Johnny's Hairotica
by Sat
I was at the age generally known as the difficult years for every growing boy when a gorgeous, long-haired lady whom I’ll just call ‘Angel’ entered my life. For close to three years, her influence completely dominated my life and she literally had me at her disposal as it were. This affair had the potential of completely ruining our lives, yet did wonderful things to both of us. Angel literally made my life a heaven. I daresay I did my utmost to reward Angel for her favours.

She was a good five to six years older than I, yet not really old enough. Yet, exhibiting a maturity far surpassing her age she guided me out of the teenage crisis that could’ve finished me. She was studying psychology in college to be a cousellor -- having earlier tried her hand at medicine – which helped a lot. But this magnificent girl totally answered to the title of Angel for me even as an ordinary human being. Looking back, I wonder how fortunate I was to have this angel on my side, taking me to dizzy heights of pleasure possible for only a few.

But, perhaps, I should begin at the beginning.

As I said, it was a difficult time for me, and my parents. Complications at my birth had ensured that my Mom was to have no more issues and my parents had more or less reconciled to it. Financially we were doing well and leading a comfortable life in our one story house along a street dotted on both sides by row houses and compact bungalows. In the house across the street was where Angel lived with her elderly aunt- a spinster- and father, a divorced Salesman. His job took him all over the place and he had no plans of remarrying, quite content with the staus-quo. Our families had become quite friendly over the years, and enjoyed quite a few get-togethers and outings. All this time however, quite surprisingly Angel and I rarely communicated, happy to be doing our own things. In fact, we hardly knew each other.

Somewhere along the way, however Nature had been silently working on all of us as we were all growing up Most of my buddies at school had been noticing disturbing changes in both physique and psyche. I of course was no exception, struggling to come to terms with all the new-found knowledge, not the least of which was the so-called opposite sex. Girls in my co-ed school on their part were also experiencing a very broad range of emotions that played havoc with their physical states, complicated by the more pronounced apparent physical changes.

Angel meanwhile was busy with her psychology thing and very keen on becoming a counsellor after college. She had grown into a big girl, gifted with a glowing mane of golden blonde hair, which she wore in a simple braid, most of the time wound in a large bun concealed under a scarf or some sort of a cape. She also was generously endowed but seemed least aware of it.

I had begun watching her with feelings that I couldn’t fully comprehend. I felt a glow of pleasure whenever I thought of her, felt confounded whenever our families met either at our house or on their terrace, which also had a properly appointed room for Angel’s study, besides having enough space for a cosy tea-party. Our terrace had not been as well kept, but almost as high as theirs, and offered a view of activities going on there.

Somewhere along the line my growing up process got mixed up as it were, and as it turned out later, hormonal over-activity was its cause. I had inherited my parents’ good looks, sound health and a love for music. I used to play guitar, and rather well, I’m told.

A period came when there was a sudden spurt and my overall physique simply went on overdrive. Soon I measured almost 6 Feet, with other matching developments. It was unsettling and frightening, what with my difficult age. Soon my mates found it tough to relate to me as before as I had suddenly become ‘big’. Reactions from elders were equally confusing—girls and women were giving me “the look” with men treating me as competition! All this was playing havoc with my growing mind; soon I withdrew into a protective cocoon and became unreachable. My parents too knew they had a problem child on their hands and began actively seeking ways to 'treat' me. It was at this time that Angel with her golden hair entered my life in a big way.

Our many visits over time to psychiatrists and doctors of various persuasions had produced a lot of medical reports, and my parents maintained a green folder for them. This dossier was to see some additions that day and I remember that morning I’d had a row with Dad with Mom looking hurt, saying nothing. I was feeling wretched, had not shaved or bathed and was being coaxed into taking breakfast with family. A dirty sweatshirt and shorts was all I wore, and made a perfect picture of a mal-adjusted boy-child. Of course all that I can tell now is pure hindsight—back then I was too full of myself to even notice!

The doorbell rang; Dad went to the door and let in Angel and her Dad who had been invited to join us for breakfast, unbeknownst to me. I am sure my Mom must have mentioned it well in advance and assumed I had heard. The pleasantries out of the way, we settled down. Angel was looking radiant in some flowery skirt and an open-neck shirt. She had on a violet scarf fully covering her head. They joined us at the table and presently my Mom served us all. I sat there, sullen and wondering how I could work up any appetite at all. Others, obviously not similarly constrained, seemed to relish the food and were behaving quite normally. My parents acted as if they had reached some decision, and looked sort of relieved, yet prepared. I managed to push the food around in my plate, acutely aware that I was making things difficult for all and feeling all the more defiant. I idly wondered what Angel must have been thinking about it all. I found her chatting pleasantly with my Mom with occasional contributions from the men. I somehow managed with a few grunts and smiles between mouthfuls. After a while I simply excused myself, walked over to the far end of the room and stood at the window overlooking our small garden, with my back to the assembly and almost out of earshot.

I noticed that after my exit the atmosphere on the table had been transformed to that of concern and camaraderie with participants conferring in a huddle, talking earnestly. After a while it was Angel who seemed to take the floor and spoke softly at length, with occasional glances in my direction. She had taken off her scarf, revealing a sizeable golden bun, loosely put together. Her face was framed by a few stray tendrils which she tried in vain to pat in place, only succeeding in letting loose a thick long golden strand which punctuated every move of her head. She made a pretty enchanting picture, quite soothing for my frayed nerves.

Presently they all fell silent and then Mom called out my name to invite me to the table. I walked over, not without misgivings.

Now Angel herself addressed me, without preliminaries and waving my green dossier for effect, “Look here, Johnny, we all feel you need help. I have gone through your reports. As you know, I am studying to be a counsellor. If you allow, I’d like to take over. It’s not that I’m doing you any favour, nor do I mean to offend. I need to submit a real life project report for my final terms at the college and to me, this means a lot of valuable experience. We really have nothing to lose trying, and much to gain. You game?” Her deep blue eyes had a frank and open smile about them and the offer seemed quite sincere.

I looked at my folks and her Dad for any cue. None came, and the ball was finally in my court. Looking back, I often wonder what made me take so long to say so, but after some uneasy moments on that fateful morning I decided to put myself in her hands and said, “Yes.” It was a decision that was to influence the very way I lived thereafter!

“When do we start, Ma’am?” I asked of Angel.

“Right away, if it’s OK with all of us here," she replied.

Soon it was agreed at the table that we be sent upstairs to my room for the preliminaries, where she could start her very first session of due diligence as it were. It was also decided to grant us freer access to each others’ houses and rooms and sufficient privacy, for future sittings at all reasonable times. It all sounded so confusingly formal to me, but then I guessed it was fair enough for everyone, though I was not quite sure about what fair and unfair was! The elders had apparently given it much thought and perhaps were merely spelling it out for my benefit. Presently they were back to discussing some local event coming up shortly, leaving both of us to our own devices. It meant they would be waiting for us there when we returned from our first session. It also was our cue for exit from the room.

With a cheerful smile Angel turned to me and said, “Shall we?” and I nodded not quite knowing if it was really what I wanted. It was a once-in-a lifetime moment and even today I catch myself replaying it in my mind over and over again.

I was acutely aware of the golden mass of her hair and wondered vaguely what it would be like if I ever could get to see its unraveling. It had come quite close to that stage. Many more strands of her hair had by now parted company with the bun and swirled tantalizingly about her, the occasionally flashing blue eyes enhancing the overall spectacle. My mind was on a roll; I was unable to make complete sense of the complex maze of criss-crossing thoughts that stormed my brain. It nearly took my breath away. If she had noticed my attention, she didn’t show it. As luck would have it, and helping me regain my composure, she quickly fixed up her hair with a few deft movements of her hands and the scarf was in evidence again. She had to be blind to have missed my reaction, I thought. She seemed intent on settling down for a longish talk, focused on the case on hand. For all I knew, she was not even aware that I was so keenly aware of her!

I led her to the stairs and to my room at the far end of the passage upstairs. Gingerly opening the door, I stood aside awkwardly to let her in first. For the first time I became conscious of the difference in our heights, and statures. I felt quite outsized next to her compact and lovely body smelling of some divine fragrance. Once inside the room, with remarkable perceptiveness Angel put me at ease with a dazzling smile and asked “Won’t you offer me a seat, Johnny?” I scrambled to find the best available chair in the room for her and wished I hadn’t plastered the walls with so many pin-ups .To her credit, she stared right through them. Motioning me to the chair at the study table near the window she pushed the door, which clicked shut behind her.

With both of us seated, she opened my green dossier that she had carried along, and asked, “Ready, Johnny?” “Whenever you are” was all I could say.

“Now, Johnny,” she began, “First things first. Your folks are quite upset to see you so confused and unhappy. I am here to assist you professionally to find whatever it is that’s bothering you. Your reports here tell us nothing except hormonal over-activity and only you can help me in helping you. You’ve got to be frank with me and cooperate by being involved in the treatment. Apart from counselling, I’ll also be using a few things I picked up while trying my hand at medicine. I am telling you this, so you understand that your anatomical or other experiences too are important and I’m going to have to ask you a lot of questions about them. Please don’t be embarrassed, and feel free to ask questions, OK?”

“ Now, remove that shirt of yours, lean back and totally relax, Johnny.”

I wasn’t sure I had heard aright.

Divining my thoughts, Angel explained, “Johnny, I also want to observe you anatomically as you answer my queries. Your body language will be clearer to me. Besides, it’s harder to lie glibly while in a relaxed state, with minimal clothing on!” Very clever, I thought .I had been exercising regularly on medical advice, and I certainly loved to show off my muscular body. I proceeded to take off the shirt. I was not sure, but I thought I espied approval on her face. I took my time about it as if it was some fast vanishing craft of which I was the lone surviving practitioner. I also allowed myself a bit of rippling of muscles and stretched athletically quite unnecessarily. Now only in shorts, I resumed my seat, only to be stumped by Angel’s next remark, “You’ve got a great body, Johnny!” By the time I could find my voice, she had gotten up and wandered off to a corner of my room, to soon return with my estranged and dusty guitar. It had been months since I’d played it last.

Wordlessly she wiped it clean and started strumming right away. Cheerful notes immediately flew off her fingers and I listened appreciatively.
“A bit rusty, am afraid. Haven’t played much of late.” She explained.

“You play quite well, Ma’am. It was lovely!” I commented, sincerely.

“Thanks. When and why did you stop playing?” She wanted to know.

”Ever since this…” I trailed off.

“Music is good therapy, Johnny. Will you play your favourite for me, please?”

“Sure Ma’am. Only for you!” I ventured, and started strumming it like never before.

Something about this beautiful girl and the heady effect she was having on me made me play soulfully for a while. I found myself relaxing and when it ended a dazzling smile and claps rewarded me. I decided it was the best performance I had ever given for an exclusive audience.

“What do you feel about your school-mates, do they like music too?” she asked. By now my guard had been lowered, as I no longer felt threatened or depressed. “A handsome guy like you must be having a lot of girl friends. Do they also know how well you make music?” She wondered.

This encounter was getting better by the minute, I thought. This lovely girl actually called me that? I found myself warming to her. So I felt obliged to confess what a hit I was with the girls, that is until the most unexpected rejections and unwarranted insults almost entirely stopped my socializing, and that I could neither understand nor explain what exactly my fault was .I also told her I was quite good at studies and liked outdoor activities a lot. And that of late I had found peer acceptance not forthcoming, and had gradually drifted away from the social circuit. I spoke for a while, and more than I had intended to. Angel fixed me with her piercing gaze all the time and listened and observed me attentively. I was happy for the legitimate excuse to stare right back at her, only half believing that I was actually sitting so close to her, watching. Somewhere along the way, her scarf had again come off and I found her absent-mindedly playing with her own hair, which occupied much of my attention. My dossier now was open on her lap, which she referred to from time to time. She also kept prompting me, asking short probing questions, ensuring I talked almost non-stop. I felt completely at ease in her company and felt great relief at the end of this near-soliloquy. Compassion was writ large on her lovely face, and I felt great stirrings deep within as she looked almost on the verge of reaching out to hug me close to her.

Presently she sprang to her feet and started to pace the floor, perhaps digesting what she’d just heard and read from my reports. She seemed more upset than I was, and her next statement threw me off balance. “Johnny, your body has attained near-manhood, and there’s a boy inside that’s not quite ready yet and can’t make sense of the body’s changed demands. Your mind is unable to articulate and validate the body’s requirements. This has caused internal conflict, and you can’t rationalize either your bodily reactions or thoughts. But not all is lost; we have to update your notions about certain adult concepts, so your mind is more in harmony with the body.” She smiled reassuringly and continued, “All this mumbo-jumbo is normal in our profession, understand only that from now on we are in this together and we’re going to swing it!” With those words, she came to stand so close to me that I could actually smell her sweet perfume mingling with her shampoo’s fragrance, and a great brew it made. She looked up to me protectively and said, “Johnny, go take a shower and a shave too, please. I’ll go downstairs and tell them we’ll require some more time for this session. I’ll phone home and inform Auntie that I’ll be in only at lunch. Please have faith; we are going to make it!”

Angel soon vanished downstairs. I felt obliged to carry out her wish, and proceeded to make myself presentable for the extended first session. I was feeling quite light after the outpouring, and I actually caught myself humming and whistling softly. Properly dressed and clean-shaven, I bounded down the stairs to reach the dining table to find the assembly eyeing me appreciatively. Their comments made me suddenly realize what a difference it made to them to find me, well, normal. Angel’s smiling eyes thanked me profusely and I felt all warm inside. It was a triumph for Angel, a sort of coup to get me to behave just normally. My Mom had about her an air of someone feeling vindicated. It later transpired that it was her idea to encourage Angel to accept this challenge, bless her.

Presently our Dads left for their local club and Mom left for the kitchen, again leaving us alone. Angel looked at me with a look that I couldn’t quite fathom, her eyes dancing and a determined air about her. She turned and headed for the stairs, removing her scarf on the way and for a brief moment shaking her hair free for the first time. Before I could blink, she had a loose version of her bun back in place, but not before my mind absorbed the swish and whoosh of that golden blur. Then I sort of woke up and ran up the steps after her, my heart beating faster and not entirely due to the exertion.

Once in my room, I waited for her to resume her seat and at her signal, relieved myself of most of my clothing.

She further had me drape a towel around my middle and coolly ordered me to discard the underwear too. I obliged, but the towel just about covered my middle and I had to sit straight at my chair, for fear of compromising internal security. Inside, the things were quite beyond my control and comprehension.

Now she said, “Trust me, Johnny, this is not without reason, you’ll see. Now let me tell you something about acceptance. It’s only when you accept yourself fully, as you are, that you can expect others to accept you. Your mind is not able to make complete sense of what the body’s trying to say, nor will the body respect the mind’s admonitions. So, to help you accept yourself, let’s try to facilitate this communication. Let us ensure you know your body well enough to understand and accept it.’’

“Now, tell me a little about your girl-friends. What type they are, their looks and likes. Be as honest as you can while answering. Also, try to watch your own reaction even as you tell me. Start from the one whose company you liked the most. I don’t have to remind that only honestly answering these will help.”

I could tell her of about half a dozen of my friends, and attempted for the first time to analyze them in the manner she had described. I told her of some very happy memories and in no time was talking animatedly as at her prodding I also tried to examine my innermost feelings about them. It was discovery time for me and she seemed to be closely monitoring my slow but steady progress.

She kept at it, asking that occasional risqué question making me squirm, but giving me ever-new perspectives about my body. That it was a woman subjecting me to this catharsis made it at once extremely complicated and elegantly simple.

This journey of undulating passions told me a lot about myself and I could feel pleasurable currents all over the body as I went over and over through the fine nuances of what essentially was a teenager’s emotional perspective, a glimpse of adulthood. Angel had gently walked me to the stage, where I no longer felt burdened. So when it came, I was ready for her question, “Johnny, what is the single feature that attracted you to these girls on a physical plane? They all seem to me quite unlike each other. Also, please try and tell me the exact nature of that attraction, try to introspect. Do take your time.”

I took a deep breath and faced myself squarely in my mind. No, I didn’t need any more time. "It’s their hair, Ma’am. With your help, I now know what I must have known all along, it’s hair!”

Now that it was out in the open, I felt quite at ease with this lovely girl. I feel somewhat differently now, but on that sun-kissed morning I was a little surprised at her total lack of surprise at this profound revelation. She was quick to divine it, and explained that my affinity for hair was quite apparent to her and indeed to virtually every girl who I might have been with long enough, and that women were a lot more perceptive than they were given credit for. My preference was too pronounced to be missed and perhaps I was the only one surprised at this discovery. She summed up by informing me that she was not unaware of the effect her own hair was having on me at all the times in the past at our family outings, and in fact at that very moment.

I involuntarily glanced at my fig leaf and was secretly glad human beings had not yet developed X-ray vision and that the door behind her was locked from inside. After all the emotional drain, I was feeling almost totally naked and vulnerable. With Angel reading my body language with such facility, I couldn’t risk a grammar that was suspect. So I really panicked on hearing what she said afterwards. “We seem to be making some progress, Johnny. Now let’s make the most of it and explore it further. Let me see if I can help you understand your hair-love in some detail. You will see yourself exactly how you feel about hair and how the body and mind can reconcile on that. Now, if you are ready.”

A bewitching smile made her eyes dance and for me the result was unseasonal sweat and palpitation. “Shall we?” she said invitingly. Remaining seated, her beautiful proud face tilted upward, she motioned me to come close and simply pointed to her scarf. Like one under hypnosis, I seemed to roll on silent wheels and reached her after a longish moment, like one having what is known as an out of body experience. Her scarf was held by a knot under her chin and by another a little above her nape. Trembling with anticipation and a host of unnamed feelings, I approached the front one and after some fumbling undid it. Now all that remained between me and all that gold was the second one, and the thought made me jumpy. I still wasn’t sure if all this was going right. Her reassuring glance did nothing to help and I tried in vain with shaking hands to unravel the other by standing behind her, taking care not to touch her hair. She gently asked me to try it from front side, and bent slightly to make it easier for me. Still finding me wanting, she moved to the edge of her seat and bent further down, her face a little above my middle but a lot closer. I stood in front of her, unable to see her face and trying to remove the scarf. I was succeeding at last and more and more of her hair was visible now and coming out loose. Some of the hair had become entangled in the knot and it was taking longer than expected. I was bending to get a better grip, and now I could smell the intoxicating fragrance emanating from her body. Her head was now occasionally brushing my towel, shooting pleasurable tingles all over my body. Suddenly I realized that she must have been getting a clearer look and feel of the activities going on inside my scant clothing that was not equipped to conceal much. My whole being was in turmoil now and I soon gave up trying, breathing heavily and stood away. My pelvis was a scene of hectic activity, and I couldn’t trust myself to meet her eyes.

Sensing my discomfiture, she got up and said, “Sit here Johnny, and relax. Try to feel completely what your body is telling you. Be honest, and don’t be afraid. You’ve got to finish the job and free my hair from the scarf, so that I can show you just what hair can do to you.” With these words, she made me sit at her chair and dropping to her knees in front of me, slowly lowered her magnificent head on my lap, her head just a whisker above my sparingly covered middle. “Now try again, Johnny!” she said.

As if from a distance, I felt her lovely head closing in on my lap, covered by merely a fast-slipping piece of cloth bravely protecting my vitals. The towel had become damp at places and not all of it was sweat. In ecstatic anticipation my whole being trembled .I now wonder why, but then I thought it had slipped from Angel’s mind that she herself had divested me of my undies and on exactly what that sweet face would almost squarely be resting as I struggled with her scarf. Somehow to me that meant taking unfair advantage of this kind girl and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I made a massive effort to persuade my whole being to obey, almost fearing a mutinous backlash from the body. I just about managed to gently hold her shoulders and whispered urgently, “Ma’am, I think we should stop here. If we don’t, I’m afraid I’ll end up frightening you, too.” I confessed embarrassedly, “I’m very aroused and don’t know where that will lead. You’ve been real nice to me, Ma’am ...don’t want to spoil it. Hope you understand.” There goes, I thought to myself.

Angel stirred slightly before looking up. After a lingering glance at my burgeoning middle she straightened up very slowly, never taking her eyes off me. Her lovely face offered a kaleidoscopic view of a whole range of emotions; her lustrous hair flying about and eyes alive with unspoken empathy, she made my senses melt. I nervously adjusted my towel and got up. As she moved away, she said, “I understand, Johnny, and thanks. I see you’re not ready for it yet and we’ll take it at your pace. Perhaps you’d better come to terms with yourself first. Let’s now arrange a little demonstration and see if it helps. Now, please stand near that wall with your back to it. Raise your hands and clasp them behind your head. Calm down and completely relax. We shall soon see.”

With that she glided towards the window and adjusted the drapes. The sunrays filtering in framed and enhanced her visage. In a jiffy she took off that offending scarf, a light smile playing on her lips and a sideways glance at me. From my position by the other wall and held captive by her presence, I wondered what was coming. I carefully rearranged the towel for a final time before my hands went behind me and her eyes began taking in every detail of my movements. And I waited, painfully aware that my hands no longer could obscure her view of the goings on behind the towel.

By the time I looked up, she had gathered all of her hair in a huge solid round in one hand a little above her nape. She stood sideways near the window and watched me as her other hand helped keep all that gold in place. I no longer made any attempt to hide my reactions and stared right back, absorbing every movement of hers. The ball glittered at her head as we both waited for the right moment. Then, without warning her hands suddenly let go, unfolding before me the most enchanting spectacle I’d ever laid eyes on.

Although I knew it would be just that, I wasn’t prepared for the sheer magnitude of her golden corona. Straight and silky with a hint of a wave, the tresses tumbled like an avalanche from gold-capped snow peaks. Not unlike a prospector during the gold rush, I stood gaping, my mouth dry. It has been etched on my mind forever, for like a zombie I saw it all frame by frame in slow motion, savouring every moment of the back-lit journey of her fabulous hair, as it snaked down to her behind. I remember the golden ball at the start of its journey as the sun played joyously with it, and as it traversed the distance along the contours of her lovely body, slowly letting out steam at every curve and finally dissipating at the seat, almost covering her ample bottom. The bleached ends of her hair shone like gold dust that a light breeze kept arranging in nice mélanges on her skirt. It was incredible, fascinating and, well, unbelievably erotic.

As I watched with my entire being focused, with unconcealed pride she looked at me and dared me to comment on what I saw.

“It’s simply out of this world and utterly ... er ...” I sputtered.

“Sexy? Is that the word you’re looking for, Johnny?” She prompted, and laughed. I have since concluded that a woman’s suggestive laughter is the best intoxicant there is.

“It’s very arousing sexually,” I blurted, marveling at my own courage to say it finally.
“Sexy ... sexually ... sex. So now we’re finally acknowledging it, eh? Have you had any sexual experience before?” She challenged, lovingly stroking herself with her hair, driving me wild and eliciting a smile from her at my expected reaction.

“No, not really. I mean, I never ... well, you can’t…” Suddenly I was bereft of all poise.

“Let’s explore this further. Johnny, watch this” She said and slowly turned her back on me, and raising her hands did a short jig, the wiggling movement causing ripples in her hair. As she gathered momentum, the hair danced about her like crazy, causing very pleasurable currents taking over my body. I was beyond caring now, and when she urged me to let go, relax and enjoy unreservedly what she was about to show and do, she found me quite receptive.

Next she tossed all her hair over her face and turned towards me, entirely hidden behind a golden curtain. She moved about in a series of extremely graceful steps, daintily juggling the hair and her skirt’s flow and it was all swishing and rustling hair flying, interspersed with glances in my direction, setting my blood on fire. She then momentarily halted and asked, “How was that, Johnny?” “More, I want more, Ma’am! I can’t have enough,” I confessed. “Ready then?” She asked and collecting a huge fistful of the hair in her hand, held it as far away from her as possible, and allowed it to trickle down, gloriously fanning out. It was so thick a sheet that it well nigh blocked my view beyond.

I was lapping it all up as she treated me to some very exotic hair-dance, a golden blur as I lost count of time. My chest was heaving, the stomach tense and pelvis a cauldron of searing hot processes that I didn’t comprehend. With all that hair flying about her, Angel looked wildly sexy to me, ruling over my passions like a colossus. When I happened to check my clothing, I was amazed to see it was almost not there, only a huge tent-like structure, trembling as if in the middle of a violent storm. Angel noticed it too, and simply increased the tempo of her movements, her skirt and shirt barely in place, all that I could see was hair and hair all over and over again- beautiful, mesmerizing, captivating.

Exhausted, she stopped and asked between gasps, “So how do you like that, Johnny? No, don’t tell me- I can see it” She nodded to my fast disintegrating defenses and obviously visible erection. “Wow, that’s quite big, I say. Any woman will be grateful if she has that huge an appreciation from a man. She will give anything to be able to only to look at that, or lucky enough to hold it, caress it and try to arouse it to its limits!” It was the first comment of its kind she had allowed herself so far, and she blushed a crimson red as she noticed the pleased shock on my face.

She continued on a sober note, “Now that you’ve had your visual pleasure, let’s see what your imagination does to your body. Now close your eyes, and take down your hands, only tie them behind your back now. Try and visualize in vivid detail what you just saw and think with your body, follow its instincts. Think what and how you’ll do if you had a woman’s beautiful hair all to yourself. You’ll have five minutes of this introspection and then tell me what you found. Remember, keep your eyes closed”. She straightened her clothes and tidied up her hair and signaled to me.

I was glad to close my eyes as it spared me from meeting her eyes that seemed to see right inside my mind, my innermost feelings. I didn’t think I was being ungrateful, only I needed time to think my own way. With the outside world shut out, I tried to think about this morning’s developments. Angel with her beautiful hair occupied my thoughts completely, and I found myself gravitating to the sheer physicality of this encounter. I was quite moved by her compassion, and grateful for all the attention she had showered on me. I realized that she was trying on a physical plane to remedy some deep-rooted blocks of my mind, to help me reconcile with myself in a non-judgmental way. Both my mind and body felt deeply indebted to her, and I desperately looked at ways to repay this good turn done to me, to gift her genuine pleasure.

Then I happened to remember her comments on my outsized erection, and wondered if she quite meant it, and if it would really please her to touch or hold it. I knew for sure of what it would do to me and weighed the consequences. At worst she would banish me from her life and leave me ruing the rest of my life for not repaying this undeserved stroke of good fortune she had bestowed on me. To my mind her exotic hair was enough for any man to live and die for, and I had to respond fittingly to this favour. The other possibility of making her at least a little happier ultimately won the day and I concluded the only token of appreciation I could offer was right there with me - no other act or thing did a better justice to this grand experience she had given to me. I could sense the joyous anticipation in my body at the prospect of her soft hands touching and encircling my manhood. It pushed me to the brink of pleasure and soon enough, I perceived the rapidly expanding presence between my thighs. Since I didn’t wish to see the likely reception it might get, and without moving my hands I braced myself for the offer. I called out, “Ma’am!” She instantly responded, “Right here, Johnny. Let it out, now.”

I could sense her as she stepped in closer to hear me, as I began in a faltering voice,
“I am going to do just that, Ma’am. Only I don’t know if that’s what you wish to be let out!” I had no way to see her reaction, not that I was I particularly keen. “You’ve been very nice to me, and tolerated my outbursts all this time. This is the first time a girl I have come to really like has been with me for so long, given me a patient hearing, sought to help me out. You also allowed me the pleasure of watching my greatest love, that lovely hair of yours and it has been the happiest time of my life. Can’t tell you how grateful I am, and in return I’ve right now only one thing to offer. I think you’ll not dislike it. If you do, please accept the spirit behind it. I have no previous experience in this matter. I won’t ask for your permission to present it, for fear of ….”

I stopped midway as I heard Angel’s pained whispers -- “Oh Johnny, my poor dear Johnny!” -- repeatedly. Refusing to open the eyes, and not quite sure what was happening but determined to unburden myself, I freed my hands and gingerly explored the towel. Presently, a hand gently rested on my shoulder, and I heard Angel’s sweet voice softly calling out, “Allow me, please, Johnny?”

Confused, presently I opened my eyes to find her standing pretty close to me, her head bent, slightly shaking from side to side. Her hair had closed in over the face, hanging like a curtain in her front. It moved about in ripples so close to me that I could reach out and scoop up a handful. Its fragrance was exclusive and I had to fight a mad impulse to plunder all that gold with both hands, the consequences be damned. It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself. I had almost stopped breathing.

Slowly, she parted that sheet of hair with her hands and raised her lovely face that showed a pained expression. A shiver ran up her body, causing a deep wave in her ponderous mane. What I had said perhaps had touched some chord in her and she seemed in distress. Her eyes were squeezed shut by lovely long eyelashes. From behind them presently a couple of tears sprang out, streaked down, and perched atop her well rounded cheeks, halted momentarily as if undecided and then crashed to the floor in unison. That was the first show of vulnerability she had allowed herself, and I waited in deference to what she had to say now.

She opened her eyes, stepped forward and threw her arms around me almost protectively, her eyes speaking volumes. Then she buried her head in my chest as she kept whispering “Johnny…, oh, Johnny.” Like me, she too was perhaps looking for some sort of a release. Rubbing her head against me, trying to give comfort and probably also seeking it, she sobbed silently. I was feeling quite overwhelmed myself. All the emotional strain of that morning, coupled with her intoxicating proximity was too much for me to handle. But since boys don’t cry, I embraced her to comfort, and with instant empathy hugged her close.

And then I wept, for it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do.

I wept like a baby, which indeed I was and perhaps we all are at some time in life. In any case, I felt some special occasions are too momentous to be passed up without an acknowledgement, and they demand an emotional price, like this one.

Sensing the change, Angel held me closer, and the chemistry between us was palpable. She pulled my head down and softly kissed me full on the lips. Her lips were very soft, deliciously warm and salty with tears. For a longish moment we rocked in each other’s arms as her tiny loving kisses all over my face dissolved all the anxiety I had felt not so long ago. Her exotic hair tossed about with every hungry kiss that she violently planted on me, and soon all but covered us both, as if shielding me from all that had been going wrong all this time, and heralding the heavenly pleasure that awaited me. I sank my face in that great hair of hers and sucked in all that divine feminine fragrance. My entire body was on fire and we were both breathing heavily. I of course was awaiting her response to my offer and somehow managed to hold back.

When she finally pulled away, the words seemed to tumble out, in a great hurry, “I’m sorry all this had to be so rushed a thing, Johnny, giving you no time to brace yourself. You sure know how to make a woman feel like a lady. All along you’ve restrained yourself, insisting on saying ‘Ma’am’, and never being crass in your conduct. No passes or misbehaviour from you. You’ve been respectful, ever gentle and protective. You even passed up the opportunities I willingly gave you and you actually persuaded me not to go ahead. The beautiful thought of gratitude and the offer you made to repay a good turn—all these things show you’ve your heart in proper place. I accept your offer, Johnny, in all humility and in its own spirit. And for all the goodness of heart you’ve shown, you will be rewarded, I promise.” She added coyly, her eyes dancing “Now, I’m dying to avail of your majestic offer, Johnny, I’m ready when you’re!”

We both began preparing for the inevitable, each deep in own thoughts. I would have given anything to be able to read her thoughts at the moment, but not nearly as much as I was prepared to, and prevent her from reading my own, had she any such option.

Involuntarily my own thoughts veered towards a similar experience I had earlier. An eminently forgettable event of not too distant past, it involved a girl of my class at the school. One gifted with particularly beautiful and satin smooth near waist-length tresses, but not an equally lovely mind, this girl had almost wrecked my happiness when she succeeded in maneuvering me into exposing myself to her. In return for giving me a one-time access to her rich dark black hair, she had demanded to view and ‘handle’ my masculine asset. Then finding herself in a situation she couldn’t handle, she went about merrily tom-tomming the whole sordid affair, entirely at my expense. It had pushed me into silence for weeks. For her this was to be an achievement to be bragged about among peers, but coming as it did at a critical time in my life, it had left a really bad taste in my mouth. The epithets she had used for my gangling body in general and the ‘monstrous’ organ in particular, still rankled. I had somehow managed to keep it to myself.

Any comparisons between the two girls were totally out of place, but instinctively I found myself going on the defensive when it actually came to braving another scrutiny with no turning back. May be not directly, but I was being grossly unfair to Angel, but then ….

“Hey, Johnny, where are you?” Angel chirped merrily, breaking the chain of my thoughts. I looked at her, as though I had been away quite long. She made an utterly cute picture. She had put most of her hair high up using a long pin to hold the concoction together, her lovely face flanked on either side by wavy golden strands that danced about alluringly. A front button of her shirt had come off during the recent activities, and she had hooked her skirt way up, making me stare unabashed at the substantial cleavage straining against the clothes and a pair of very shapely and desirable legs. I was steadily getting drawn by her sheer physical presence and regaining my spirits.

Perceptive as ever, she had seen my swinging moods and growing serious asked, “Something wrong, Johnny? You seemed quite upset. Please tell me what it is; sharing always helps, you know. Be as truly descriptive as you can.” And then I told her all about it, reliving the agony and was grateful when she seemed to completely understand.

“Let’s forget the unpleasant past, Johnny. Here and now is what counts. Back then you two were just kids and all that is now history. The intensity of that memory can only be obliterated by an even more intensely joyous experience,” she said, and then added very suggestively, “and we’re about to work at just that, Johnny! Let me shower you with so much pleasure that you’ll cherish this golden moment.” With that she held out her hands and beckoned me to come closer.

Her eyes like pools overflowing with passion, her entire body worked up for the climax, Angel glided up to me and very slowly pulled my face closer to her ample bosom and vigorously rubbed it against her creamy white, baby soft breasts. Seeking comfort in her utterly feminine smell, I let my hands travel to her behind and holding her close, sank my face deep into those lovely huge mounds as she began to moan softly, the sound really turning me on. Eventually, pulling away and looking shyly up to me, she turned in the circle of my hands, her back to me now, calling out to me to pull the pin when I was ready.

I savoured with my whole being the intimacy of this sweet nymph at length, even as she bucked and began rubbing her behind against my middle, my erection returning like a long-lost friend. Even as I wondered about the towel still holding fast miraculously, I felt her working her hands backwards, groping for and reaching the towel’s knot. Instinctively, my hand went for the trigger that was the pin holding all that lovely hair.

My heart in the mouth, that moment seemed frozen in my mind. Angel had by then managed to untie the knot of my sole clothing. She kept both ends clutched in her hands, waving it not unlike the white flag for my imminent absolute surrender to Her Majesty’s Golden Mane Service. The towel now was the only barrier that remained between my long cherished fantasy and me. I had always dreamt of this, yet nothing could have prepared me for its denouement in such a grand style. The tall golden yellow crown on her head with that proud tilt had lent a truly regal dimension to that experience. I had no doubts in my mind now. She however wanted to be sure it was just right, and left the happy choice to me.

I had to stoop to catch her words as she whispered, “My hands, or lips or my hair … what is it to be for the inauguration ceremony, Johnny?”

I tenderly kissed the spot on her nape from where all of that irresistible hair had been pulled up for this exotic hairdo. The divine fragrance of her hair was driving me crazy. “I’d rather your hair does the job for today, please.” I said humbly.
“I now declare your soldier released from captivity on account of exemplary good behaviour!” She grandly pronounced.

“He has already declared war, Ma’am. Is the golden army in the castle up there up to it?” I countered.

“When it gets going, let him try and stop it!” was her confident challenge.

At her signal, I pulled the trigger at the dome as it were, and then all hell broke loose. Instantly a large golden chunk of her end hair, about a foot long, disengaged itself from the pinnacle and tumbled down to halt at and straddling her nape, revealing many smaller clips holding the reinforcements back, tightly coiled and deviously arranged. I couldn’t fathom how in such a short while she conjured this up. It was a miracle, no less. In later days I was to stop wondering about many of her inspired creations, accepting this heavenly gift like a devout faithful.

At such close quarters, the sight took my breath away. I lovingly caressed her tresses with my lips, and began releasing those clips one by one. Angel wasn’t ready yet to set my battle-happy soldier free to confront the attackers. My sensitivities considerably heightened, my fingers trembling, my mind in a trance, I felt powerless as something inside me urged me on. Even as the clips were gradually coming off, the back of her head transformed into a golden fount, sprouting many a stream that merged into rivulets. They converged at around her mid-back, gathering volume to form a huge golden yellow river that roared down to vanquish whatever dared cross its path. Its giant eddies and strong currents made a complete statement of its unrestrained prowess.

I had no idea as to when Angel had let the towel finally drop at my feet. My huge ramrod was on its own now, already rising to the occasion, spewing the sticky fluid. It made a brave attempt to fend off the army, marching majestically in all its golden fury. At the moment of their eagerly awaited encounter, for me, time stood still.

Finally touching my upturned knob, caressing it slowly, overpowering it and finally defeating it under its sheer weight, her voluminous hair simply engulfed my entire length, totally drowning it, and breezed past it finishing its triumphant march. Sensing my utter excitement, Angel vigorously shook her head, her fabulous mane slamming my rod and its two accomplices against its own tossing fury sending crazy tingles all over my body. The hair kissed the inside of my highly sensitized thighs, making love to my vitals with a lust that threatened to completely shake me. The heavenly feeling left me staring at my own organ that despite its humiliation was crying out for more such adulation.

Angel kept her hair moving all over me without herself coming any closer to me. Her hair seemed to have a mind all its own, as it continued to exercise free will and tickle and gratify me with its caressing proximity. An audible sigh of pleasure escaped my lips as the sheer sensuality of this encounter with that lovely hair was like a dream come true.

Turning slightly Angel called over her shoulder, “So how’s the soldier doing, Johnny?”

“He’s a good loser, Ma’am. Still wants to befriend the enemy army and mingle a whole lot more with them,” I said.

“Is he fit enough for more friendship?” she wanted to know, without turning.

“Become stronger and … larger, I think, larger than I have ever seen him myself.” I replied, wondering if would ever stop growing, with such great temptation at hand.

“Neither you nor he has seen anything yet, Johnny. My hair’s yet to start the real job!” She reminded, flipping the huge golden mass to the other side in a single animal-like motion, setting my pulse racing. But a doubt still remained.

“Nor have you seen him yet, Ma’am.” I felt compelled to point out.

“Oh, Johnny, I won’t just see it. I’d rather discover it after I’ve given him enough incentive to attain his full glory!” She promised, and continued; “Now if you’re ready, Johnny, let’s go near that wall so you can lean against it. And yes, make sure there’s enough room for me between your legs. Keep a cushion handy. Be warned, I’m coming for you!”

I backed off to the wall, and checked to see if it could bear my full weight in case of need. I wasn’t too sure what Angel had planned for me and if I could properly cope with this bounty. Angel now stood quite close, her back to me. Her shimmering mane entirely covering her behind she backed until my outstretched member touched it and then pushing further her hair again had it covered. In slow semicircular movements she began grinding all that hair against my rod, excruciatingly pleasurable currents making it throb wildly. Taking care not to crush, very, very slowly increasing her tempo and the arcs of her lovely hair covered bottom, arching and bucking wildly, she continued to grind me through a vortex of ecstasy. I held on to the wall for dear life, my eyes drinking in the erotic spectacle as the lovely head bobbed crazily. I now was approaching my limit of restraint, a warm glowing liquid pleasure building up inside me. Angel too was sighing and moaning, adding to the erotic frenzy of the act. This would have gone on as long as she wished, since I was incapable of offering any other reaction. Taking me right up to the limit, thankfully she gradually came to a halt and collapsed in my arms, exhausted.

I madly kissed her wherever my lips reached, and until I could summon the strength .I finally ended up holding her tightly close, my face buried in her hair, in near-delirium. After both had regained breath, she stirred in my arms and looked up shyly to me, from behind those long lashes and whispered, “Liked that, Johnny?” Bereft of speech, in reply I merely gave her a long, lingering kiss on the lips, almost breaking down with pleasure. “Now, for the climax!” She said, and added, “Get ready, Johnny, for your final release! I’m dying to do your soldier now, and see it taking it.” Without waiting to see my reaction, she disengaged and gathering the golden train behind her stood at some distance, her back to me.

Now what, I wondered vaguely, my mind too wound up, desperately needing the promised release. After a moment she slowly turned to face me, her eyes closed, the upturned face serenely beautiful with no trace of the earlier violence, her backlit golden mane framing her, making the grand picture complete.

Within striking distance now, with eyes still closed she asked for the cushion to be placed near my feet. I held her outstretched hands momentarily to give her proper orientation and released them, even as she backed a little and in a tossing movement flipped all the hair in her front slapping and caressing and slowly slipping from my ramrod, finally fully hiding her face and blocking her view of me completely. She then lowered herself to the floor, and placing the knees on the cushion, her head at almost the level of my throbbing manhood, and bent slightly forward, as if paying obeisance to the proposed victim of her hair fury.

Entirely hidden by the golden veil and mere inches away from my throbbing organ, Angel had settled delicately on the cushion between my legs. Her mane had come to rest on the floor in a puddle of shining gold dust, caressing and titillating my feet. I stood rooted, staring at that deceptively passive bright yellow heap. I was dying for her to take complete charge of my manhood and start working on it right away, granting me release from the knot of varying emotions tightening inside my gut and absolving me of the need for any coherent action on my part. Spellbound by all that gorgeous hair so close to unleashing its magic on me, I waited, in abject surrender.

Presently she stirred, and scooping up handfuls out of that bountiful wealth and working upwards from my ankles, began rubbing the hair on the inside of my legs, stroking and patting sensuously. That silky caress had my entire body on high alert as it snaked up the calves, past my knees and tenderly, up the thighs. With bated breath, my eager organ braced for the inevitable. I trembled as the advancing army stopped just shy of the target as the highly erotic procedure started again and yet again until I no longer knew or cared for anything but the overdue release, my senses blinded by overwhelming pleasure. Her lovely head moved behind her hands, as it snuggled up to every nook and cranny between my legs, as I desperately moved to establish its contact with my manhood. She stopped suddenly, and moving further between my aching legs, at calf level, began slowly to lift her head up. Holding my ankles for support, she raised it until my hips almost rested on it. Then she began slowly backing that lovely golden head, caressing the soft underbelly of my manhood, the overgrown sacs now resting on her bare nape. She kept retracting slowly, in the process treating my vitals with an extremely pleasurable hair massage. She also had her head shaking gently as her hair covered face too made repeated intimate contacts with my ultra sensitive genitals. As she brought that gold laden face up, my quivering penis rested presumably on her head, which she shook gently before diving in again to restart that erotic journey, her hair all about her and wildly cuddling my sacs and the rod. I had by then reached cloud nine.

As she lovingly treated my genitals with the back of her lovely head again and again, the massage taking me to newer heights of joy, I began worrying about the inevitable outcome of all this adulation on my semen delivering mechanism. The passion was building up inside me like molten lava and about to burst out. Even as I frantically looked for a respectable spot for my masculine brew to land, Angel increased the hair stimulations to greater frenzy as she wildly and absolutely took control of my senses totally oblivious to my grave concerns. Finally I felt obliged to urgently call out in a barely recognizable voice, “Ma’am! Please…” and she slowly brought her head up and away and sat unmoving, as the glistening knob of my precocious male organ came to rest on her gold-veiled forehead. Glad for this respite, I regained some of my control and waited until I could find my voice and say, “Please don’t make me spoil this, Ma’am. I can’t hold it back any longer…am afraid it could land squarely on you. I’m loving every moment of this, please don’t get me wrong. You’ve got to make it happen without me messing up your hair or something, please!” That said, I waited, trembling.

Arching back, she slowly pushed back her hair just a little, eyes still shut, her lovely face flushed, lips quivering enticingly and told me breathlessly, “ Put your rod here,” tapping her head.

Even as she bent forward again, I did as directed, my knob resting on said spot. She very slowly brought her face up, making my organ trace its way down her forehead to the spot between her eyes, resting on the bridge of her exquisite nose. This lingering contact, leaving a sticky trail in its wake aroused it again and the expected pleasure made it resume its hardened and overgrown status. Angel then brought up fistfuls of her mane, and cupped my balls, making a golden cushion for both and started lovingly rubbing and fondling them until the resultant pleasure translated into a very large and throbbing male organ looking her squarely in face. A pleased smile lit up her face and continuing to stimulate my sacs, slowly, very slowly she let her long eyelashes take wing, her large blue eyes open wide drinking in the spectacle of my prodigious ramrod pulsating, throbbing. A look of consternation at the sight gave way to amazement, then to unconcealed pleasure, finally to what I recognized as unbridled desire to own. She shrank back in mock horror punctuated by huge eyes, as her hands went to the mouth, her head slowly shaking from side to side, the golden waves dancing merrily all about her making a perfect picture of having made some happy discovery and I realized all this wait had been worth it for both of us. She remained dreamily staring for long at my vitals, an awe-like expression on her face, and I almost melted under this frank scrutiny.

“Is something wrong, Ma’am?” I had to ask.

“Wrong, Johnny? You have to be kidding, man. You’ve everything going just right for you -- great looks, superb body and this … this enormous beauty that most women can only dream about, and men go to any length to possess! Nothing’s wrong, Johnny, except you don’t know just how right it is; even your control is superb. Very few men would have survived the treatment I’ve given you, and to think this was your first time! I took a risk, you think, Johnny? I knew your semen could land anywhere, but somehow I had to take that chance. You passed that test too. So until your mind too comes of age, you can postpone the final act for the right time. And at that right time, Heavens know what lucky girl that will be to get this virgin gift inside her, all over her and be at her command!” She blushed scarlet as if visualizing it vividly.

“Can’t be luckier than that guy who gets this goldilocks all over him at all times, for ever,” I said with feeling. “I shall always remain grateful for these moments of my life, Ma’am. And when I do use my gift for the first time, I’ll make sure you preside over that inauguration, too -- that’s a promise.”

“Hmm … Let’s see how long I have to wait for that … not very long, I hope, though I’m dying to do it to you right here and now, Johnny.” The glint in her eyes spoke volumes, and somehow we both knew we were in the presence of something too big for us to fathom, and truth to tell, I couldn’t help trembling at the prospect. Then in a sober tone she added, “Just like you to say that. Oh Johnny, I’m grateful for that promise, but honestly I won’t hold it against you if you don’t wait for me for the grand debut. Girls will find you harder to resist than you finding them attractive. I’ll try to understand.” Her frank and utterly guileless beauty had me enthralled, and I rushed to hold her in my arms, showering her with loving kisses. As she disengaged, and almost shyly raised her hands to hold my organ, tenderly caressing its length, her long fingers lovingly fondling it, sensuously rubbing and gently probing the knob, watching as the foreskin slowly unfolded, her huge eyes waltzed merrily.

I watched as Angel chatted up my organ with her very talkative and delicate hands. It was consistently enlarging and elongating and soon overflowed her both hands. Like a kid playing with a new toy that has caught its fancy, she stroked lovingly its entire surface, occasionally involving my pubic hair in that extremely pleasurable exercise, and had it literally eating out of her hands. A strange sense of deja-vu flooded my consciousness as I joined this sensuous ride both as the blessed participant and an enchanted spectator. I hadn’t known so much potential for ecstasy existed in this deceptively simple act. Its sheer magic had me on an edge, as she delicately rolled back the foreskin already well lubricated with pre-ejaculation facilitators. I felt as if my very being she now held in her swiftly moving hands, as she repeatedly teased it, lightly squeezing my tender and reddened knob and continually tickling the orifice with her shapely nails. Intermittently fondling and playing with the sacs, caressing the soft underbelly as her evocative long fingers erotically traced rhythmic tiny circles along the length and breadth of my throbbing shaft, she kept shooting overtly suggestive and razor sharp glances at me from behind those heavenly golden waves, tantalizingly dancing about with every small movement of her head. Her fingers kept rolling the highly sensitive foreskin to and fro even as the entire shaft and balls were alive with enormous tingles as her hands explored with impunity whatever spots they could find and exerted sensuous gentle pressure, alternating with caresses and stroking, like ten highly accomplished and nimble footed ballet artistes dancing around in circles about an outsized and overwhelmed lead player, desperate to be released, yet almost fatally enamoured of the choir. I felt huge waves of unbearable pleasure welling up inside me and I madly longed for a respite not unlike a roller-coaster rider, passionately loving every second of it, yet wanting out.

Her hair so dangerously close at hand, I could only imagine my plight when that ravishing mane went to work on my over-ripe organ, ably aided and abetted by her very skilful handiwork perhaps to be followed by another unimaginably ingenious treat. I had no delusions about my capacity to take this blow hot blow cold any longer and needed a consummate release, and fast. I couldn’t imagine offloading my bounty on any part of her person, least of all that ever obliging golden mass and her angel-like face. I despaired at the thought of somehow relieving myself, yet avoiding messing it all up. I had no way of knowing her thoughts on this; it had never come up so far, and now seemed inevitable. My penis seemed to have gained a degree of autonomy and was in no mood to listen to reason, as it continued to partake of its first ever-rollicking pleasure ride. Sensing my discomfiture she released it, only to start preparations for another session. As she allowed me time to unwind, I somehow willed my rod to calm down, a tiny trickle oozing from the outlet. Not unaware of the effect all this was having on me, her reassuringly eloquent eyes, pleaded with me to hold on just a little longer. My unresolved problem of a safe spot for ejaculation resurfaced in my mind and it helped to keep my bewildered brain occupied and to cool off a little.

Presently she had my total attention as her hair seemed now set to enter the melee, yet again. Angel now held one cupped hand in her front, the other gathering all that gold in a tuft to be placed in it. She was humming to herself as she continued to select strands of hair for the cup’s inner lining, totally oblivious to my obvious concern. Picking up large chunks, deciding on some and discarding others, she seemed intent on constructing a huge receptacle of her hair upon the cupped hand, not unlike a nesting bird lovingly creating for her dear offspring the softest and warmest abode by picking and choosing just the right stuff available. Presently, a bewitchingly fluffy bright yellow roll made its appearance, held together by and almost hiding her both hands. She then surveyed the artwork, lifted it close to her nose and sniffed deep, a dreamy look on her face. She then looked up to face me with eyes wickedly gleeful, and extended that marvelous bedding to me, in a silent offer. As she approached my by-now fully erect organ, and smiled invitingly, it shot out like a homing pigeon and landed with a plop on that satin smooth golden hay.

As my battle-weary soldier wallowed in abject surrender in the golden siege repeatedly teasing and releasing it, cradling it adoringly like an infant, stroking and caressing it, I braced myself for that inevitable outburst, now beside myself with lustful anticipation. Angel didn’t seem overtly concerned, and continued inexorably to use that exquisite golden tub to administer the most erotic hair bath to my blessed organ. Her dexterous hands with their unbelievably exotic golden accomplice worked magically to bring out the best in it to the fore, as my entire apparatus worked itself in a frenzy yet again for the final showdown as it were. Cocooned in that golden silky maze, and driven to the brink of blissful ecstasy, it throbbed wildly, as I heard myself moaning with unbearable pleasure. Heaven, and possible disaster couldn’t be far now. Angel meanwhile had other ideas. Suddenly, she halted to look searchingly at me as I willed myself to stare back. She again lowered her eyes, a half smile playing at her lips, a large chunk of her hair partially eclipsing her lovely moon like face…. and an incredibly beautiful picture she made. I was almost sure she could now hear my heart beating wildly.

Presently she glanced up shyly and asked, “Enjoying, Johnny?”

“You’ve the proof in your hands, Ma’am!” I said between clenched teeth, momentarily relieved of the maddening stimulation.

“Not very convincing evidence yet, Johnny. A hostile witness, perhaps? The interrogator may soon have to resort to third degree!” She informed me.

“Hostile, Lady? Worried is more like it. I am not sure the witness can retain his stand for long, be warned. After all he’s not under any oath, you know!”

A full-fledged confession was on its way and it could be quite copious. This interrogation just might get a bit too messy, I feared and told her as much.

“Don’t hold back, Johnny, and leave the mess to me. You know it’s going to give you the release you’ve waited for so long. Can you imagine anything that you’ll defer this for?” She enquired.

I surprised even myself as I replied, “Yes, Ma’am, even more than this, I’d love to make you want to do it to me…. to give you so much pleasure that it releases us both! It’s been all quite one-sided thus far, don’t you think? Please, let me try and pleasure you for a while, O Lovely One!” I implored.

A genuinely pleased smile very slowly manifested itself on that lovely crescent as she said “A beautiful thought, that.” She then raised that proud head up regally and the beautiful full moon emerged as the dark gold cloud retreated to her back. With the chin raised majestically, she commanded, “So, make me happy, Johnny! Go ahead and make it worth all this.”

Taking her cue and shaking in anticipation, I threw my hands to circle her, and cupped her behind to pull her closer to me, my eyes boring into hers passionately. I then started to raise the handclasp from under her hair, traveling up the length of her back and shoulders, carrying with it the fast gathering golden mass hiding my hands completely. Even as her head went down, my breathing quickened, and my hot lips went brushing her forehead and then kissing that lovely head along the hair parting, filling my chest with the heavenly fragrance of her head, I felt her tensing up in my hug. Her hands had gradually released their grip of my rod that now dangled freely within the loosened circle of her fingers that still held a sizeable tangle of her golden hair. But I had more important things on my mind.

My one arm entirely holding all that gold up, I freed the other hand and began caressing and stroking her bare nape, sensuously rubbing the roots of her hair, tickling her throat gently. Angel began stirring in my embrace and I was flooded with a strong feeling of protectiveness for this fairy that suddenly appeared frail in my arms. Very softly walking my fingers about her chin and then climbing them up to tease her quivering and moaning lips and venturing farther up the reddened cheeks to those lovely long eyelashes that peaceably rested over her closed eyes, I sprinkled that breathtaking face with many a tiny loving kiss, with a tenderness I didn’t know I possessed.

Responding heartily, she kissed me passionately and our lips remained inseparable for a long moment. With both hands I lifted all that hair high up above her head and released it with a flourish as it cascaded down, only to repeat it again as I sensed her joy at my handling her hair. She was moaning her obvious approval as my hands made long and tender love to her exceedingly delectable hair. Cradling the back of her head in my both hands, I massaged her soft scalp sensuously, repeatedly fondling her glorious hair, my fingers delicately wading their way through the soft golden bush, I kept nibbling at her full lips that now were releasing erotic sighs and moans in tandem with her squirming body, the golden mass wildly flying all over both of us. I found myself repeatedly calling out her name huskily, burying my lips in her face and hair, which could no longer be told apart. So obviously turned on and bucking uncontrollably and apparently on the brink of her own release, Angel was a blur of crazed movements, and somehow containing her in my firm grip lest my dearest angel hurt herself was about all I could do. As her frenzy rose, to my immense joy, my own organ started growing enormously. Having attained full erection not directly stimulated by her, finally it seemed I was able to pleasure in the very act of pleasuring her, vindicating and validating some precious notion deep within me.
Now fully aroused, Angel’s hands had somehow worked up a huge golden ball of her silken hair in the rather cramped space between our rhythmically gyrating bodies, and smothered my ever growing ramrod, now oozing a steady trickle even as the hair completely engulfed it in its bright yellow expanse. I kept her on the throes of ecstasy with my forever roving hands and hungry lips working their magic, and her hands with that awesome hair in full attendance began to make wild love to my organ, fondling and caressing it with such gay abandon that it was destined to attain its full potential befitting the momentous occasion. Intermittently treating my taut sacs with liberal dispensations of tactile stimulations, that grand hair unerringly worked up a great rumbling deep within me. Both of us having reached a point of no return, and all my inhibitions and apprehensions laughingly swept away by the march of that divine golden wonder that was her hair, I finally let myself be lifted high above and ready for the heavens.
My whole body shaking as in a sort of a pleasure-quake, the epicenter of which was somewhere in my solar plexus, the intimate contact and mesmerizing vision of that unbelievably erotic golden hair worked on by those magical hands of hers, tossed the solid knot of my lust about violently, burning it and melting it into a river of red hot lava of unbridled passion. I could actually hear the roar of that impending flood as it burned its way through its passage inside my organ, rushing and gushing ferociously towards the outlet. A thousand instruments began to play in my bewildered teenage psyche and reached a crescendo of waves as my entire being, blinded and deafened by this frighteningly joyous experience, our bodies burnt in one and then … the volcano burst.
Even as I began the dizzying journey, Angel strained against me for one last time and started her own climax, as we rode the giant waves together in each other’s arms like a couple of wind-surfers enjoined to stay together or else. As the tornado of passions tossed us about violently, we held on to each other for dear life, and eventually were delivered through both hell and heaven, finally back to reality, both amazed by the sheer physical vitality of all those emotions and, and the pure emotionality of this exquisite physical denouement. Somehow no words were spoken, and yet each heard fully what the other found no need to say. And then we collapsed in each other’s arms, utterly spent in body and spirit, feeling a strange deliverance unshackling us both.

And then we wept, despite each other, and for each other. We also wept, for all the things that were, and for those … which were not to be.
The End
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