Red Alert status.

"What’s wrong?"

"I’ve been cutting your hair for how many years now? Maybe 10 or more? I’ve never seen it look anything like this."

Kim could feel the tears ready to burst out. She knew it! This was all too good to be true. She had ruined her hair. Now she was going to have to pay the price. How much would have to come off? She was visibly trembling.

"I’ve never seen your hair in better shape," said the stylist.

"B-b-better? Did you say ‘Better’?"

"Yes. It looks great! I won’t have to cut any more than ½ inch just to even it all up nicely. What have you been doing differently?"

Kim wondered if she should tell all, though decided against it. ( Mainly because Jill would never believe it.) "Well, I haven’t been washing it as often…., or brushing it as much." (She actually was telling the truth here.)

"Well whatever you’ve been doing keep it up. You may just be able to grow it longer now like you’ve always wanted."

Kim couldn’t believe her ears. She was thrilled. "Don’t worry, I plan to ‘keep it up’." (If only Jill knew what ‘up’ meant in this case.)

The normally painful sight of seeing a good chunk of clippings hit the floor was much easier this time, as she could hardly notice any difference in her length. Maybe she could grow it out longer after all. She wondered if it would ever get as long as Jeannette’s.

Her next Monday morning session found Kim totally relaxed and confident. It suddenly didn’t bother her at all to watch her hair teased and sprayed. She became even more likable with the other ‘Regulars’, and soon looked forward to her weekly sessions if for no other reason than to catch up on life with her new friends.

Work was going great, and money was no longer an issue of concern for Kim. While not rich by any stretch of the imagination, she was truly ‘comfortable’ now. Her love life was going wonderfully. She was even content being known as ‘the lady who always wears her hair up’ by the neighborhood children.

One Friday evening late in the summer, she and Michael just returned from seeing a movie. They had a ‘quickie’ in the bedroom, but then she figured it was time to have him go so she could take down her hair. She was getting much better at this now, as the start-to-finish process of restoring her hair took only about 30 minutes.

"Can I watch you take it down?" he asked, seemingly out of the blue.

"I suppose so," was her reply, wondering what could possibly be of interest to him. "It’s not much to see, just a lot of tangles."

He watched quite casually as she took it down. When she unraveled it she turned to face him. "There you go, it’s down. Pretty icky looking, huh?! Now I have to shower and comb it out, so you need to go."

"I want you so badly right now it hurts."

"What?! Looking like this?!" She held out the jumbled mass behind her.

He nodded his head with a look she knew very well and became instantly aroused. They fell into each others arms and had a wild session of prolonged lovemaking. Afterwards, completely exhausted, Kim turned to him.

"What was that all about?"

"I don’t know. You just looked so…. wild with your hair like that. It just did something for me."

"It certainly did!" She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to see what it was about the look that he could possibly like. It was just mussed up teased hair. It wasn’t even as ‘big’ as it was just after Gail would first tease it. She didn’t get it but accepted it could be one of those things she would never understand and left it at that. She eventually got Michael to go home and went on with her shower.

This performance was repeated again the next Friday with similar results, and then the next Friday, and the next. That evening became known as their ‘Take Down’ night, as she would first take her hair down, and then he would take her down on the bed. It became an evening both absolutely adored. All Kim could make of it was that he must like the look of her with ‘big’ hair. She wondered what his reaction would be to the sight of her when it was freshly teased prior to being styled, where it was clearly ‘bigger’? And what about when she had worn her Jane Seymour version of the ‘Gibson Girl’? That looked even ‘bigger’ still because of the different curlers that had been used. What would sex be like if he saw her looking like that? She imagined something pretty spectacular. She mentioned to him that it was bigger in dimensions before it was styled, and it seemed to strike a nerve. Perhaps there would be an opportunity someday for him to have her looking like that.

Eventually she even let Michael remove the pins and unfurl the Twist. It became a very slow, erotic act that further fueled their lovemaking. ‘Take Down’ nights were truly becoming the highlight of their week.

It was the first Monday in September when Kim stepped into ‘The Bella Donna’ and was instantly taken by the updo that Diane was wearing. It was basically the same French Twist she always wore, but instead of being drawn straight back, was parted in the middle. It was a subtle difference yet made a world of difference, and Kim couldn’t take her eyes off it.

When she was seated and robed, Gail asked the same question as she always did. "The usual?"

Not once had Kim ever altered her look, yet Gail always asked anyway.

And today Kim was hesitating with her reply. She looked over at the receptionist. "I’m not sure."

Gail noted her behavior, and started putting two and two together. She had wondered how long it would be before Kim tired of the same style and was ready to explore other options.

"Did you have something else in mind?"

"No. Well, maybe." She looked again at Diane. "Is it possible to do mine like D’s (her nickname in the salon)?"

"Of course. Would you like to try that?"

"Do you think it would look as good?" (She certainly didn’t want to do something that would not go over well at work, since that is why she was here in the first place.)

"You’d look terrific."

"Do you do it the same…. I mean, would it damage by hair to do it that way?"

Gail looked at her feigning being insulted. "Of course not. I would hope you know that by now."

"I know. I’m sorry. I’m just not sure I should change what’s been working for me."

"Think about it while we go get you washed." And the two headed back to start her appointment.

Kim pondered the predicament over and over, but eventually opted to keep her ‘usual’ style. Still, she took numerous looks at the receptionist as she was under the dryer, and when she was leaving. All week she thought about trying something different, and finally asked Michael his opinion.

"You could try it. If it doesn’t go over real well what have you lost? It doesn’t sound like anything radical."

That closed the deal, and the next Monday she asked Gail for the new variation, both excited and nervous about the change.

The difference in her normal routine was immediately apparent, as the setting pattern of the rollers was different. The center part was clearly defined now, and she had to get used to a new reflection in the mirror.

When the curlers came out the results were not too different, and Gail teased it all just as before, only making sure the center part wasn’t lost in the mess. When the fog cleared from the last layer of spray, and Kim finally got to see her new ‘do, she was thrilled. She still looked ‘professional’, yet the change was fun. It was every bit as comfortable and stable. As she drove to work she was constantly touching the top, getting used to the feel, and getting familiar with the new reflection.

At work everyone noticed and was very complimentary. It had been a long time since she was complimented on her hair at work. These days all the compliments were coming when her hair was down. It was nice to have it noticed again at work. Even Dawn approved, which had been the big test. She noticed nothing negative at all from the style. Michael adored the slight variation, and was absolutely fantastic in bed that week. Kim enjoyed it too, especially with the fact she was once again doing double takes when she passed mirrors. She inspected it closely at the end of the week, and when she noted no negative effects from the look, adopted it wholeheartedly.

She wore it in the center parted style all throughout the month of September. In October she started alternating between the center part one week, and the drawn straight back look without a part the other. She found herself getting some compliments each week now regardless of which one she wore.

As October started flying by Michael and Kim once more planned for Halloween. They were able to rent some great costumes from the local theatre company (Kim had the money to splurge this year) and they would go as a couple straight out of Gone with the Wind. She adored how she looked and felt in the huge hoop skirt, and visited different costume and wig shops for the perfect way to top it all off. She knew what she wanted, as she wanted it up somehow except for a large mass of ‘sausage curls’ falling down her back to about her shoulder blades. She knew her own hair was much too long to do herself, plus there was no way her hair would ever hold such a tight curl. Unfortunately she couldn’t find any wig that matched the look, except for some real cheap ones that looked terrible. The next week in the salon she asked Gail if she knew of any place she could get such a wig.

"If you’d like I could just do your own hair like that. It would certainly look nicer and be much more comfortable than any wig. Probably cheaper too."

"Oh, my hair couldn’t do that," she dismissed.

"Sure it could. It would be quite easy actually."

Kim wasn’t sure she liked the direction this conversation was going. This seemed a very radical and potentially hazardous request of her tresses. "Wouldn’t you have to cut it to get it to come out right?"

"Not unless you wanted to. I don’t think you want that though do you?"

"NO!!! I just can’t believe my hair could curl like that."

"With enough gel and spray it can be coaxed into just about anything."

"And that wouldn’t damage it?"

"Of course not."

Kim no longer questioned Gail’s word. If she said she could do it she could, and if she said it wouldn’t damage her hair it wouldn’t. "But I didn’t want the curls hanging any lower than about here (marking a point that wasn’t even as far down as her bra-line with her hand against her back). My hair would be too long, even if it were curled."

"I’ll just pin up most of the length and curl just as much as is needed. What do you think? Shall we line up an appointment."

This was the type of decision she usually needed to think about for some time, but the date was rapidly approaching and she knew Gail might not have any openings left for that Saturday of the party for too much longer.

"Sure! Let’s do it."

The appointment was made for the Saturday afternoon, and the rest of their session was spent talking about what she should do. Not one to take great risks, Kim decided on sort of a basic bun (just much fuller) with the curls hanging down from the bottom of it. Gail did talk her into trying a side part for the style, which she suggested would be a bit more romantic looking. Unsure what she would look like with a side-part (she never even wore a side-part when her hair was hanging down free) Kim decided to trust her stylist’s opinion on this one.

As the date approached Kim played with her long hair a bit on weekends just to see what she looked like with a side part. Undecided, she wore it down but parted on the side for dinner out with Michael that Saturday, and he couldn’t stop complimenting it. She stored this reaction away in her memory. It was easy enough for her to do, and certainly met with his approval. As the evening of the party neared she was actually looking forward to what she would look like all decked out in the period look. Though still a bit concerned of potential damage, her trust of Gail was far too great by now to let that stop her.

As she lie getting her hair washed, ready to be done for the Halloween party, her biggest concern at the moment was the fact she had just taken her hair down last night, and would now have to do it again. She was looking forward to another ‘take down’ night with Michael, but wondered if this was a little too much with her hair. But Gail reassured her yet again that this wasn’t a problem, and she took her for her word.

It was immediately obvious her finished style would be different today by the different size and pattern of the curlers. Her part would be on the right side, and the curlers were smaller than normal today.

As she sat under the dryer she noted how different the clientele was on this Saturday. The shop had much less conversation happening, so she figured these people probably weren’t ‘Regulars.’ She missed not having a friend to talk to, but did strike up some short chats with ladies in neighboring dryers. She expected to see some others having their hair done for Halloween. If they were, she couldn’t tell as there didn’t seem to be anything out the ordinary happening around her. Of course the ‘ordinary’ hairdos this salon did might be perfect Halloween styles for strangers to this place. Kim recognized it was one year ago she was in here nervously getting a ‘Gibson Girl,’ paranoid all the time. She couldn’t see anyone else remotely nervous about what was happening with their hair, so she figured everyone had been here before. She was actually a little disappointed that more women didn’t venture out to places like this and have something really wild done for all the parties tonight.

The smaller curlers didn’t produce the same degree of waves, and Kim was almost a bit disappointed by the outcome. She rather enjoyed the sight of her hair in curls and was thinking about coming in here some weekend and having it curled for a special evening with Michael. Perhaps Christmas staff parties or New Years. When she commented that she expected the full sausage curls in the back, she was told they would come later. Then came the all-too familiar teasing, this time careful to keep the side part intact. Then the styling started. While at first worried she might end up in some huge bouffant like Jeannette seemed to always request, it was soon obvious that this would be smaller in proportion that her usual Twist. This was because the sizeable mass of bun was anchored low on the back of her head instead of reaching up towards the crown. Her ears, normally fully exposed in her updos, now had the top half covered. If not for the side part it was almost looking very conservative rather than a festive style for a Southern Belle. But the side part really made a difference, sweeping down a bit over her forehead before disappearing back with the rest. She immediately started asking what her French Twist would look like with a side part. Gail confirmed that it was not only possible, but had numerous options of side parts to. It could be drawn back quite quickly so it almost looked like the one with no part, or vary greatly in degree, with the extremes coming forward and nearly hiding one eye, or rising up a fair amount before swooping down and then back into the style. Kim had no desire to see herself in the extreme versions, but figured the one closely resembling the version without part she usually wore might be a nice touch.

Her own style was nearly completed, but more than a foot of stray length was hanging down behind her. Gail used a curling iron, gel, and hairspray and in about 10 minutes transformed it all to wonderful bouncy sausage curls. They were so tight they hardly reached much past her shoulders. After a last layer of spray Kim took in her total reflection and beamed a huge smile. It was very tastefully done and straight from ‘Gone with the Wind.’ She touched the curls, noting they were so crisp in texture they would certainly last through the night. It was odd watching and feeling them bounce against her neck and shoulders as she moved her head. No one besides Gail had ever been able to get her hair to curl to any degree, and curls like this she had thought impossible. The rest of her hair, as expected, was every bit as stiff as her weekly updos. She found herself constantly touching it, just getting used to the unfamiliar dimensions, especially the combination of the huge bun and curls in the back. This was obviously a style one would only wear to a costume party or such event. While she hadn’t much enjoyed watching the curling iron pressed against her tresses (and wondered if it had truly fried her hair as a result) she was happy she had taken this plunge. She was very much looking forward to a fun-filled evening.

The couple was, as usual, the hit of the party. Most people thought Kim was wearing a wig or, at very least, a hairpiece of curls. They were amazed it was actually her own hair until they tugged and played with the curls a bit. Noting the straightened out curls reached only about halfway down her back, rumors started circulating that Kim had cut her hair. Since co-workers only saw it up these days and didn’t see her on weekends the rumor to them could easily be true. It would make sense too, as putting it up all the time surely caused damage. Or maybe putting it up was just to hide the fact she had cut it and didn’t want anyone to know. Even friends who saw her last weekend with it hanging down wondered if she had made the plunge (figuring she had cut off about a foot or more) based on their observations tonight.

Having a second ‘take down’ night in a row, especially as this was a different ‘do, absolutely drained both of them. The sausage curls remained basically intact even after the bun came down, and Michael played with them constantly during their love-making. His unbridled passion was overwhelming.

An inspection the next morning of her flowing locks revealed none of the feared damage from the curling iron. This not only relaxed her but made her confident in her next decision.

That Monday morning she asked for her French Twist to be done with a side part, albeit the conservative version. She was very pleased with the results, and based on the reaction at work others found it equally appealing. Michael, as expected, adored it. She knew it would now become a standard fixture of her style choices, which she now cycled through every three weeks (no part, center part, side part).

She also became aware of the rumors around the office that she had cut her hair. Denying it didn’t seem to be enough. People wanted proof, and since she wasn’t going to take her hair down she just let people have their fun. It didn’t bother her at all, and it made some future decisions easier for her.

At the staff Christmas party Kim decided to dispel all rumors of the so-called demise of her long hair, and showed up with it perfectly straight and silky hanging down her back. It looked perfect and stunning and everyone seemed to want to see it, touch it, or talk about it. She obviously squelched the rumor mill then and there, and enjoyed every moment of it. Some of the newer employees, who had never seen it unless it was up, didn’t even recognize her. Dawn (standing next to her husband) even complimented her on it, asking if there had been any side affects from being put up all the time.

"Believe it or not it seems to be growing faster as a result."

"You’re kidding! Why would that be happening? I would think just the opposite would be true."

"So did I, but I think it kind of makes sense now. When it’s up I don’t wash it, brush it, get it caught in doors, drag it on anything, tug on it. Nothing happens that would damage it."

"But doesn’t it hurt having it up all the time?"

"Not the way my stylist does it. It’s very comfortable."

"I know she teases it. That can’t be good for it."

"Gail takes real good care of it, plus I know how to take it down." (She could hardly contain a grin thinking of ‘take down’ nights).

Dawn touched it gently. "Well, it’s beautiful. I’m glad the rumors going around were false."

As her boss walked away Kim just thought how odd it was to have such a conversation with someone who on the outside was so clearly pro-short hair. Dawn’s drastically short hair had clearly been trimmed even shorter that day. She doubted any men in the room sported less hair than her boss. She also noted Dawn’s husband couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her long mane.

Kim had thoughts about New Year’s, but decided to go see Jill a few weeks early for her regular trim to make sure her hair was still doing OK. As she drove to the appointment her fears of what she had put her mane through these past 9 months returned. She still had not told Jill about the weekly sessions at ‘The Bella Donna.’

Jill studied the complete length of hair, flabbergasted.

"I can’t believe how healthy your hair is. Even better than last time. Look how much its grown."

Kim stood and for the first time noticed how long it was. Forever it had been almost to her bottom. For so long she just stopped checking. But now it was covering all of her bottom. It had probably grown at least 5 inches in the past year.

Kim smiled proudly, impressed with herself. "How much do you need to trim off today?"

"Hardly a thing. I’ll just tip the ends, no more than ½ an inch, and then you can be on your way."

Kim couldn’t even notice any difference in length after Jill finished, and as she drove home was now totally confident in her ‘Regular’ hair routine. She also knew what she wanted to have done with her hair for New Years. That next Monday she talked with Gail about her wishes. All she had was a drawing to show her, and the drawing was closer to a cartoon picture than a realistic photo. Still, she wanted a look that would be the real life version of the artwork, if possible. Kim knew her hair wouldn’t end up exactly like it, but it was the gist of the look she was after. Gail looked at the photo and smiled, saying something like it would be possible.

"I wouldn’t have to cut anything, or risk damaging it, would I?"
"Certainly not."

"Then let’s go for it."

The appointment was made and she headed for home. She decided to keep it as a surprise to Michael, but knew it would certainly sweep him off his feet.

The End of Part 7

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