by Shekhar
All this started when I was at the university and begun to realize how sexy and erotic long hair can be. Especially hair that is extremely thick, straight and knee-length or longer. It is always a rare sight to find someone with that kind of hair. When I was at the university I used to frequent a suburb in Bombay quite often to meet friends and generally hang out in the evenings. Once when it was time for the commuters to return home after a hard day at work, I was at a store and happened to notice a lady with extremely thick braid. I could not see how long it was since she was in the other aisle, but my heart suddenly started beating violently. Her braid was dark brown with streaks of red in it just the way I love a woman’s hair to be. Of course the red streaks must have been due to regular application of henna, but it definitely made her hair look sexier. I decided to call go into her aisle to have a closer look and check out the hair length too. When I moved into her aisle my heart was beating even harder in anticipation and it was justified for her braid was below her knees and thick right to the end. No doubt it was all in one length. She was quite full figured with light brown eyes and almost as tall as me. Then she turned to look at me and suddenly my throat went dry as I tried to turn my face away.  From my guess she must be around 35 or 36 years old and here I was a 22 year old thinking the unthinkable. I decided to follow her just to find out where she lived. She left the store and started walking with her thick heavy braid swaying with every step taking my breath away.  After about a 5 minute walk she reached her apartment building. As she entered I decided to take a chance and followed her inside. When she was opening the door to her apartment (luckily she lived on the ground floor) I smiled at her as she looked at me. She just stared and turned away. Dejected, I left the building but decided that I was going to wait for her the next day too.

Next evening I eagerly waited for her to show up. When she did come near I noticed that today her hair was tied in a huge heavy bun like a beehive which looked even more alluring and made me think how many men today must have wondered about the length of all that thick hair mass. As she passed me she did look at me and made my heart flutter. I decided to follow her again only this time I was much closer than yesterday which gave me a chance to study her bun in great detail. All her hair was piled at the back of her head in many turns and held together by one of those long wooden pins. I was in half a mind to pull out that pin and let that shimmering mass cascade to the ground. I parted ways at her building but returned back later that evening to find out who else was staying with her. I felt like a peeping tom but I had to find out more about her. All I could see was her son (who must not have been more than 7-8 years old) in the living room watching TV and her in the kitchen. I decided to keep an eye on her for a few days and take it from there. After about a week’s research I realized that she was staying with her son but wondered where her husband was, missing on all those beautiful things that he could have done with her hair. Suddenly there was a twitch in my pants and I wanted to have her so much. I started looking for ways to introduce myself to her.

Once when she was at the store again contemplating how to get her groceries home I just walked up to her and asked if she wanted any help. But obviously she refused. Then one day when it was raining very heavily she was walking home and I followed her in an auto-rickshaw (a 3-wheeler cab) I offered her a lift and maybe it was the pleading look in my eyes or what I will never know but she accepted.

“Aren’t you the same guy who day before yesterday wanted to help me with the groceries?” she asked.

I said yes. We were talking about the rain when she reached her apartment building and asked if I wanted to come in for a hot coffee. As we entered her apartment she reached for her braid and I thought she was going to show her hair to me after all but suddenly she stopped and looking at me she went to her bedroom. When she came out again her hair was in that huge bun again but I wasn’t sure if I saw her smile just a shade. Over coffee we discussed many things about each other and I found out that her name was Asha and that her husband was away in the US for some training for 2 years. When I told her that I had recently graduated from the university majoring in math she wanted to know if I could spare some time each week to teach her son…just the basics in math. I being more than eager readily accepted. All the time we were chatting I kept looking at that bun of hers which I think she noticed too for she kept on touching her bun to check if it was in place. I asked her if it was difficult for her to run the house as her husband was away.

She said “Yes that is there, but I also miss his helping me with my hair.”

Seeing an opportunity I volunteered to help her with her hair and we decided that I would come to her place that Saturday to help her with her hair. That Saturday afternoon when I reached her apartment she had just finished washing her hair and was waiting for me, her hair wrapped in a towel. She smiled when she opened the door for me

“Where’s your son?” I asked.
“Don’t you know that school vacation has started? So I have sent him to his grandma’s for the time being” she said.
As we got talking suddenly she said “I have seen you staring at my bun and braid quite often. I am sure you are more than eager to do this.”

When I said yes she said what are we waiting for let’s get started. She then took me to her bedroom and handed me the blow dryer. I was wearing my fleece pants and my bulge was really showing which embarrassed me but I thought what the hell. She’s not someone who hasn’t seen it before and went ahead with the job at hand. I spent the next half hour blow drying her hair. After the first round she took all that thick mass of hair over her head in front of her and asked me to brush it. I spent another half hour brushing it out from her scalp right upto the end. Then she asked to stand back and flipped all that hair in one motion over her head to the back. I could see that because I had brushed it that way her hair looked even thicker and full bodied than ever. Moreover it was all in one length and touching her calves. She couldn’t help noticing my bulge and came near me taking her clothes off at the same time.

“Has all this thick heavy mass of my hair done that to you? I am sure even if I just touch it you will start dripping. Let me see” she whispered.
Without even waiting for me to say anything she touched my bulge and gave it a light squeeze. True to what she had said I burst out all sticky and wet in my underwear.
“This even happened to my husband when he saw my hair in its full glory the first time” she smiled.

She then asked me to take a shower. I took the shower but was not having any clothes to wear and came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me. We kissed each other a long time. It was a very wet kiss and I again had a hard on. She had tied her hair in a bun which now looked even bigger because of all the washing and blow drying and brushing. I put my hand at the back to feel it but it would not fit in one hand. I caught her bun with both hands and we kissed each other. Then she released her hair and took it over her shoulder. She then slowly removed my towel and tied my dick in her hair mass. Nice and tight. I didn’t know how long I would last if this went on for here was a long haired woman who was obviously sex starved with a man who was crazy about long hair. She took me to bed in that position with me sucking her brown nipples and my dick tied in her hair. She started moaning softly and then slowly released my cock from its silky prison.  I was really thankful to her for that because I was almost on the verge of bursting again. We started caressing each other. Her breasts were nice and firm and bigger than normal. Her nipples were erect and pointing towards me. We sat on the bed facing each other as I caressed her breasts and her hair all over the place.

We smiled at  each other understandingly and I buried my face into her twin mounts of pleasure.
“Oh my God! I haven’t done this for more than 3 months when my husband left for the States.” she moaned. “This is even better than I expected.”
“Why is that?” I asked.
“I really did not think you would last this long.” She said.
“I can’t wait any more. Because I have never done this before.”
“I am sure that’s more so because of all this hair that you are seeing.”
“Yes. I want to enter you right now.”

I slid my penis inside her warm and moist pussy and we started moving in a rhythm. It wasn’t even a minute and I immediately unloaded my cum into her.

“Oh my God! Even your cum is so hot.” She screamed.
After that both of us drifted of into a satisfying sleep. When I woke up I realized that I was alone in the bed and thought if all that was just a sweet dream. And then I heard in the kitchen getting the dinner ready. When I entered the kitchen her hair was all tied in that huge bun again. Thick and heavy. She had washed and dried my underwear which I wore quickly for I saw her staring at me down there. Both of us were really hungry and wolfed down the food. After a while we sat watching TV next to each other. Some men have their penis upright all the time and some normally keep it down. I normally kept mine downwards. I slowly had the urge to touch her hair again.

“Not so soon she said. Else you don’t last long. I want to make this memorable since it’s our first time together.”

We started kissing each other slowly at first and then hungrily. Her tongue was hot and she was sucking my tongue very hard. I slid my hand inside her dress and she wasn’t wearing any bra. Her breasts started coming to life at my touch and I felt myself growing inside my underwear. We stood undressing each other and I slowly let her hair loose. I put my hands around her and caught her hair in my hands and started sucking her breasts slowly. As soon as I let her hair go she again tied it in a bun and turned around. Now my dick really wanted to be freed from the prison of my underwear. I buried my face in that thick fragrant mass of her hair my hands caressing her breasts. My dick was touching her behind and she started to slowly pull my underwear down.

“I want you to free me at the same time as I free your hair.”

She nodded understandingly and started pulling my underwear down. I was busy trying to open her huge bun. When her bun was about three-fourths open I stopped and saw that even my underwear was half way down, my penis still stuck inside it but throbbing to come out. She turned and we were facing each other again. Her hair almost free hanging on to her mid back thick and heavy and my penis almost free. But we were not there yet. She asked me to bend in my knees a bit so that my dick was just below her pussy level. She spread her legs a bit and guided my hands to her hair. My hands caught her heavy bun and fought to free her hair.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked.

Her hair came free and at the same moment she set me free too pulling down my underwear but skillfully caught my dick tightly between her thighs.

“Oh my God! You are so good at all this” I whispered.  She smiled and kissed me hard. I started caressing her clitoris and she started moaning in pleasure. Within moments I felt her wetness and she moaned again in pleasure.  She then moved away from me and we waited for my hardness subside a bit. I carefully put it back in my underwear downwards and told Asha I wanted to do all that again. We started kissing each other and her hand slid inside my underwear.

“Wow! You have already started drooling down there” she said.
“That’s because he’s greedy and hungry for that hair of yours” I crooned.

She took her hand out of my underwear careful not to allow me to drip. She immediately tied her hair right over the top of her head and I moved behind her. I again started smelling and sniffing her bun and her hands reached to pull down my underwear slowly. I couldn’t resist the temptation and freed her hair. She suddenly pulled down my underwear and my dick got entangled in that hair mass. The feeling was so exciting.

“This is even better than last time” I said kissing her hot mouth wildly and started rubbing her sweetness.
“Wait till you see what’s coming your way” she promised.

She then carefully separated my penis from her brown silky blanket. We stood there very close to each other and slowly she opened her thighs a bit delicately allowing my penis to slide through her hair and caught it between her thighs. She then slowly started pulling it with her thighs harder and harder. For a moment she bent her head to see the tip of my erection jutting out of the front of her thighs and started rubbing it slowly. My hands were busy with her breasts. After a while she let off my penis and made me sit on the edge of her bed and looked at my erection hungrily. She then wrapped my dick in her hair mass and sat next to me on the edge of the bed. I started playing with her breasts and sucking them noisily. After a while she slowly and carefully released my dick from her hair. She tied her
hair in a loose bun and climbed me. I slid my dick inside her and she started riding me. What would I give to see that hair come free I thought. And as if she had read my mind she started shaking her head. Her hair came free, was all over my knees and fell to the ground. I started running my fingers through that soft yet thick reddish brown silk and we moved in a rhythm. She asked me to stop for a second and in one single motion flipped all her hair in front, covering us both in a heavy blanket.

Then in the intimacy of her thick silky blanket she guided my lips onto her erect nipples which I sucked hungrily and she said “Harder! As hard as you can….” Within a minute I exploded into her and she moaned in sheer delight.

“Before we sleep tonight I want to fuck you with your hair in a bun, then with your hair in a braid and then with your hair loose….all over the bed.” I said.
“Well, you still have more than one and half year to do all that. So be a good boy and go to sleep. Let me rest for a while too and then I’ll wake you at dawn.”
“Why dawn?” I asked.
“Because the organs are at their warmest at dawn” she promised and both of us fell asleep with her hair all over the bed my hand on her breast and my face buried in her neck.

That night I dreamt of all the fun times ahead of me in the next two years.

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