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Long Hair Stories
(last updated March 28th, 2000)

Subject: update?
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 18:04:07 -0800

Hey riffage, your site is great and you provide a wonderful service. Before you started this I always wondered why there was no site like this. Haircut stories abound, and thanks to your efforts we can now share stories about beautiful long hair. I don't write good fiction, but I have some good real life memories. I don't know if that is useful to you. I do so look forward to your update/additions.

[Thanks for the good words. And yes, all contributions are welcome, fiction or not... ed.]

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Subject: Appreciation
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 17:55:21 -0600

Hi Riffage,

Just wanted to say, I appreciate your site. Keep up the good work, and keep the stories coming. I know it must take a lot of your time and energy to keep it going. Just wanted to say thanks.


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Subject: LongHair Praises !
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 11:56:54 -0500

Hi, Riff:

As I mentioned awhile ago [reference to previous e-mail - ed.], I love your new site and am grateful that it's growing. Today I read your editorials for the first time, and I agree with you down to the last detail: Love that "Nature's Wedding Veil" image.

This is a handsome, well-made site, but I have a suggestion: After reading the Comments section (or at the top), shouldn't one expect to find a clickbox or instructions on how to MAKE a comment, to enter the exchange? I skimmed it twice, and assumed the only way was to send you an Email, since unlike the Guestboard at TLHS, for example, some of your entries look like letters to you rather than the community of readers.

I don't want to go on too long... so I'll save chatting about your wonderful stories for next time. I hope your site may become a strong arena for discussion of longhair themes both in fiction and nonfiction writing, plus exploration of cultural attitudes, different cultures and so on, around the age-old human affair with hair -- and not just for women.

Hope you'll consider my "Access to Comments" suggestion...

SmoothHair Dreams,
[Yeah, it's been suggested before that I should set up a proper guestbook. Indeed, I include letters to myself here among the regular comments. I actually don't get that many e-mails, maybe due to the set-up. As for the forum idea, that might come later if there's enough traffic, but for now I'll stick with the set-up as it is. I admit it, I'm lazy sometimes... ed.]

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Subject: Length of Stories
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 02:03:28 -0500

Thank you for your Site and the stories on it.

A characteristic that seems to run common with the stories on your site (and others as well) is the shortness of most of the stories. It appears that most were written in just an hour or so, only a short evening of work for most.

It seems to me that more lengthy stories COULD be far more interesting. I wonder why most of the stories are so short.

Is that the way readers want them?
Is that the only kind that anyone writes?
Do you only post short stories?
Do you only get short stories?
............ ?

Almost all the stories on your site are very "clean". Do you reject stories with bizarre themes or do you just not get them? I'm not suggesting outright porn - most of what I've seen is rather crude and badly written anyway.

Have you considered holding a vote to find the most liked story on your site. Such a vote once or twice a year would be interesting.

Regards, REH
[I suppose 'short story' depends on your definition; with the exception of Reunion (which is actually a sequel) the stories are pretty much five to ten-minute reads, which is the nature of this sort of webpage. Some, though not all, of the writers here, don't write on a regular basis, but more importantly, the topic of long hair just doesn't lend itself to multi-volume Proustian epics. Interesting question, though...

Also, 'clean' is a subjective term. I don't post out-and-out pornography (I had to turn down one such story, a rather good one by 'Joe The Mariner', due to this decision - hopefully the story will get posted elsewhere) but I do post erotica. It's a fine line, but it makes the page a bit easier to manage. I've talked about this once or twice in some of the previous editions of 'What's Up?'

As for voting on the stories, I don't plan to do any contests, but everyone's free to make a comment on what they like, and what they don't like... ed.]

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