part 2 - Pat's Story

c2000 Pat

"It's time to make some changes - major changes," I said to myself as I watched Steve more and more. I kept thinking about the relationship I was now in - it sucked! Would this guy be any different? I had been watching, listening to him and asking some people about him. Everybody considered him a pretty nice guy who kept to himself. The last part I had guessed. It seemed he would say just enough to wonder about more. After graduation we went our seperate ways - only occasionally keeping in touch.

My relationship deteriorated, and as time went on, the downhill fall picked up pace and I thought about Steve often. I didn't realize it at first. When I called him at work one day to ask him if he wanted to go for coffee I began to think about the other times we went for coffee or maybe a drive in the countryside when it was really nice. I enjoyed being with him and it seemed he felt the same. We had some good laughs. We talked about what we liked to do - even talking about doing long weekends together. I don't think either one of us felt it would go as far it has at the time. But, as with all things - only time will reveal.

I eventually moved. Even though we had been getting closer, we had yet to spend any length of time together. We talked more of long weekends together, fantasizing in our minds what we would do when we did get together. So, I decided to let things out and see where they went.

"Steve, let's stop dreaming and fantasizing," I said.

"What do you mean?" he asked. "Are you interested in a long weekend?"

"Steve, I care about you a lot. I guess the way I was asked when I was a kid is good enough because I'm having a 'senior moment.' Will you be my guy, my boyfriend?" I paused, chuckling to myself, picturing the look on his face. "I guess I should have waited once we got together, but to tell you the truth, I'm falling in love with you. I say we actually go for it - let's go to Florida or Mexico or somewhere warm. I need to know if we can go further - I'm sure you do, too. I mean, it's great to be friends, but I feel we both can go to the top together. And, there's only one way to find out. So, what do you think?"

I could tell he was smiling when he said, "Let's do it!" We both started laughing thinking our own private thoughts.

It was winter where we both lived, so touching down and feeling that first warm breeze was going to always bring back many good memories, I thought. After taking our luggage and getting the fire-engine red convertible corvette from an exclusive rental company, we found the hotel and got relaxed a little.

I was watching Steve. I had always thought he was good looking and after working out for several months he looked even better. I caught him looking at me. I had lost some weight, my hair was a lot longer than when he had last seen me, and I could see the eagerness in his eyes to run his fingers through it. I was anticipating what would happen after that. Would things work out? Would all our talk become actions?

We decided on an early dinner. Besides a long flight it had been a long day and neither one of us had eaten much.

After I freshened up and changed clothes I asked Steve if he would braid my hair. He loved braiding my hair or setting it and just trying different styles. Now that we had more time he could take all the time he wanted.

He smiled. "Does the sun set and come up?" he asked as he came to me. I had put something light on, and as little as possible. Being in Jamaica with him was a turn on to say the least.

"What about finding out?" I was getting hot. Was it the weather?

I had braided my hair and he let it out. He turned me around and I looked into those blue-gray eyes. I couldn't hold back any longer. Putting my arms around his neck I pulled him to me gently and kissed him. Instantly, I knew how he felt. As our tongues danced and we tasted each other, dinner became a distant thought. Steve picked me up as he continued to passionately kiss me and walked to the bed. He laid me down gently. As he undressed me I closed my eyes. Oh, the sensations!! I had been waiting for this far too long. I opened my eyes and watched him undress. Nothing has ever turned me on as much as undressing in front of someone or watching someone else. We were alone at last. Finally!

"Put the lights out, baby," I said.

The sun was in my eyes. I looked at Steve. We had past out in each other's arms. The sun's ray's put a halo around his head. I slowly raised up on an elbow and kissed him. He smiled. "Where were we?" he asked.

"In heaven." I said, smiling back. "Care to go back?

Neither of us needed an answer.

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