Rita's Transfer: Head For Minnesota To Save Your Long Hair
    by Mrs. Ekaterina Cooper of Morehead, Kentucky, USA.

added on 20/02/2011

For some good years young Rita Lavonne McDavid had been letting her very own red hair grow quite lengthy, even as she entered her sophomore year of college at Morehead State University. Ofcourse, keeping only her bangs trimmed while the rest just grew longer was just the kind of a style and length she always wanted. Having growed up the daughter of caucasian sharecroppers in Carter County, Kentucky near the town of Grayson, Rita felt that a college scholarship was her only ticket off of the farm.

So for her student portrait photo taken on Tuesday, October 15TH, 1967 as seen in the center of the third row of the first column on page 334 of the 1968 Morehead State yearbook called the Raconteur, Rita wore her long red hair pulled back in a ponytail, which she then flung in front of her left shoulder. To some of her fellow students, they naturally assumed Rita was Pentecostal, which is only one of a few religions that forbids women to cut off their long hair. Other fellow students thought of Rita as being almost a Hippy. Afterall, Rita's long hair did help her to kind of like blend in with fellow students that were into the Hippy culture at the time. However, as of Saturday, May 4TH, 1968, when Rita celebrated her 20TH birthday, her mother asked, "Rita, I know how much you adore your long hair, but you're getting to be more mature now, and you may want to consider cutting off your hair to a decent length, like Mia Farrow did three years ago on "Peyton Place". So when could I make you a salon appoint for it, or would you rather have me cut it for you like I did when you were 10yrs old?" Rita growled, "No way, Mom! I'M keeping this long hair of mine until the day I die!
Besides, I want to wear it long for my wedding day, and for all the times I have to give birth to my babies!"

Her mom cried, "But, Rita, I only want what's best for you". Rita shouted, "If you think that my cutting off my long hair is best for me, well, think again, old lady!
I put up with your criticisms for far too long in my lifetime! I'M not starting off my junior year of college with short hair for anyone, period! My hair stays long, and you will just have to learn to live with it, and love it!" With that remark, Rita ran for the door, and drove off. Later that night at the dorm, her roommate Jane Ann Lindsell of Bethpage, New York was helping Rita to pack up, bag and baggage. Jane sighed, "So your mom got onto you about giving up your hair too I presume?" Rita weeped, "Yes! She did! I'll never forgive her for that ever!" Jane looked in the mirror at her own long blond hair that now was at the halfway point of being between navel-length and waist-length, and sighed, "Well, I was lucky just to grow mine this long so far, and I've been letting grow for ten years now, with the exception of an occasional trim". A knock came upon the door, Rita asked, "Who's there?" A voice called out, "It's Mary Maureen Roberts from the Lambda Kappa Tau sorority. Is Jane in there?" Rita sighing in relief replied, "Come in, it's open". M.M. as she liked being called walked into the dorm room wearing her extremely long dark brown hair up in her usual Beehive hairdo as seen with her fellow sorority sisters of Lambda Kappa Tau on pages 186-187 of the 1968 Raconteur yearbook. M.M. gasped, "We haven't very much time. We got to hurry!" Jane asked, "What's up?" M.M. replied, "That Clara Nan Lawson is about to bring a complete disaster to Karla Bryant!" Rita answered, "What kind of a disaster?" M.M. shrieked, "Clara wants Karla to trade in her Beehive for a bob!" This sounded quite serious. Jane asked,"Where are they now?" M.M. cried sadly, "Enroute to Clara's hometown of Hazard!" As she looked out of the dormroom window, Rita inquired, "I see Clara's car now. It's pulling from her parking space. Come on, we'll head'em off at Pikeville!"

Quickly, the three long-haired beauties raced downstairs, and climbed into Rita's 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan, and sped off. Clara's 1963 Studebaker Avanti may have been a good coupe, but its six cylinder engine was no match for Rita's 409 c.i. (cubic inch) V-8. As Clara headed south via State Highway 801, Rita headed east by southeast via Kentucky 32, and turned right at Sandy Hook heading west for West Liberty, which was a town that Clara would have to pass through enroute to Hazard. Rita's pink Chevy soon caught up to Clara's green Studebaker as Clara pulled into a filling station in the center of town. Quickly, Rita kept the engine running, but left Jane in charge with the car until they returned with Karla. While the station attendant was filling Clara's tank, M.M. confronted Karla who was weeping because she knew that in 24hrs, Clara planned to personally chop off Karla's long raven tresses. So with Clara detained in the restroom for now, M.M. & Rita approached the Studebaker, placed their hands over Karla's mouth. M.M. responded, "Keep calm and still, Karla. We're just trying to keep you from making the worst mistake of your whole life!" Karla whined, "Oh, Mare! Rita! You two don't know what I've gone through. I'M getting my Masters' Degree next week at graduation, and Clara just thought that I'd look more professional with a shorter coif!" Rita replied, "I may only be a sophomore for now, just like Jane's a junior, but Mare's a graduate the same as you, and for you to graduate college without your long hair is just insanity!" Quickly, Rita grabbed for Clara's car keys, and opened the trunk removing Karla's suitcase, and the three of them ran for Rita's car, and sped off back the way it came. Karla was still crying, not only sad tears, but also happy tears. The sad ones were for her having listened to Clara in the first place, and the happy ones for getting out just when she did. They knew now that hiding out on the McDavid farm would be a mistake as well as trying to cross state lines.
So Rita suggested, "Let's hide out at Ellen's place in Lexington?" Jane asked, "Is it safe enough to hide there?"

Rita added, "Where else would they not think to look for us at?" Mare replied, "I'M in favor of hiding in Lexington. What about you, Karla?" Karla whimpered, "OK, I guess we could". Rita asked, "Jane? How about you?" Jane sighed, "Sure! Why not?" So Rita headed west down U.S. 60 towards Lexington. At the time though, I-64 (Interstate highway) had not quite reached Lexington just yet. So when the pulled up to the Meyer residence located at 9559 Man O'War Boulevard, they hid Rita's car in the garage under a tarp, and fled to the guestrooms upstairs in the old Plantation style mansion. Meanwhile, Clara was looking all over West Liberty for Karla with no luck whatsoever. Soon when it was learned that Karla had, to coin a phrase, "Taken a powder", and also "Gone on the lam", well, this proved to Clara that one girl could not force another to change her image, especially if the one whose image she wanted very much to change had no interest in the idea whatsoever. As the result, Karla's hair was saved from the scissors, which Clara's own mother used on Clara the last weekend before class picture week. Soon Rita, Ellen, and Jane had put in their transfers to U.M.D. (University of Minnesota at Duluth), and Mare and Karla were already awaiting their homeroom classes of 5TH Graders at James Dean Public Elementary School in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

As Rita and Ellen started their junior year of college while Jane entered into her senior year, well, things seemed to be going normal for the girls by now. Within a year, a double wedding ceremony was planned. Mare and Karla were to be brides with Rita and Ellen as their only bridesmaids, and Karla had Jane for her Maid-Of-Honor while Mare wound up with Mima Krause of North Bellmore, New York. Mima's hair had grown quite fast at this point, and she vowed never to chop it off under any type of circumstances. Mima just like Jane, Mare, and Karla had been in the Lambda Kappa Tau sorority back at M.S.U. and was now lucky to be attending college in Minnesota.
Ofcourse, Ellen even began letting her own red hair grow longer, too. Although, Ellen's was of a much darker shade of red, Rita's was light enough to look like a Valencia Orange, which goes to explain why some people are ignorant enough to mistake certain redheads for blonds, but mostly occasionally. The grooms for this double wedding were named Louis Pasteur Addams and Droop Agnew Addams. Droop was to marry Mare, and Louis was to marry Karla. After a most casual to formal ceremony, it was onto the reception at the home of Louis and Droop's Cousin Gomez Addams at 0001 Cemetery lane in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This double wedding took place on Saturday, May 17TH, 1969. When they tossed their bouquets, Rita caught Mare's, and Ellen caught Karla's. As a sign of gratitude, both mare and Karla named Rita as the Godmother for their children.

Another year had to pass before then, and on Monday, May 4TH, 1970, Rita was celebrating her 22ND birthday visiting Mare and Karla whom both wound up in the maternity ward at once. Yet, the arrival of the sons of Mare and Karla was mainly overshadowed by the tragic events in Ohio on the campus Kent State as National guardsmen gunned down nine innocent co-eds; wounding five and killing four. By 1972, Rita and Ellen earned their Masters' Degrees as well, and began their teaching careers. It may not have been much of a start. However, Soon Jane, Mima, Rita, and Ellen had also married into the Addams family. Jane married Genghis Khan Addams. Mima married Kublai Khan Addams. Ellen married Omar Norman B. (Bradley) Addams, which only left Rita married to Stretch Addams. So once again, destiny brought clean cut, eccentric grooms together with long haired brides, and the Addams family increased in size again.

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