c1999 Dan (The Shampoo Man)

My sister is about four years older than me and back in 1969 she had a slumber party and invited her friends over. She had about four of her girlfriends over, one of whom came over with a cast on her foot becuase she tripped over her little brothers' toys and sprained her ankle. All of her friends had shoulder length hair that was teased up (like they did in the sixties) except the girl that sprained her ankle - she was one of the few girls who had started to wear there hair like they did in the seventies with it long and split down the middle. It was a chocolate brown color and hung down to her butt.

The other girls wanted to go shopping but Susie (that was her name) wanted to stay home because of her ankle. To add to this story I would have had to go shopping with them because my parents went out to dinner and a movie with friends, but Susie volunteered to stay with me. I was 13 and these girls were 17.

About ten minutes after everyone left, I was watching T.V. in the front room when Susie said she had had it with her hair, and said she had to wash it even if she had to stand on one leg. I didn't say anything as she walked in the kitchen with the shampoo conditioner and towel. I acted like I wanted a glass of pop and went to the refrigerator which was beside the sink, just as she flipped her hair under the faucet. I wanted to wash her hair so badly but I was too shy to ask. Unfortunately she never asked me. I did sit at the kitchen table and watch her wash her beautiful hair, as she got up on her elbows and lathered it up and then rinsed. She only did one sudsing, and then added the conditioner.

After she washed I went back to watching T.V. Then she came in the front room and started drying it underneath this hair dryer that had this plastic bag that went over the head. After about twenty minutes of this she took the bag off of her head and her hair was dry but in disarray. She said, "Oh man, I forgot my brush in your sisters room, would you go get it for me? If you do I will let you brush it."

I said, "Why do you think I want to brush it?"

She said, "I saw you watching me when I was washing my hair, you wanted to get your hands on it!"

As I was blushing I went upstairs to get the brush. I got my nerve up to tell her, "Okay, if I am going to brush it, you will do what I tell you." She said, "Well, aren't you the boss?!" I said yes. She said, "Okay, this ought to be interesting."

I told her to get on her hand and knees on the floor and put her forehead on the floor, then flipped her hair over. She said, "You are not going to get fresh are you?" I told her I just wanted to brush and play with her hair. She did what I told her and I started to brush the knots out of her hair. Hearing a loud "OUCH!" I told her I was sorry.

After I got the knots out I saw one big sheet of long silky hair on the floor. All I could see was her hair and no face. I kept brushing it and bunching it up and then I started nuzzling it and inhaling the Prell shampoo smell. It was sooooo very soft. She said, "You really like long hair, don't you?" I said yes.

I had her sit up and flip her hair back and I started brushing it from behind and forming a pony tail. Then I had her bend her head forward and flip her hair over as I just found that I really got turned on by flipped-over long silky hair. I just continued to brush it through till the end and kissed the back of her head and told her how soft and sexy her hair was. I got very hot and excused myself to the restroom.

When I came back she had her hair pinned up and she told me that we had better stop or this might get out of hand. I agreed and asked her to never tell anyone about this. She kissed me long and hard on the lips and said, "You bet, it will be our secret," and said that she would never forget it. From that day on I have been turned on by shampooing and forward-brushing.

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