The Regular - Part 10
by Tairish
It took nearly a month before Kim calmed down from the Vegas ordeal. It took another clear bill of health from Jill during her summer trim (again only ½ and inch needed to come off) before she could truly relax again at the Bella Donna. Still a bit shell-shocked, she fell back into her ‘old’ hair routine, alternating between only her four ‘regular’ styles for work. She wasn’t quite ready to give Gail creative license again. Her hair growth was continuing steadily, as it was now approaching knee length. Kim couldn’t believe that the length she one time thought would be impossible for her to attain (to her knees) was only a few inches away from becoming a reality. While she once wondered if that would be too long, now she wondered if it could grow even longer than that. What would it be like if it reached all the way to the floor? She talked with Michael about that very thought, and she could tell from the light in his eyes that he wouldn’t mind seeing her that way in the slightest. ‘Maybe someday,’ she thought.

As the summer headed into fall Kim started getting lost in wedding plans, as the couple aimed for a traditional June wedding the next summer. Once more she let Gail pick the style, ending up with many different looks (all practical for work). She started to realize how much she looked forward to her weekly time in the salon, and found herself especially eager to see what Jeannette and Diane would be wearing that day. Jeannette, whose hair was still a good 6 inches longer than Kim (it too had been growing with time) seemed especially adventurous the past several months, opting for new, often outrageously towering styles. Though Kim couldn’t imagine wearing the creations herself, it was fun watching them each week. She even thought they might be fun to wear for Halloween.

Diane, on the other hand, simply looked stunning to Kim in whatever she wore. Sometimes she even was seen sporting huge towers just like Jeannette but she seemed to pull them off so much more….naturally, which was saying a lot since the hairdo’s were so far from natural.

It was one such tower of hair that totally captivated Kim one week. It seemed almost too voluminous to be achievable from even all of Diane’s length. (Diane also had been growing her hair longer. It now reached easily to her waist in back, though she had kept most of her layers, including the face framing ones in front that were only as long as her chin.) It was seemingly just a simple large mound of hair that reached nearly a foot above her scalp, with some mass on the sides also. It was higher than any style she had ever seen Diane in, with dimensions she was sure Dolly Parton would be proud of. Obviously the amount of teasing involved was ludicrous, not to mention the amount of spray needed to hold it all up. But there was something about it. Kim found herself captivated by the way it swirled up, with no part in the hair at all detectable, yet with the flavor of a side part the way it passed a bit over her forehead. More than that, the way Diane looked in it didn’t make it look like the huge ‘bouffant’ it clearly was. It didn’t look out of place or laughable. Diane looked….terrific. In fact Kim couldn’t remember her ever looking any better.

As she watched her own hair being formed into a center-parted yet curly twist, Kim could no longer contain her curiosity. "What do you call the hairstyle ‘D’ is wearing today?"

Gail looked over at the receptionist, jogging her memory. "Oh, that’s just a big ol’ fashioned Beehive."

"So that’s a Beehive," Kim found herself saying out loud. She recalled seeing things like that as a child, usually worn by singers or celebrities. It was also a look that she once poked fun at. Of course she wasn’t alone, as the words ‘Beehive’ and ‘Bouffant’ were interchangeable to most when talking about hairstyles from the past that would hopefully never make a come-back. Yet here was Diane looking perfectly wonderful in it. What’s more (and perhaps almost scary), here she was wondering what she would look like in one. But that would be ridiculous! It was many times larger than any updo she’d ever worn. Never the less she found herself spying on the style every chance she could get, and not too subtly either. Diane clearly noticed the looks she was getting, and just smiled a bit as she patted her ‘do delicately.

When Kim left the salon that day, she made a point of complimenting Kim on how much she liked her ‘Beehive’ hairstyle.

"Thanks! I like it too. This is actually the first time I’ve worn one. I thought Joy was crazy when she told me what she had in mind, and fully expected to look very silly."

"No. You don’t look silly at all. You look drop dead gorgeous."

"I don’t know about that."

"I’m totally serious. You should wear it like that more often."

"I’m sure I will. Besides getting lots of compliments this week, the way it feels….well… It’s a lot of fun. You ought to try one someday."

Kim just smiled at the notion. Yet all week she found herself wondering what she would look like, and what the experience would be like of just seeing the creation of a towering ‘Beehive.’ She didn’t dare try it for work, and wished she had some excuse to try it. Then she looked at the calendar and smiled. Halloween!

The next Monday, as her hair was being arranged in a large mound of petal curls, Kim summoned the courage and asked about the possibility of getting a ‘Beehive’ for Halloween. Gail told her it was entirely possible and really quite easy for her to do, making sure to point out it wouldn’t be at all harmful.

"Could mine really end up as high as ‘D’s’ was?"

"Certainly. With all your length it could be a good deal higher should you choose."

"You’re kidding?! Higher?!" The notion was both terrifying and tantalizing. She said nothing for a few seconds, and then it came out. "How much higher?"

Gail smiled as she held her hands nearly two feet above Kim’s head. "Oh, I could probably get up to here with a little luck."

Kim sat wide-eyed. She thought of Michael and of how crazy he went over her extreme look in Vegas. What would he do seeing her in this? But more than that, now she wanted to see how she would look in the huge ‘bouffant.’ If just for one night. She confirmed an appointment for the afternoon of the 31rst, and found herself very excited for days to come.

As she left the shop that day she told Diane (whose hair was down and straight again, looking fabulously healthy) that she would be getting a huge version of a ‘Beehive’ for Halloween.

"Oh you’ll love it! It’s just so fun to see the looks you get. How high does Gail think she can make it?"

"Like…., twice as big as the one you were wearing."

Both ladies shrieked and laughed out loud. "I can’t wait to see you in it. You’ll look so good!"

"Yeah right!? I’ll look ridiculous, but it will be fun."

"Don’t be so sure. You’re entering the world of truly big hair now. You may find that you like it and want to stay there." The receptionist gave her a knowing grin and a wink.

Kim laughed at the notion of becoming a person who actually wore ‘Bouffant’ hairdo’s on a regular basis.

"Don’t bet on it," she said, and left. Still, she was anxious to call Michael and start getting their Halloween preparations started. The question was, what costume would the couple wear that would be appropriate for her in a huge ‘Beehive’?

Michael was the one who came up with the logical answer. It wasn’t exactly a glamorous choice, but it made sense, and cleared Kim to have as large of a hairdo’ as Gail could possibly construct. Michael would go as a Bee, and Kim would be the Beehive. She came up with a tree costume which made her arms appear like branches. It was very silly looking but she loved it, and couldn’t wait to see how she would look after her hair had been done.

And so Kim strode into The Bella Donna on the afternoon of the 31rst ready to enter, in an extreme way, the world of ‘truly big hair.’ Gail had clearance to give her the largest Beehive she could muster.

As the rollers went in, Kim started remembering the last time she had ‘Maxed out’ her hair: that awful experience in Las Vegas. Even though that was not the work of Gail, it took a fair amount of reassurance that nothing like that would be the outcome of this style. Regardless, as the teasing comb dug in Kim found her palms sweating and her heartbeat racing.

As she expected the amount of teasing was more pronounced than usual, but actually not as bad as she feared. It was the strategically placed pins and liberal amount of hairspray (even compared to her normal stiff ‘dos) that set this style apart. They literally made a framework that permitted the length to be prodded upwards far more than nature intended. Kim eventually stopped stressing as she found herself mesmerized at the sight of her hair winding higher and higher. The finished style looked more massive than she thought possible, and made her seem like she had even more hair than she did, which was substantial. It looked even more extreme than Gail originally claimed she could achieve, and the grin that just wouldn’t stop told the stylist that her client was thrilled with the outcome.

Others in the salon laughed along with Kim at the outrageous look, and one of the other ladies having her shoulder length hair done for the holiday even requested a similar style, disappointed to learn that her far shorter hair wouldn’t be able to achieve anything near the dimensions of Kim’s. Still, she requested the style anyway.

Kim drove home, discovering it was no easy trick with such big hair. She had to crouch down a bit just getting out the door of the salon, fearful the top of her hair would strike against the top of the door frame. She had to recline the seat and tilt her head back to fit in the car. Despite this fact her hair was smashed against the ceiling. But once she stepped out of the car it immediately returned to its full dimensions. All the while she couldn’t believe that she had actually willingly requested this. It was so bizarre, and ridiculous, and….fun!!! She was truly enjoying this! She had even enjoyed watching it being created! The fact it stood a good two feet in height didn’t bother her. The fact that passers by stopped dead in their tracks staring, pointing, or laughing didn’t bother her. The fact that nearly an entire can of spray had been deposited in her tresses didn’t even phase her. She knew it felt like a plastic helmet, but she also knew it would easily wash out, and that she and Michael both actually liked how it felt. It was…..appropriate…for the look. Kim actually loved the sensation of balancing such a huge mass on her head, and felt her attention to posture as she strode around her home. She found herself staring in every mirror, laughing out loud at the absurd creation. As she figured, Michael loved it too. ‘Loved’ might be putting it mildly. ‘Totally Enraptured’ might be putting it better. After the party that evening (where, as usual, Kim was the talk of the club, though few seriously thought it was truly her own hair. Most just thought it was a very realistic wig) the two had another late night (early morning!) of wild lovemaking.

Kim didn’t take down the huge ‘hive’ until late Sunday evening, surprised at how much different she looked with her hair down again, and even how much shorter in height she now seemed. She didn’t remember 5’4" looking so short in stature, but after reaching seven feet in height (to the top of her ‘do) for the past 24 hours she now felt like a midget.

The next day, despite the fact that she was sporting her ‘poofy’ bun style again (the one that was definitely the highest of all her ‘regular’ looks), she felt that her hair almost looked too flat. Not that Gail had toned it down at all. Just compared to her Halloween creation taken down just the previous evening, it was definitely far ‘tamer.’ Over the next several weeks she found herself leaving the salon basically happy with whatever style she was sporting, but curiously wishing they were a bit…bigger.

For the staff Christmas party that year she again wore her hair down, proud to show off the fact it now reached her knees. As expected everyone from work adored it and fawned over it, including Dawn and her husband. Dawn had allowed her hair now to continue to grow (ever so slowly it seemed, constantly reshaping it to try to avoid the ‘ugly phase’) and it now was a short ‘Bob’, just covering her ears with longish bangs. She looked so much softer and better like this, and even found her work relationships going better now that she didn’t come across as such a domineering and hard woman. Her husband obviously loved it too, as his hand could always be found stroking the ends of her hair whenever the two were seated together, or dancing on the dance floor. It was an action that clearly Dawn enjoyed, looking very much like a satisfied cat as he stroked her mane.

For New Years the couple stayed home. Michael asked if he could play with Kim’s hair, to which she of course replied ‘yes,’ surprised he needed to ask. She was more surprised that he did more than his usual soothing brushing job. He actually teased it a bit all over, though nothing near the way it was done each week, and then proceeded to put it all up into a remarkably stable and smooth French twist with no part. Kim sat perfectly still, both enjoying the whole ordeal and wondering whatever had come over him. After the last pins were put in and a rather heavy layer of spray, she rushed to the bathroom to see what he had done in the mirror. She returned beaming, touching her hair gingerly. He had actually done a pretty good job. While it wasn’t perfect like Gail would produce, it was far better than most and certainly superior to anything she could do.

"When did you learn to do this?" she asked him, more than just a little surprised.

"That was my first try, actually. Did I do OK?"

"OK! You did great! How did you know what to do?"

"I’ve been taking it down for so long now I’ve kind of figured out how it is done. I just tried reversing the take-down process and I guess it kind of worked. You don’t mind that I tried do you?"

"I must admit that it shocked me a bit at first, but then I actually quite enjoyed it. It was very…..sensual."

"I was worried you might think it a little too weird. Please don’t tell anyone about it."

"Honey, compared to all the things I pay to have done to my hair each week it can hardly be called weird. Your secret is safe with me….. but on one condition."

"What?" he asked a little fearfully.

"That if ever the desire to do anything like this consumes you again…"

Michael looked down, as he had figured this was going to be his only opportunity to play hairdresser. Oh well, it had been fun.

"….that you recognize you have my full permission to go with it."

Michael raised his eyes, unsure that he had actually heard her correctly.


She felt her hair again, stunned how well it was holding up. "Absolutely. Who knows?! Maybe you’ll get so good at it I’ll become your ‘Regular’ instead of Gail’s."

With that he lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom. They were preoccupied for many hours to come.

It was in early January that Kim’s life was shaken up a bit. After another slight trim (her hair was now officially to her knees.) she learned that Jill was moving to Florida and this would be their last appointment. Jill’s husband got a new job there with Disney and just couldn’t turn it down. It was an emotional farewell as Jill had trimmed her hair since she was a teenager.

This brought up a new magic question. Who would trim her hair now? Gail was the logical choice, but what about Michael? He was proving so wonderful with washing, brushing, braiding, and now styling her hair (he had now perfected putting her hair up in a French Twist, and was now trying to duplicate several of her other ‘Regular’ styles). Perhaps he would be the one.

She didn’t decide then and there. She had six months before she needed to worry about it anyway.

As the new year started passing Kim still found herself not totally satisfied with her updos, despite the fact that each week was something new and wonderful, and that each week there was no shortage of compliments from co-workers, clients, even perfect strangers. Michael loved them all, though he seemed to favor the more elaborate ones a bit. Understandable, thought Kim, as she tended to favor the more elaborate ones too.

Kim perused her scrapbook of the past few years, laughing at the different Halloween pictures, and finding herself stopping when she got to this most recent set of Halloween shots. She studied herself in the gargantuan ‘Beehive,’ which didn’t even seem so outrageous now to her. Of course it was much too much for work, but when she placed her hand over the upper half of the tower of hair in the picture she realized she liked how she looked in a scaled down version of the style. In fact she really liked it. She wondered how she would be received if she showed up for work in a ‘Beehive’ similar to the one that Diane wore that one day. After all, ’D’ pulled it off quite easily. Could she?

The next week she tried to summon up the courage to ask for a ‘Beehive’ but couldn’t. Despite the fact her hair was curled and back-combed each week she never considered herself as wearing a style she would categorize as a ‘Bouffant,’ and she was very happy about that, having no wish to ever be accused of such a blatant fashion mistake. A ‘Beehive’ would absolutely cross that line. She did, however, request a style ‘a bit bigger’ than usual. Specifically, a little more height on top. Gail didn’t even flinch (almost like she was expecting this request eventually) and gave her client a nice curly French Twist that reached a good two inches higher than normal. As it was being created Kim was a bit nervous that this was an error, but was extremely pleased by the final look, and was beaming as she left the salon. The style was definitely noted at work but not negatively at all. In fact, most of the women in the office now were wearing their hair up on a daily basis (though it was quite obvious none were having it done professionally), or growing their short hair out so that one day they could wear it up. It was almost as if Kim was the hairstyle trendsetter of the firm, an unofficial title she was proud to bear. (Truth be told Kim wasn’t the only woman in the firm who recognized that for years the best assignments went to the women with the shortest hair. Many had kept their hair short for that reason alone, while others were trying to summon up the courage to take the plunge, every month or so having their regular style shortened by an inch or two from normal. Most ended up with versions of a ‘Bob’, unwilling to commit any shorter. It had been easy to recognize the newer employees just by looking at the length of their hair, as long hair generally meant ‘Rookie.’ But as Kim had experienced success since switching to her updos, the hair trends of the office had taken a radical shift the other way, and when it became clear even Dawn was growing hers out, it was truly a rare occurrence when any of the ladies came back from their stylists with anything but a trim.)

The following Monday she again requested a style of similar larger dimensions. She left with a sexy side parted topknot piled high with petal curls. She immediately fell in love with her reflection. Though she had never worn this style before Kim thought it looked very familiar. Then, later that week, it dawned on her that she had often seen Jeannette wearing this style. That acknowledgment made her stop in her tracks. What was happening? Jeannette only wore updos she would categorize as ‘Bouffants’. They were old fashioned and outdated and….huge. Despite the fact that Jeannette pulled them off so well they were still something to be avoided at all costs. Now here Kim was sporting just such a look. SHE was now sporting a ‘Bouffant." Had she mistakenly crossed the line? Was she now a walking fashion mistake? If so how long had she been in error?

She strode to the washroom and took a hard look at herself in the mirror. There was no way around it, though she desperately tried to deny it. What she was wearing could only be called a ‘Bouffant.’ She was trembling a bit as she looked herself over from every angle she could muster. Try as she could at being the Devil’s Advocate, she didn’t see anything wrong with her image. She simply loved what was looking back. And if there were any negative repercussions happening at work she sure didn’t know about them. Even Dawn complimented her hair, and if anyone would tell her she was not looking ‘professional’ it would be Dawn. Her sales hadn’t let up at all. In fact it had been a very good month in spite of a down market for sales.

For the next month Kim was surprised to find herself continually requesting her styles be ‘a little bigger’ than her ‘regular’ looks, even asking for each to be ‘bigger’ than the previous week. She eventually ended up wearing a style that not only was clearly a ‘Bouffant’, it was now even larger than whatever Jeannette ended up with. In fact it almost seemed like she and Jeannette had pulled a role reversal, as Jeannette was toning down her updos a bit at the request of the new love in her life. Kim thought her friend almost looked a bit frumpy now compared to how she normally wore her hair. She just didn’t look the same in a simple French Twist or low bun. But then Kim was now totally smitten with the world of the ‘Bouffant.’ She loved her reflection so much she couldn’t imagine going back again to her plain old French Twist. She studied her picture on her business card. Her hair looked so….dull and flat compared to its splendor now.

In mid March she stepped into the salon only to be greeted by Diane once more sporting that marvelous ‘Beehive.’ It once more looked absolutely wonderful. More than that, Kim noted it really wasn’t much higher than the styles she was now wearing each week. In fact it really wasn’t any higher at all. Were her weekly styles truly that high now, or had Diane’s just been toned down from the last time? She didn’t even spend any effort trying to answer that question. All she knew was ‘D’ looked almost too good in the updo. That was all she needed to spur herself on, and she confidently requested a matching version of it from Gail. She wasn’t even thinking about other peoples’ reactions at this point. For so long she wanted to do this she just sat back and savored the moment, watching the ever growing swirling tower of hair take shape.

When the last layer of spray was dispersed, and the salon cape removed revealing Kim in her work clothes and the pristine ‘Beehive’, an exact duplicate of ‘D’s’, she found herself overcome. The image staring back at her looked far different than she expected. Not that she looked bad by any stretch of the imagination. On the contrary, she looked…..perfect! Never had Kim thought she looked as totally together as she did now. As she drove to work she found herself constantly checking her look in the mirror, and touching the foreign dimensions of her hair, thinking it might be a few inches taller than what she could safely get away with. There was something about the basic simplicity yet obviously sizeable dimensions of this style that had totally won her over. She worried it wouldn’t be received well at work. That proved to be totally unfounded. For some reason others immediately saw the perfection of the look just as Kim had. By that Wednesday Dawn even suggested she get new business cards with her hair in the style. As the week went on her love of the look only grew. She had a new favorite updo, and this was it. Happily, Michael seemed every bit as taken with it as she was.

The next week she once more requested the ‘Beehive’, and later in the week had new photos taken for business cards in the style. She then went in for another updo the following week, happy with the change but already longing for the ‘Beehive’ again. Come the next Monday she was sporting the huge style proudly once more, realizing this would now become her ‘Regular’ style. She wore it each week for the rest of the spring. When her new business cards came out, she threw out the old ones (keeping a few for her scrapbook). Comparing the two looks was almost laughable to her now. She looked so different in the French Twist. She looked so much better, so much more confident, so much more all together in the ‘Beehive.’ She was firmly entrenched now in the world of ‘Truly Big Hair’ with no intentions of leaving it.

As the summer came thoughts started turning to her wedding. Her wedding party included both Diane and Dawn. She knew what she wanted to do. Her wedding was going to be similar to the Stacy Chamberlain wedding in that all the bridesmaids would be wearing updos. However they wouldn’t be sporting French Twists. They would all be wearing Beehives (though toned down versions since not all had enough hair for anything more). She smiled at the thought of some of her friends coming into this salon, experiencing the same unfamiliar treatment and stresses as she had so many years ago: fearing for their hair as it was teased and sprayed. She decided to keep her choice of style as a secret until the very end, realizing that it was almost an evil secret. But she knew she would have backed out of the Chamberlain wedding if she had known her hair was going to be put through what it did, and then where would she be now? She didn’t want any of her Bridesmaids backing out. She couldn’t wait to see Dawn in an Updo. Her hair was now just grazing her shoulders, easily long enough for these talented stylists to work with. The thought of some of her other friends in the retro look made her laugh out loud also.

The question now was, ‘How would Kim wear her hair for her wedding?’ It was obviously a question to which she had put a great deal of thought over the past year. But her new love of more massive styles had thrown her for a loop, as now there were so many more possibilities to consider.

Gail suggested she come in one Sunday and the two would play with her hair for a day hopefully coming up with THE LOOK for her wedding. She found herself totally enjoying the day as she saw herself graced by no fewer than a half dozen different updos, each one more and more massive and fabulous. She wasn’t sure at all what to choose until she saw the last style. It was a good sized ‘Beehive’, definitely larger than what she normally wore but not the outlandish height of her Halloween ‘do. However the back of this one was an intricate combination of shell curls and even some sausage curls hanging down just to her shoulders. It was fantastic and she almost requested spraying it so she could wear it up all week, though she resisted the urge. However this was definitely THE LOOK. She left the salon, her hair freshly washed and hanging down past her knees perfectly healthy like a chestnut waterfall.

It hadn’t been until the past month that she had come to that wedding style decision. At least she thought she had come to that decision. But then one weekend, while the couple was watching a rented movie and Michael was slowly running his fingers through the length of her silky tresses she was thrown for a loop.

"Wear your hair down at our wedding for me," he said in a tone which was half suggestion and half nearly a command.


"It’s just so beautiful, like a real life wedding train. I can’t imagine anything more breathtaking than seeing you in your gown with your hair trailing down behind you."

Kim didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t told Michael about how she planned to wear her hair, leaving that as a surprise. It was a style she was excited about. She hadn’t even considered that Michael might have a differing opinion, and certainly not anything so easy as just straight hair.

"Did you want it at least curled or something?"

"No. Just straight, showing off all your wonderful length."

Rather than say anything, she thought she’d ponder the idea. It was just so opposite what she was planning she didn’t know what to do.

That Monday morning, as her hair was being rolled for her ‘Beehive’, she spoke to Gail about her predicament. Gail said she would give it some thought. Others in the salon, overhearing the conversation, were quick to give their opinions as Kim sat under the dryer. Most said she should just do what she wanted. This was ‘her’ wedding after all, and the bride is always the star of the wedding. A few of the older clientele, very used to appeasing their men, said she should do what Michael asked.

As the rollers were coming out Gail gave her opinion. "How about doing something that would be a little of both?"

"I don’t see how I could have both big hair and have enough hanging down to look good?"

"Well, there would have to be some concessions."

That was a hard word for Kim to hear, but she held her tongue as she listened to her stylist.

"Actually, this might work real well, as it would tie in all the bridesmaids too. What if we leave most of it hanging down the back just like Michael wants, but the top and sides we use to form a ‘Beehive’ the same dimensions as your bridesmaids? I realize that won’t be the size you’re used to, but the group would look quite stunning. And then Michael gets his wish, and you still get an updo which I believe will look terrific."

"I was just really looking forward to that wedding style we came up with."

"That won’t go away. Maybe you can use that come New Year’s?!"

As Gail started in with her teasing comb Kim pondered her suggestion. She might be on to something. It was interesting how her mind worked now. Doing something new with her hair meant bigger and more elaborate. This too would be different, but simpler and toned down.

Soon Gail was arranging Kim’s teased tresses into her ‘regular’ style. She watched the procedure, recognizing that if she chose Gail’s idea the ‘Beehive’ portion would be only half the size she was used to. That hardly seemed like much of an updo to her anymore. Of course a few short years ago even that would have seemed outrageous. She smiled at what a different person she had become.

That week she found herself looking at her reflection quite often, trying to picture Gail’s suggested wedding style, trying to get comfortable with the notion that less mass could be just as effective as more. Several times that week she pried if Michael was still dead set on her wearing her hair down. He was.

The next Monday she again talked with Gail. Kim had decided that she would go with Gail’s suggestion, basically, but wondered if some curls could be added somewhere to the style. Gail suggested curling the length, but Kim shared how Michael wanted it straight to show off all her length. Then the stylist grinned knowingly.

"What if we……………."

It was a grand idea. One that would make Michael happy, tie in everything with the bridesmaids, and even make Kim happy. She immediately started thinking of nothing else, totally forgetting about the ambitious version of the ‘Beehive’ she originally planned on sporting.

As the limousine full of the wedding party pulled into the ‘Bella Donna,’ Kim couldn’t help but recall memories of the Stacy Chamberlain wedding. As then the bridesmaids knew their hair was going to be put up, but didn’t know how, and Kim wasn’t letting the cat out of the bag yet. Of course it would become entirely obvious as soon as they set foot in the salon, because ‘D’ and Gail were both in the wedding party also, and their hair had to be done already or they wouldn’t have time.

When the ladies caught sight of what would become of their hair, it was a mixture of giggles and nerves. Dawn whispered to Kim that she suspected as much, but doubted her hair could be coaxed into such a look.

"Just you wait. You’re going to look great!" Kim said confidently.

Even though the ladies knew what was to come of their hair, none really knew how that was going to be accomplished (except Jeannette of course). Although all by now knew Kim was a ‘Regular’ of this salon, and knew she had her hair teased each week, none truly believed it was to the degree she described, nor that their own hair would be subject to such treatment. So the morning would still be full of some suspense, thought Kim. She looked around trying to see if any of them were clearly uncomfortable about this as she had been back getting her first French Twist. They all seemed ready and willing. She wondered if they’d feel the same when they discovered all the teasing involved. But then none of them had really long hair like she did, with the exception of Jeannette and ‘D’, who of course but knew what this place was all about.

Kim accepted that the ‘Beehive’ the bridesmaids wore, due to the fact some had fairly short hair, would be a smallish one, but until now wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. She was almost pleasantly surprised that it still clearly looked like a ‘Beehive’ and not just a big bun. While ‘D’ of course looked marvelous in it, Kim still believed she looked even better in a more grandiose version of the ‘do. Seeing Gail in the style was a treat, as she looked so completely different. But then for years with very few exceptions Kim only saw Gail sporting her ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ flip. But as she was now Kim probably wouldn’t have recognized her out on the street. Not that she didn’t look good. She looked wonderful. But as fun as it was to see her looking like this, Kim was much more comfortable with her stylist looking like…..her stylist. It was just so odd, as Gail started washing her hair, to be looking up at her close friend in anything but her usual ‘do. It was almost as if she were in the hands of a complete stranger.

The salon was alive with chatter as everyone was soon sitting underneath a dryer. They actually were all real troopers liking quite comfortable in their new environment. Kim was soon joining them, looking much different than usual since not all her hair was up in rollers this time.

The next several hours were priceless, as Kim got the chance to see her good friends experience what she went through each week. When they all realized that their hair was not only going to be teased, but it was going to be TEASED, the whole tone changed. All of a sudden it got quieter as people watched one another and for some just tried to relax. Dawn was surprisingly game for all this, probably amazed that she now had enough hair to work with. Jennifer was taking it like a pro, as she had experienced all her virgin jitters at her Halloween party. The one most nervous, almost surprisingly, was her next door neighbor Lisa. In high school and college she had been in many amateur theatre productions, so Kim assumed she was quite used to someone playing with her tresses. Her hair was not quite midback length and extremely curly, almost like a very tight perm, but in her case it was totally natural. Joy had the tough assignment of setting it so all her curl was straightened allowing her finished look to be every bit as smooth as the rest. Kim assumed her friend was worried about the extreme combination of both straightening and backcombing, fearing the mixture could truly put her hair at risk.

By late morning the group was done. They all were constantly touching their new ‘dos and checking their reflections in the mirrors. Dawn seemed most fascinated, as this was the first time her hair had been up in countless years. Joy had accomplished the seemingly impossible with Lisa, as her hair had the exact same texture as everyone else. It actually looked very nice on her although her natural curls were wondrous to look at. Anne and Denise looked so different without their bangs. Jennifer actually enjoyed the whole thing, and almost seemed disappointed she couldn’t get hers done a little ‘bigger.’

Although Kim was still a bit pensive about her own hairstyle choice, when the last pins had been placed and a final layer of spray applied she knew this was absolutely the right decision. As her veil was placed and secured it was truly hitting her that she was about to be married.

Gail and Diane took off their work outfits and quickly changed into their bridesmaids gowns, which actually were dresses all the girls planned on wearing again sometime, and then the bride and her eight ladies of honor all climbed into the stretch limo and were on their way to the church.

The procession down the aisle of the wedding party was a thing to behold for all the guests in attendance. The bold choice of updo on all the ladies definitely made a positive impression on everyone. Even Kim’s mom, whose own hair was so short she didn’t require a trip to the salon, started thinking about growing it out for the first time in probably 20 years.

The eight bridesmaids, in matching dresses and now matching Beehives looked absolutely stunning. Then came the bride.

As Michael had hoped, the vast majority of Kim’s hair was straight and falling down her back past her knees. She didn’t need a train on her lovely wedding gown, as her hair made a real life one.

But the front, sides, and top portion of her hair had been drawn up into a Beehive exactly the same dimensions as the rest of the wedding party. However hers had some distinct differences, as some of the ends of her hair were delicately curled just slightly and pinned to the lower portion of the updo. On the back the number and amount of curl increased slightly. Finally, two long sections were allowed to escape from the base of the Beehive and hang down behind her, having first been transformed into full sausage curls, solid from top to bottom. These curls lay on top of the train of straight hair, though because of the intense curl ended just shy of waist length.

It was an elegant, awe-inspiring creation that literally took the breath away of all in attendance, Michael included.

After the wedding, the receiving line was swamped with compliments of how wonderful everyone looked, especially the hairstyles. By now all the ladies in the wedding party had to agree. Even Lisa, so used to her numerous tight curls, had to admit this very different look had been fun.

All the stylists from the Bella Donna were in attendance in some form at the wedding, either as part of the wedding party itself or as an invited guest. It was almost fortunate, because only one would have been exhausted talking about the bridesmaids hairstyles with the numerous guests who found them quite intriguing. With all of them in force, it was easy to share this task. A great deal of business cards exchanged hands before the reception was over.

The Newlyweds spent the evening in the Bridal Suite of the cities most posh hotel. At first they thought this a ridiculous waste of money, but since it was a gift from Dawn they couldn’t very well turn it down. The room was quite a marvel and both lovebirds realized it certainly added that perfect finishing touch to a glorious day.

What was also glorious for Michael was spending the rest of the day touching and looking at Kim’s fabulous wedding style. It was a mixture of everything he loved. Her long straight hair, so soft and silky and flowing, the thick curls, a joy to watch bounce and to touch, and the intensely teased bouffant mass on top of her head, pinned and sprayed firmly in place. He absolutely adored it, and it showed in his lovemaking.

The couple’s two week honeymoon was spent in the capital of romance: Paris, France. It was a magnificent treat for both of them, as visiting the city had long been a fantasy for both.

Partially at Michaels request, and partially for the fun of it, Kim left her hair down and straight for the entire time. At first it took her a while to get used to being out and about so much with it hanging free. With her ‘regular’ updos she never had to worry about it getting caught in things, or being in the way, and wind was never a factor to her. But after a few days she was once again back to her old self, the way she was before becoming a ‘Regular’ of The Bella Donna, totally enjoying her free flowing tresses. The big difference now was her mane was a good two feet longer. The looks of awe and admiration it garnered everywhere she went brought a sly grin to her face. Michael knew it too, and constantly beamed a big smile.

However near the end of the Honeymoon, as the couple lined up it’s itinerary which included some very elegant restaurants, Kim couldn’t help but slip out that she wished she could wear her hair up for at least one evening.

"If you’d like I’ll do it for you," said her husband.

"I can’t ask you to spend your afternoon in Paris being my hairdresser."

"No, really. I’d be happy to."

"You really don’t mind."

"Not at all. In fact I’d really like to."

Kim looked at him, trying to see if he was being earnest or bluffing. He had done her hair numerous times now in private, but this would be the first time one of his styles would go public. The request was genuine. After quickly getting the materials he needed at a local beauty supply, Michael quickly transformed Kim’s long flowing mane into a pristine French Twist with a side part, as perfect as any Gail had ever done. How fitting for Paris. Even though it wasn’t her favorite updo now, Kim felt every bit the queen in the restaurant that evening.

Kim kept the style up for the next day, getting reacquainted with the look that graced her business card for so long: the look that first got her immersed into the world of The Bella Donna. She once more was smitten with it. Still, for their last evening in Paris she wished she could be sporting her favorite Beehive once again, and somehow let this slip out.

"If you want I’ll give it a try," said Michael.

Now Kim knew Michael had become very proficient with many updo’s now, and of course always took her hair down at week’s end. But he had never tried actually creating the Beehive, always a bit frightened to even give it a shot. It was, most certainly, a bigger challenge than any of the other styles he had done. She certainly didn’t want the Honeymoon to end on a down note if he couldn’t manage the look. But if he could, it would be so nice. The perfect conclusion.

"Are you sure you know what to do?"

"I’ve been taking it down for how long now? I know every pin placement by heart."

And so Kim found herself treated to the experience of her favorite person, her new husband, putting her hair up into her favorite updo. The hotel bathroom was too confined a space, so the couple shifted to the main room which had no mirrors. This was very different for Kim. While worried at first, she eventually relaxed and, as she felt it all taking shape, found not being able to watch quite intoxicating. By the time the last pins were being placed she was almost disappointed that this experience was coming to an end. She was more than just a little aroused.

After a final heavy layer of spray Kim saw his handiwork. It was…..exceptional! She was wearing a beautiful Beehive that easily could have been the work of Gail. Was there nothing her new husband couldn’t do?! And it felt every bit as stable too.

Their last evening in Paris was one that would stay in their memories for all their lives. It was almost as if the city was there just for them, for everywhere they went they were treated as Royalty. Of course the way the two of them were all dressed up many might have actually mistaken them as Royalty. The two did nothing that would let strangers think anything else, and that night in each others arms laughed out loud at the masquerade they had successfully pulled off.

The next morning Kim woke to find her Beehive was every bit as pristine as the previous evening, and opted to keep it up for the plane ride home so she wouldn’t have to worry about her hair in the crowded airports and planes. A quick layer of spray insured it would stay in place. She noted it still looked every bit as perfect as if Gail had done it herself.

One thing was for sure. If she ever needed a backup hairdresser she needn’t look any further than the other side of her bed.

The End of Part 10

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