c2000 Dave555

This took place about two years ago when I started to take a liking to a girl at my high school. We were both juniors and we both one day decided to go out with each other. Her name was Jennifer and she was cute-looking. She was a little bit heavy, but that didn't bother me. She wasn't skinny, thank god. Jenn had short red hair that looked wonderful just as it brushed her shoulders. The light would show every strand and when it was humid, it would look even better when it curled up. She would always take her fingers always to push back her hair as her bangs would flop down right above her eyebrows. I loved it.

I had gone out with her for a month when peculiar things started to happen. I noticed that Jenn's hair was longer, but as it was longer, it was also prettier than before. Her bangs fell over her eyebrows and now crested the top of her pretty eyes. After a few days, her hair even seemed even longer. It was enveloping her shoulders and her bangs were already down below her eyes, falling past the bridge of her nose. She was even curious about this herself, as her hair had already grown as fast in two days as it had in a month's time. We were inclined to figure out when she cut her bangs back severe to her mid-forehead. But by the next day, they were back to the top of her eyebrows. Her hair had already grown an inch in one day!

This proceeded for a week when Jenn's bangs had grown all the way to her chin and the rest was to her mid-back. People at school had stopped looking at Jenn's heaviness, and paid more attention to her hair. It was beautiful, now with more waves and silkiness.

But just as I thought things were getting better, they turned the other way. I didn't talk to my girlfriend for a couple of days when she met me at her house. I saw her hair and to my disbelief Jenn had cut her hair back into a boyish cut. It was awful looking. I dealed with it, but I had a feeling I should stay with her.

Something hit me that night in my dreams, something wierd, strange, bizarre. I saw everything my girlfriend and I did over the last month and everything changed. I felt an overpowering strike hit me when I broke up with her - I woke up in a cold sweat. I ended up not seeing Jenn for it was the weekend and I had to go out of town for an appointment at my college I was applying at. I thought about her the whole time.

I returned late Sunday night and tried to sleep so I could wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get to school. I had normally met Jenn by her locker every morning to talk to her and everything else. I got there and I was shocked. Her hair hung in one length to her waist. On top of that, she somehow had lost weight and looked better than ever. I asked her what was going on and she didn't reply to it. She was just as dazed and confused as I was.

Everybody was looking at her all day and as it passed, her hair seemed to get longer. By the time school was out, it was to the middle of her butt. I had never seen anything more beautiful than my girlfriend at this point, long beautiful red hair enveloping half of her body. I spent the rest of the day with her, playing with her growing hair, which was growing even longer still. By nightfall, it was to her knees. I ended up having to leave that night, late. I wondered what was going to happen tomorrow.

I showed up at school the next day and waited by her locker. No Jenn. She hadn't shown up today. Maybe she was sick, or maybe she just slept in. Whatever the case was, I was still worried about her.

At the end of school, I went straight to her house and asked for Jennifer. She was in her room, her mom told me and I rushed up to see what was going on. I entered her room, but I didn't immediately see Jenn. What I did see was a room filled with almost glowing red hair, and finally I saw her. I saw Jenn's pretty face swimming in a sea of hair that was growing so fast I could actually see it growing from her scalp. And how fast it was growing!

I talked to her for what seemed like forever about things we enjoyed over the last month and a half. We laughed, cried, and hugged each other. I noticed then her hair growth was accelerating. It looked like it was being pushed out of her head like play-doh. I had never seen a thing like this happen. Her room was full of red tendrils trying to escape out of the door, and there seemed no way of getting out.

We were trapped and if we didn't get out, we would be stuck forever. My first method was trying to find a way through her hair to the doorway but I ended up tangled in it. I found some scissors and started cutting through it when I noticed that Jenn's hair grew even faster. There seemed like no way of getting out, and I ultimately knew the end of both of us was near. I looked at Jenn's eyes and said, "I love you." And our lips locked together......

Instantly, the hair around us ceased moving and the hair on Jenn's head stopped growing. It seemed easier to move around and we eventually freed ourselves from the roomful of red hair. I used the scissors that I had used earlier to find our way out and cut Jenn's hair to where I had most thought it looked stunning, right at the middle of her butt. She hugged me and I kissed her and we were both happy.

Well, to this day, I still love Jenn, and she still loves me, she still has that beautiful wavy red hair that touches her butt, now to the bottom of her butt (it's been two years now). I still can't get enough of her!

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