c2000 Dan (The Shampoo Man)

Not too long after my wife and I were married, we decided to take a camping trip. Now I like to camp, but not as much as I did when I was a boy. So we went camping, and as with most camp grounds you do not get your own individual bathrooms so the men and women of the camp ground share one. Well we had just started cleaning up after dinner and my wife said she wanted to take a shower. I said okay, in a not too happy way, and she asked me what was wrong. I said I wanted to wash her hair that night, but how could I do that if they didn't allow men in the women's bathroom? She said, "Well I won't wash it... maybe we can figure something out when I get back."

While she was gone I figured it out: I would heat up some water, put the big bucket in the tent and wash her hair in there.

By the time she came back I had a big pot of water heating on the camping stove. She asked me what the hot water was for. I smiled and said it was for her head. She thought for a minute and shook her head and said, "It looks like you figured out a way to wash my hair... but where are you going to do this, outside for everyone to see?"

"No," I replied, "in the tent, over the bucket!"

Now this was about 1978, and at this time in our marriage my wife's hair was almost to the middle of her back and a gorgeous chestnut brown color, very thick and straight with no split ends. When flipped over it was one big sheet of silky shiny sexy hair. This was hair you looked forward to washing!

We waited awhile for the water to cool down a little bit, by this time it was getting dark and I had to turn on the camping light in the tent, never thinking about the silhouette it might cause against the tent wall. I took my wife in the tent with the big pot of water and had her get on her knees over the bucket but first I had her take her scrunchie out her her hair and let her hair down. I pushed her head forward and flipped her hair over and brushed out her sexy mane of chestnut brown hair. Then I poured water over her head and drenched her hair very well. She looked sooo sexy with her long wet hair flipped over that bucket.

I started to apply Prell shampoo to her hair lifting the two-foot overhang and providing a little pocket in her hair to apply the shampoo. I lifted the overhang and massaged her gorgeous long hair into a pretty good lather and piled as much as I could on the back of her head. After a few minutes of this I pushed her head back into the bucket, she replied, "Hey! You're getting a little too rough here!" I had to admit that I was getting a little carried away.

After I rinsed her hair I applied some more shampoo for another sudsing, the bucket was already almost full of her left-over suds from her hair. Still, we soaped her hair up again, creating A HUGE MASS OF SMELLY PRELL SHAMPOO. This drove me even crazier as I love the smell of Prell shampoo. I did this for about three minutes and then wrung out the excess suds and had her sit up on her back legs. I piled her long wet mane on top of her head and got hotter and hotter - I told her that I wanted to fuck her and she said, "You can't, I am on my period!" Well I told her I had to relieve my hard-on. So I pulled down my pants and inserted my dick into her pile of sudsed up hair and hair-fucked her soapy tresses. It felt good with all those suds and her soft hair caressing my dick. She told me she did not want me to cum in her hair as we did not have enough water to wash it again. So just as I was about to cum, I pulled out of her suds pile and came in my hand [unfortunately I did not have her trained to give me a blow job yet!]

I then cleaned my hands in the sudsed-up water while she held her piled up hair on top of her head. We didn't have enough water so we had to use water from the outside spigot. This did not please my wife, as it was very cold. I rinsed her hair and heard some "Ahhhs!" as it was cold but she did let me quickly put the Prell conditioner on. Oh man, her hair was already very, very soft even before it was dry.

After a thorough yet quick rinse, I lifted her massive overhang of cold wet hair and put it in a towel. She said,"You owe me honey - a nice big massage!" I gave her a thirty minute back, leg and arm message, like I do every time I sink wash her hair. Later she dried it and we did some erotic brushing.

The next day I went to take a shower and our neighbor, a man in his fifties at the time [at least looked that old] said that him and his wife enjoyed seeing that silhouette of me washing my wife's hair last night. I turned beet red from embarrassment, and this guy said, "Oh don't be embarrassed, I have been married to my wife for 26 years and I still wash her hair every week end." This made me feel a little less embarrassed. It also made me think back then how many men are secretly washing their wife's or girlfriend's hair and that it is not that uncommon.

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