Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 00:16:29 -0500

For what it is worth -

The Super heroine you describe in the preface to "Birth of a Super Hero"--Medusa--is one of my favorite comic heroes. Here is the reader's digest version of her story:

The character Medusa (then known as Madame Medusa) appeared sometime in the 60's and was created by Jack Kirby, one of the legends of the comic book art field. She was working with a villain named The Wizard. She later became part of the Wizard's team of super villains called the Frightful Four, and battled the Fantastic Four.

She had been suffering from amnesia, and was unaware of her true origin until she was contacted by her family: The Unhumans. The Unhumans were a race of mutants living on the moon. There they had a society that worshipped the Terrigen Mists. When exposed to the mists, they were granted powers. Medusa had been granted the power of Living Hair.

She later married the king of the Unhumans, and served a short while as a substitute member of the Fantastic Four. Her sister, Crystal, also has long hair, but only about waist length.

Medusa's hair (according to the 'official' sources) is about six feet long. But posseses incredible tensile strength and elasticity. It can be extended to nearly 40 feet, but loses strength doing so. At its normal length it is about as tough as steel cabling of equal diameter. When it is 'relaxed' it retracts to around her knees or to her ankles, or floats around her depending on the artist.

Medusa's power is described as a special form of telekinesis that only affects her hair, and it is that same telekinesis that relays the sense of touch back to her when she is using her powers. She can do as many as six or seven things at once using her hair alone.

She cannot fly, although she had glided before, as well as whipped her hair around like a fan to generate wind. She can climb buildings quite well with her hair, or move quickly across the ground.

Medusa (and the other Unhumans) often make guest appearances in other comic books. They also had a recent short run of their own book (a six-issue mini series I beleive.) So if you want to see more, keep looking!


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