part 3 - A Day With Pat
c2000 Steve

Because she lives almost a thousand miles away, when Pat and I get together all stops are out. Every minute counts with us and if it feels good, we do it. I think Pat is sensuous and I've been turned on by her looks for years. Both of us know what we like and we spend most of our time in the bedroom, eating, playing, and making love. Without question I have a powerful long hair fetish and Pat has hair that you can get lost in. Over thirty six inches of thick, sable locks that are all mine, anytime I want, however I want.

A typical day into night includes washing, combing, braiding, curling, and caressing Pat's hair. I can't help it, it turns me on just to see her toss her long mane and offer it to me. Though Pat's not the first woman who let me have whatever I wanted and do whatever I pleased, there's just something about her willingness and shared enthusiasm about long hair, especially hers.

I like it when we go out for a night on the town because while she puts on her make up, I do her hair. I guess we're exhibitionist because we're both turned on when people stare at her butt length tresses swinging back and forth as we walk or stop and kiss. It turns me on to know that I'll dive into her luscious locks when we get home and fall into a deep sleep holding her tightly in my arms. When Pat visits, her hair is in a French braid that she wears when she travels. I can't wait to get home to take it down and brush out the waves. I then braid it again and when I'm at the end I'm feet behind her because it's so long. In the morning I take her hair down and we make mad, passionate love. After love making, we take a shower together and I help her wash her hair and then I do a trim to rid her of split ends.

Over the past year I've removed two inches but it does look better square across her lower butt. I also love it that she trusts me with her beautiful hair and knows I'd never cut too much off. The rush is that it's mine, all mine. Call me a control freak but I won't date a woman with short hair and if Pat cut hers, I'd probably leave her. Our goal is to see how long her hair will grow with no plans to ever cut it.

We make plans to see each other every other month and talk about what we'll do when we're finally together. The conversation always gets to her hair and what we'll do to it. I live for the moments when she sits in front of me, hands me a brush, and lets me brush her hair and play with it for hours. When we do something special with her hair we take pictures of it. I must have over one hundred pictures of her long hair and compare the growth from two years ago till today. We'll be together in March and I can't wait till she climbs on top of me, looks into my eyes, and gives me wet kisses as her hair surrounds my face. Want to be happy for the rest of your life? Get a loving, long haired woman.

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