c1999 Long Hair Fanatic

Cassie sat down in a barber's chair of a barber shop, awaiting the only stylist there (also the only other person there besides her.) The stylist was having some kind of argument over the phone. Even in the mirror, Cassie couldn't see her stylist, she could only hear what she was saying. She could see her reflection however: a thin woman, average height, with a cape covering whatever shirt she was wearing, a plain old face with zits on it, and killer blue eyes behind thick glasses. She also had golden shimmering shiny thick blonde hair... in a bowl cut not even touching her ears. She was going to get it trimmed even though her friends always told her, "Oh Cassie, you have such shiny, healthy, thick hair! Why don't you grow it long, it would look so good!" Cassie would always reply, "It would be such a pain to take care of!" Cassie for that reason never had hair longer than what she had now, her mother felt the same way about her hair, and didn't ever want her daughter to be late for something because she was taking care of long hair. Cassie was 21 years old and out of the house now, but refused to grow her hair more than half an inch longer than what it was because she loved how easy her hair was to take at this length. She squandered her money for many trims, it seemed like her short hair was her pride and joy, and it was... until that day.

Cassie just stared at her reflection waiting for her stylist to come back... suddenly she felt a strange tingle in her legs, in every area that she had her denim jean shorts on. She felt like something had appeared underneath her shorts. In curiosity she took the shorts down just so she could see what was underneath, and underneath her shorts was the bottom of a blue two piece bathing suit. She became very confused, and wondered not only how, but why the bottom of a two piece bathing suit had appeared underneath her shorts. But a new curiosity hit her...she had never been in a two piece bathing suit, so she took her shorts and shoes off. She then felt a tingling around her chest, and felt like something had appeared under her shirt, she took off the barber cape and her shirt, and found that she was wearing the top to a blue two-piece bathing suit. She stood up and stared into her reflection. She had a perfect hourglass figure, and loved the new look. She didn't care anymore about how impossible it seemed that she had a bathing suit appear on her body, all she cared about was how it looked on her body which was great.

She continued looking into the mirror, and watched as her many zits vanished. Her dull shaded lips turned to a seductive rose shape. Her glasses vanished from her face, but to her surprise she could see fine! She loved this new look, and wondered why she never thought of trying out anything like this before. She looked away from the mirror, afraid of what her stylist might think if she saw this transformed woman at her seat, but her stylist was still not there, she was still on the phone.

Suddenly Cassie felt a tickle on the top of her ears, she reached up and noticed that it was her hair that was doing the tickling! She spun her head around, surprised that her hair smacked the bottoms of her ears when she met the mirror... her hair was now below her ears. She figured that even though this didn't make any sense, she felt that the longer hair was an improvement and that only a couple of inches wouldn't kill her. But in the mirror she watched as her hair continued to grow down to her chin. In curiosity she touched the hair... so soft and thick and she delighted in the sensation of her fingers running through it, she thought it would be great to have her boyfriend do the same to her. Her hair continued to grow, trapping the sunlight as it grew down her neck all the way to her shoulders and even a few inches past!

"My hair is long now, I can't have that!" So she picked up the scissors because she could no longer wait for her stylist to get back. But looking at her hair, her long, golden, shiny, silky, thick hair, she just couldn't cut it. It was too beautiful! "I guess I can keep it this length, but no longer!"

Funny she said that, because she then watched it grow all the way down to mid back. Again she considered the scissors, knowing that hair that long would be so much work. It was sooooo beautiful, but so much work at the same time. Tears filled her eyes, as she lifted the scissors ready to make the cut...when suddenly the hair grew and grew and grew! It reached the end of her back, her hips, her butt, her knees, her calves, her ankles, to her feet. She stood poised with the scissors, but threw them on the table. Hair like this was going to be hard work, but how could she bring herself to destroy this mass of gorgeous tresses?? She couldn't. "I love this hair!" she proclaimed. "The work will be worth it!" She walked around the area, delighted by the sensation of her hair dragging behind her. She played around with it, for what seemed like hours, laughing gleefully...until she heard the words "I have to go, I have an appointment, bye!" from the stylist in the other side of the room. She became afraid that this stylist would come and hack her pride and joy away! The girl who freaked when she got an inch of growth on her hair, now didn't want a scissor to touch a strand. "Not this hair!" she thought.

Yet as Cassie turned to a mirror she caught her reflection: Same girl with the boring face full of zits, dull red lips, glasses on. No bathing suit, just the plain clothes she had on before. And worst of all, the same SHORT blonde hair. "Ok it was all an illusion, I was dumb to think that something like that happened! But I am going with my boyfriend right now to get some new clothes, I am seeing my dermatologist, getting some lipstick, and growing my hair! So that stylist can find something better to do." With that, she left.

Outside Cassie's boyfriend was waiting to pick her up, but to his surprise he didn't see her walk out the door. Instead, what he saw was an attarctive woman with a blue two piece bathing suit on, a pretty face with dark red lips, and long, thick, golden hair reaching all the way down to her feet. And he was surprised that this girl called his name... in the same voice as Cassie! Was this beautiful woman his beloved Cassie?

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