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At first, Susie thought the voices were her imagination. Those little voices that said, "it's time to brush your hair," or "you'd look better with your hair down today."

But as the voices grew more distinct, saying "Why did you stand here, the light is so much prettier on your hair over there." She knew that it was more than just stray thoughts. She thought back to the day at the salon when she had bought that shampoo. It had said, "adds life to your hair." Susie knew now that it was more than just ad copy.

When she went back to get another bottle from the salon the girl there had beautiful shiny black hair. It had bounce and body, much like Susie's curly golden blonde hair had begun to look. It always was perky and shiny and looked incredible. It swayed vibrantly across her shoulders even on still, humid days and everyone remarked about how pretty her hair was. As Susie brought the bottle to the cashier, the girl looked at it for a moment and looked into Susie's eyes. The girls black shiny hair bounced happily. "There's nothing quite like it, is there?" she said. Susie felt uncomfortable, as if a secret had passed between them. "No, there really isn't," she mumbled, and headed back to her car.

She had a date tonight with Gary. And while she knew her hair was going to look incredible, she needed time to put the perfect outfit together and makeup on to match. Her hair was in a 'sunny' mood today, and that meant bright colors. Gary looked great. And from the moment the date started, he could not take his eyes off Susie's hair. Her hair knew it too, and showed off, by being even more vibrant and shiny than usual. Several people in the restaurant stopped to remark on her hair. But it was obvious to Susie that her hair was putting out just for Gary. Afterwards, back at her apartment, Gary was sitting on the couch running his fingers through Susie's hair. The little shivers of ecstasy that her hair sent into her scalp made her bite her lip to keep from moaning. Gary's fingers stroked her curls and her hair responded to his touch by caressing his hand in return.

"Your hair is amazing, Susie," he said, "I've never felt anything like it. Its like it moves on its own. I feel like it is stroking my fingers when I touch it."

"It's my shampoo," she said, "It adds life to my hair."

"It adds life to you, " he said, bending in for a kiss. Her hair tightened its curls around his fingers as they embraced.

* * *

Her hair began to prepare for their second date a few days early. It let her know how to brush to bring out the best shine, and Susie was sure it had to have grown at least six inches. Gary met her at the door, ready to go out, but her hair had other ideas. It sent a sexual shiver through Susie that made her knees limp. As Gary swooped in to catch her, her hair fell over his shoulder and caressed his neck. A few curls rolled up and touched his cheek. He was ready after that, and the date moved to the bedroom. As they made love, her hair slid back and forth across his chest, and as Susie moved down to take him into her mouth, her hair coiled around him, and tickled his legs, his belly and balls. Susie was lost in the orgasm that her hair was having for her. She could feel the energy in her scalp and see the strands of hair moving around on their own. She felt powerless to stop them. Gary did not want them to stop!

In the morning, Susie knew that her hair would not let Gary become another in a list of boyfriends. Her hair wanted him. Over the course of the night of lovemaking it had grown another six inches. Now her golden curls hung to the middle of her back. She briefly thought about not buying any more of the shampoo. A warning tug she felt on her scalp changed her mind right away.

* * *

Several months passed and Gary soon grew tired of the hair play. He would brush it aside to reach her breasts and neck. Susie's hair had grown past her hips, and while Gary appreciated the length, and loved to caress her hair, after that he would bore quickly. As did Susie's hair. Her hair demanded more and more attention. And every night, it demanded more exercise in bed. Gary loved it when her curls would envelop his face and crawl down his chest to his groin and tickle him. He must have thought it was a game Susie played because he never thought it strange that Susie was often lying with her head on his chest sound asleep.

One day, Gary didn't come back, and Susie, her curly golden hair now hanging mid-calf, sat around the house waiting for something to happen. And it did. Her hair wanted action. It started by gently swaying against the backs of her legs as she walked around the apartment keeping busy. Susie liked to feel it do that, like a cat rubbing affectionately against her leg from her butt to her knees.

While she paused to enjoy the moment, her hair wrapped a curly blonde tendril around her shoulder and slipped into her blouse. Another snaked up her leg and under her skirt. Her hair slowly stroked her body. Softer and slower than Gary, but it knew all the right spots. Susie moaned with pleasure. Her hair knew the cues. Between the waves of sensual pleasure from the feelings of her own hair fondling her, and the excitement of that her hair was feeling Susie was powerless to resist.

Her knees gave way and her hair caught her and gently laid her down on the carpet, never ceasing to tickle, rub, caress, and pleasure her. Her clothes were gently lifted away and replaced by silky golden curls that massaged every inch of her skin. She came again and again, and her hair greedily absorbed the juices.

Susie could feel her hair growing more with every wave of pleasure. She was enveloped there on the floor, head to toe in an undulating, pulsing, pleasure cocoon. Her screams of pleasure were muffled in the masses of hair surrounding her. When she could not stand it any longer, her hair seemed to know, and relaxed. Neatly untangling itself, it gently set Susie back on her feet. Her hair lifted up (so as not to pick up dust from the floor). She was a little unsteady at first, but her hair, sensing her wobble, nudged her back to upright. She looked in a mirror, wondering what she would see.

In the mirror her hair was like a living thing rippling behind her. Thick with body from pulling up off the floor it spread out from her sides and back like a golden aura. The curls danced with movement. She could see her hair just brushing her ankles, and could feel her hair protectively gripping her waist and shoulders. Susie wondered idly how long her hair was now. Her hair answered by straightening the curls out and hanging down behind her to lie on the floor of her room by quite a few feet. It was at least twice as long as she was tall. She could feel the smug assurance from her hair that it would get longer still. Susie settled into bed with her hair cradling all around her body, and she knew that in the morning she would call Gary and tell him not to bother. She had found a new lover. Her hair agreed.

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