c1999 Steve

I first met Pat when she was my student in college. We were twenty years apart in age and I had no interest in her other than as a student. Pat had a nice body and a pretty face but her hair was short and permed. I was definitely not interested in Pat as anything but a student and when she graduated and left the state I went on with my life hardly ever thinking of her again.

Last year Pat called me from out of state and told me she had a crush on me. We began writing and eventually we decided to get together. I choose Florida as I had some family there and if Pat and I didn't hit it off or were not physically attracted to one another I could pass the time with family.

My plane was to arrive first and I waited an hour for Pat's plane to land. I was nervous and really not into short haired women having always been attracted to women with very long hair. Finally her flight landed and I waited to meet her for the first time in years. Would we recognized each other?

As I paced back and forth I saw Pat entering the terminal. Her face and body hadn't changed and we exchanged smiles and hugged. Pat's hair was in a bun so I couldn't tell how long it was but she looked great and we headed to the hotel on the beach. We talked about the past as I drove along A1A, the coast highway of South Florida. She put her hand on my knee and kissed me on the cheek and told me she was looking forward to our getting together as more than just friends. I was enjoying our time together and found the hotel in minutes and checked in.

As the bags were carried to our room I felt anticipation and excitement at the thought of spending time with Pat and getting a closer look at her. We settled in and went out on the balcony for a glass of wine. Pat's hair, still in a bun, was deep sable and shiny. I wondered how long it was and if she'd take it down? After a few more glasses for wine I got up my courage and asked Pat to take her hair down. She laughed and asked me if I'd do it for her. She left and returned with a brush and sat in a chair on the balcony.

There were four pins holding Pat's hair in a bun and I slowly removed them and handed them to her. Finally, the pins were out and I began to let her hair down. As I let her hair down I couldn't believe my eyes when it continued to fall past her shoulders, lower back and ending below her butt. Her hair must have been three feet long, thick, and more beautiful than I could have imagined.

Pat handed me her brush and asked me to brush her long hair there on the balcony. The brush glided softy through her long mane causing it to shine from the sun with a color that took my breath away. She told me no one had brushed her hair before and she loved me doing it for her. We decided that her hair was my responsibility while we were in Florida.

After our wine and hair brushing we went into the room and made love like I'd never had it before. After that we slept for a while and decided to go out to dinner. We got dressed and before we were to leave, Pat asked me to "do something" to her hair. I brushed it for ten minutes and then pulled the sides back and made a small, single braid that blended with the rest of her hair that fell loosely to her butt. She looked incredible and we left for dinner. Over dinner Pat and I talked and touched. She said she was enjoying our intimacy and couldn't wait to return to our room for more love making and playing with her hair.

We spent a week together, most of the time in our room. At night we'd sit on the bed and I'd brush her long hair. She'd also hand me a curling iron and I'd make curls that swung sexually past her butt. I slept holding her hair against my body, the smell like fresh flowers put me into an incredible dreamland. In the morning we'd shower and wash one another's hair and bodies. This went on all week.

It was time to go back home after a great week and neither of us wanted to leave. We decided to do this more often and we managed the get together every three or four months. Tonight on the phone, Pat asked me if I thought we could live together and start a serious relationship. I'm thinking very seriously about it and told her we'd talk about it in two months when we again meet in Florida. I think I may just commit to this woman who has turned my life upside down. The story is true and I'll continue to report our progress in the future.

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